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  1. IMO you should go find and drive one of each and then decided for yourself because in the end you have to pay for it and, as you can already see, your going to get a million different opinions here
  2. that emissions thing might depend on what you feed them...
  3. never know what kind of "present" the factory may leave you
  4. ok, color me stupid (or just too old) but what the heck does "TB" stand for? truck body, turd burglar, turkey breast... lol
  5. ummm, can't get it to work, I go through the steps, then it starts downloading but stops at 99% and won't let me do anything but start over
  6. then I don't see any reason why it wouldn't fit, unless they somehow attach differently
  7. which bed length do you have? If you have the "short bed"(5'8") they are 2 inches longer than the 2018's, (5'6") but if you have the midsize bed (6'5") they are the same, at least in length. Or at least that is what the spec's say, I haven't measured
  8. just curious, have you checked to see if something is obstructing the vent tubing? I only ask because mine seem to blow air at a reasonably high volume, not as strong as the front, but much better than the "trickle" you mentioned. If I had to guess I would say if the front is on high fan speed the rear would feel like it was on half or slightly better than half speed. (again, thats just a guess I'm not using a flow meter)
  9. I don't know for sure, but I think the only reason they don't recommend it is due to all the "safety alarms" go thru the radio and speakers
  10. I would first make sure all your antenna connections are tight (if you haven't already). As for an fm signal booster, yes they do make them, I'm sure Amazon would have several, however I haven't used one in 30 years so I don't know how good it will work. A new antenna might make a difference depending on what type you get, usually the taller it is the better the reception
  11. there is a thread already on here somewhere about this, its just a glitch in the system that usually happens if you put it in reverse very quickly after starting, not allowing enough time to fully boot up
  12. yep, at least in my sierra, just turn on the switch
  13. I thought they worked with the bed light switch. I'll go out and check...
  14. turns out (unfortunately) that my fears where right, my door now looks like crap, swirl and sanding marks all over. They said they will make it right but.... Does anyone know the particulars about painting? The spot I had was quite small and on the "A pillar" part of the drivers door about even with the top of the mirror, so my question is why do they need to re-clear the entire door? I was told they only repainted the area around the spot, but had to reclear the whole door and then buff it. I'm no expert but that seems like a total waste of time and effort not to mention how terrible it looks
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