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  1. Performance Upgrade Package

    I installed both on my Denali with the 6.2. It was a little loud for me so I added resonators just prior to the tips and that toned it down a bit. I wanted to know it was a 6.2 but did not want it too be obnoxious
  2. Anyone have a rattle behind the drivers seat? It’s either in the rear door or the pillar between the 2 doors.
  3. Try spraying white lithium grease on the latch mechanism in the side of the door. You don't have to take the door apart, its the latch itself where it catches the striker on the pillar
  4. Has anyone had a problem with thier 2019 Sierra Denali not wanting to start? Battery connections are good and Fob is good. Wondering if there is a lock out feature and and certain sequence you have to do to crank it. I got it cranked but not sure what I did
  5. Truck would not start

    Any idea what caused this? If it happens again I’ll try this.
  6. Gm performance exhaust

    This is true. I added them to mine
  7. Gm performance exhaust

    There aren’t any resonators. I added them to mine
  8. Does anyone know how to make the screen dimmer? To bright at night!
  9. Gm performance exhaust

    There will definitely be a difference between the 2!
  10. Gm performance exhaust

    For a 5.3 or 6.2?
  11. Gm performance exhaust

    I talked to Borla and they said it was, yiu might want to ask Borla about it
  12. Has anybody come out with a power programmer for a new body style Sierra Denali with the 6.2 ltr. 10 speed transmission? Jim
  13. Power programmer

    I would just like to bypass the top end limiter for now. I can wait on the programmer
  14. Will those tips be bolted to the truck like the factory or mounted to the pipe? Jim
  15. Exhaust

    Replaced it with the factory Borla system
  16. Exhaust

    Has anyone noticed a rattle in their exhaust when you start off or rev the engine?
  17. Gm performance exhaust

    It is made by Borla. To me it sounded great but being on a $70000 truck I’m not looking for it to be loud and obnoxious just enough to know it’s a 6.2. Stock was too quiet. I’ve installed the CAI, the Borla exhaust and a Pedal Commander. Waiting for someone to come out with a power programmer. If you have never tried the Pedal Commander you should. First time I’ve ever had one. Throttle response is unbelievable! Doesn’t change anything about the tune but what a difference when you touch the pedal
  18. Had resonators installed prior to the tips and made a big difference. Still sounds good when yiu get on it, no drone in the cab but not as loud as it was. Louder than factory though
  19. They are the factory ones
  20. My guy said its his in house brand. Trail FX. Its basically a wedge that fits under the front shock and the rear is a 1" block from an older chevy that he had. I haven't noticed it but Jeff on here said it will change the ride but like I said I haven't noticed anything different .
  21. Jeff you sound pretty knowledgeable about this, are you one of GM’s designers or techs? Just wondering because I have a few other things I can tell yiu about in reference to problems on the new trucks.
  22. Gm performance exhaust

    Mine sounds good but just a little too aggressive and a little more drone than I want. Talked to Borla and asked about putting resonators on at the tips and they say that should help. I’ll let yiu know
  23. Also, by putting the wedge in under the shock that hasn’t changed the shock. If it did then all would do is compress the shock and not raise the truck. Now the blocks in the rear could be a different story
  24. Let’s just say I haven’t noticed a difference. Very seldom do I dial it from Touring to Sport. It never goes off road and don’t have any intentions of taking it off road. Never going to pull anything so have no reason to put it in Tow Haul unless I want it quicker off the line and with the Pedal Commander it’s pretty damn quick. Hoping someone will come out with a programmer soon so that I can adjust the top end limiter.

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