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  1. No, a 5.3, I don't see where you said it was a 6.2 Seems a lot of people on here said the 6.2 will do better with higher octane, which I believe GM recommends you use anyway
  2. before all the "lovers and haters" show up, just remember as long as your happy with it, that is all that matters. I found out rather quickly on this site that I am one of the few who still likes chrome, seems most want to delete it, where I want to add more...
  3. tried the fuel test a couple of months ago, driving the same route back and forth to work, and doing the best I could to take off and cruise at the same speeds. I did not notice any difference in power or the way it drove and it dropped 2 mph. I went back to 87 octane and my mpg went right back to an average of 20.6
  4. Just to be clear, does your tailgate work the way you want it to without weight on it? I'm not being a smarty pants, just trying to be clear. Mine works fine. I can open either part of the gate from any position, but I have not tried it with weight on it, so I'm thinking you either have a problem and need to take it to a dealer or you've just got too much weight on it for it to move. Do you hear the release click when you push the button?
  5. had mine just over a year, it has almost 23,000 miles built in Mexico 2/19 8 speed hard shift when going from reverse to drive maybe 3 times, all before 10,000 miles and not since mild vibration once in a blue moon when under very light throttle from about 30 mph up otherwise, smooth as warm butter
  6. Thanks to all for the input, knowing that it can be shut off makes a big difference to me. As I said in the original post the only thing I ever had it in is a semi. It sucks for that application, it works so smooth that you don't notice that its slowing down until someone blows your doors off, and if you know big trucks, well, you know how long it can take to get back up to speed, even worse if your driving a restricted truck
  7. I definitely like the bed camera, I didn't even know that was an option
  8. Just wondering how many of you actually like the adaptive cruise control. I personally do not, although to be fair, I have not tried it in a silverado/sierra, only in a semi truck. For anyone that has it, can it be shut off or are you stuck with it all the time? If it's always on I believe this is something that would keep me from getting anything with it
  9. yeah, I only got them down $1500, needed to be at least $5000
  10. I still don't understand why GM only has the built in spot mirror on the drivers side, I think it should be on both sides, or at least an option
  11. I considered the 2019 Titan. Test drive, haggled with sales, the whole nine yards, but to get the same options that my sierra slt has, it was about $5000 more. It drove and rode very comparable, maybe a little stiffer than the gmc, but the fuel mileage, going completely off the computer estimated reading on the dash, was about 7 mpg less that the 5.3 driving on the exact same route. Also one thing I have always loved about the GM products is that their heated seats have the option to only heat the back and not the entire seat. Nobody else that I have seen offers this, at least in a truck, I may be the only one who cares about this, but its something I want... I also liked the looks of the gmc better.
  12. he still has some valid points, at least in my opinion and I know, opinions are like butts, everybody has one and most of them stink
  13. just read it again, my bad, thought it only applies to trucks built in the US and Canada, but it says only trucks sold in US and Canada
  14. so did the mexico built trucks already have the "good" fluid?
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