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  1. with that open of a question your going to get a million different opinions. I believe the question you need to ask yourself is do you want to spend more (initial cost - mpg) for more "smiles per mile" or not. both are very capable engines
  2. My salesman told me they dropped the electric tilt/telescopic wheel because too many people use the steering wheel to help pull themselves into the vehicle and the electric version was more prone to wear from this, which made it not work correctly or at all and it is super expensive to repair or replace. Take that for what its worth...
  3. I came out of a 2005, so everything about my 19 is different, and as far as problems, I haven't had any after 11,400 miles. Hope the newer ones have what your looking for
  4. if you have the 8 foot or 6 1/2 foot beds they are the same as the older ones, but the short bed is 2 inches longer, at least that is how their advertised
  5. everyone has their own opinions and tastes, if not there would only be one type of vehicle available. I prefer the new gmc to the chevy as I don't care for the "gills" on either end of the front bumper or the crease/body line on the front fender extending to the door. as for the 2007 - 2018 I didnt like either, think that crease over the fenders looks more like a dent than a body line...
  6. I have the 5.3 and wont change the exhaust because of it sounding like something other than a V8, but to each their own, if someone likes that sound I say go for it
  7. I believe this thread is a darn good example of why we have different options with the engine's and trim levels. Its your money, spend it on what you want/need or can afford and be happy for those who pick something different instead of complaining about their decision
  8. I also sent the e-mail, a lady named Taylor finally called me a week later, wanted me to e-mail her my VIN, address, how many miles I have on the truck and the name of the dealer I purchased it from, why they need the last 2 is beyond me but I sent it. That was 2 days ago, still nothing...
  9. there is a video on here and on you tube where a GM factory person rides along with a factory scanner of some kind plugged into the truck. The amount of times and the speed at which it changes how many cylinders are active is impressive.
  10. just in case anybody is still following this, with the new thinner cover on it works fine
  11. So as I was walking up to my truck, sun visors down, I noticed how goofy those warning stickers on the visors look. I peeled them off, which was a real pain to do, and although its better, now I'm stuck with a sticky residue where the stickers were. Anyone have an idea of how to get that off without discoloring the visor? I tried some fabric cleaner, but it didn't help at all. I used "goo gone" once before on a chair but it left a spot so I don't want to risk that.
  12. I sent Black Bear an email asking just that, the response I got: "we can on some 2019 trucks, we will have you send your VIN to double check"
  13. getting that thing apart was a bear, finally broke the top off in pieces, but it still won't work with the otter box on, works fine without it though, soooo.... I ordered a new cover that will hopefully be thinner and work. I guess its just not going to work through five layers. (1.plastic on console,2. rubber mat, 3. otter box rubber cover, 4.otter box plastic and the 5.phone plastic)
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