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  1. Best Price found for Amp Power Steps?

    Discount Bandit $1332 shipped to your door, install them yourself in less than 1 hour. You may be a little late as the proposed price increase was supposedly today. I've ordered many times from DB always great price and reasonably fast shipping.
  2. Cold air intake system for the 6.2L

    Downloaded my stock "tune" as soon as the truck arrived at my house. After spending 200+ hours dyno tuning last year, it's not rocket science. Any tuner can download and see the changes, there are no secrets or hidden scripts. Healthcare professional by trade but I enjoy building my own HP vehicles and teaching my Son to be a DIY'r. .
  3. Cold air intake system for the 6.2L

    The new PCM mapping only accounts for the noisy/sound waves the air coming over the MAF sensor that the new intake produces. It reduces the compliance .002% on 2 tables. That is all. As with most intakes,GM's intake is nothing more than a noise generator. Zero gains in performance and MPG.
  4. mud guard delete

    Yes, I'm aware of the aero effect theory, they were taken off last month with no loss of MPG or ill handling effects afterward. His prototype turned out so well, a very prominent aftermarket company purchased the design from him. It looked stupid hanging down begging to be ripped off, seems like I'm not the only one that thinks so. The truck looks so much better/cleaner without them.
  5. mud guard delete

    Really a "pre-mod" as he is using the old guards for a guide to make new ones that fit close to the body. The new ones will cover the holes but not hang down, matching the others on the truck. We trimmed the factory guards the day I brought the truck home, but that wasn't good enough for him.
  6. mud guard delete

    Give a 14 y/o $4 worth of oracal satin black vinyl and 15 minutes, this is what he comes up with. Cleaner look without the "granpa" mud flaps hanging down.
  7. My Tailgate was rattling over bumps, drove me crazy until I found it. I adjusted both strikers, now it's silent.
  8. Speedo correction is being done now, SCA Performance does it every day on their lifted trucks. I do know there is a 2019 Denali 6.2 in Gadsden that has a supercharger on it, another guy has a 150 dry shot of nitrous. They were both at the track a few weeks ago, the Denali was pulling a very nice enclosed trailer with a highly modded Corvette ZR1 inside.
  9. I ran my dashcam power wires to the passenger side fuse box. There is several spare fuses on that side. My Son just tapped into an ign. source at the rear view mirror for his dash cam .
  10. TPMS reset tool?

    That is the one I use, purchased it off ebay 7 years ago and still going strong. They run about $7 on ebay. It does work with 2019 TPMS (315 & 433MHz) as I swapped mine over to my new wheels today. My TPMS sensors were GM part# 13522955 433MHz FYI - Look at your options code list: XL7 indicates 315 MHz TPMS sensors XL8 indicates 433 MHz TPMS sensors **** If you do not have either of these codes it is 433MHz.
  11. #5 valve keeper came loose dropping valve into cylinder. Nice truck, should sell fast.
  12. What Have You Done With Your T1 Today ?????

    Just because the dealer installed it does not protect factory warranty. Dealer can only back their install labor. My brother-in-law is a Regional GM service rep and he laughs when he sees some of the warranty nonsense spread on these forums. Install it yourself and save that $2-300 labor charge, that way you know it's right.
  13. What did you pay for your truck?

    My 2019 High Country had an MSRP of $65255 and I paid $57000. My Son's 2019 HC had an MSRP of $66232 and he paid $57400, he got a better deal than I did. Same dealer.
  14. Amp power steps

    Discount Bandit is a legit website, the only issue is they sometimes are slow to ship as they are just re-sellers from a larger very well known retailer. I purchased a set of AMP power steps for my Wrangler last year, Discount Bandit had them for $819 everywhere else was $1099. The local guy here just received 2 sets yesterday, but these are already sold. He is charging $1199 installed, which I feel is kinda high since they only take 45 minutes to install. The larger retailers should be getting there shipments in a few days.
  15. Amp power steps

    I think by January we will see the price hover right around what the "old" body style steps were at $899.

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