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  1. I have had no problems with the Rough Country 2" front level kit. I recommend it 100%. I'm running a 305-50/20 tire. 0 offset wheels... We did have to trim inside the wheelwell, and cut the front mudflap for turn clearance...
  2. It took RC 1 day to figure out my truck. All I did was level the front... they fabbed up a bracket to relocate a sensor, and otherwise just used 2018 part I think. That was before Christmas; I don't know how long it will take to get that out there into a kit... but it is working beautifully, with no electrical glitches or other issues. Brad
  3. But the fogs are still controlled by the fog switch, correct?
  4. Dropping it off tomorrow at Rough Country's R&D shop. They suspect that they will have to relocate a sensor in order to make the standard kit work with no effect on the ARC...
  5. I saw that, and commented in that thread... no reply yet. I just want to know if he had any problems...
  6. Well, I did. Got a bunch of "I don't know" or still working on it replys... That is why I assumed that somebody out there is as impatient as I am, bu maybe has had their truck longer... (I got mine on Saturday...)
  7. Hey folks, I just bought a '19 Sierra Denali crew cab 4 x 4 with Adaptive Ride Control. I want to add a 1.5" or 2" spacer to the front in order to make the truck sit level. Internet reading and a couple of lift kit tech guys suggest that there may be some programming necessary after a kit is installed. Others say it is not. Has anyone done this that can give me a firsthand report on what kit you installed, and what exactly is involved? Thanks, Brad
  8. So you DO have the Magnaride? The local Rough Country guy said they don't have anything for those yet... Brad
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