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  1. vented seats on my 19 work great, sorry ya'll are having issues...
  2. My 2019 sierra is the first vehicle I've had that even had a camera, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I have to say I see absolutely no issues with the way it works, brightness, field of vision, or anything else with or without streetlights
  3. I don't notice any difference in power, performance, or mpg no matter which fuel I use, and for that matter never have with any of my vehicles so I say go for the least expensive. BTW, I typically keep vehicals for around 15 years and approximately 200K miles and have never had a fuel related problem with any of them
  4. all you chrome and stainless haters out there can send all that good shiney stuff to me!
  5. true that Ford is still holding out, but everything that I have read (who knows if its true) say's that it is pressure from the good ol government making this happen. maybe it has something to do with Ford not taking the bail out money a few years back
  6. the EPA can take most of the credit for that. people that sit in an office all day in a big city and don't even own a vehicle making rules for those who do, you know, cause "they know whats good for us"
  7. I would say that anytime you use 2 or more different companies for color there will be a good chance the shades will be slightly different. The question is do you think that the pieces are close enough together that anyone would notice the difference. Or are you like many of us OCD types that just knowing would drive you crazy even if nobody notices
  8. there are several fuel milage apps you can download on your phone that work great, as long as you remember to input the miles and gallons. My 2019 5.3 has 24,000 miles and its averaging 21.3 lifetime
  9. Mine did this last week, if you tap inside the box, not on the X, it will take you to a screen and ask you if your password is correct and then the message will disappear. I don't know why it happened, I guess it had something to do with an update of some kind
  10. There was a rumor about a year or so ago that GM and Ford were going to merge, with GM owning controlling stock. The rumor disappeared about a month later, but who knows whats really going on. Later they announce the collaborative effort in building the 10 speed. I guess my point is, seeing similarities between the two should really be no surprise.
  11. I think it had something to do with weight or weight distribution, I'll see if I can find it So I found it, they are testing a 5.3 with the 8 speed and a 6.2 with the 10. In this video neither truck was maxed out, and it was about the fact that the 5.3 was lighter weight therefore having a better payload capacity and 30lbs greater tongue weight. I guess I didn't realize that the 6.2 was that much heavier than the 5.3, and of course the 10 speed is heavier than the 8 speed
  12. he may have been thinking about an article that tfltruck did, where they picked the 5.3 over the 6.2 for towing. I don't remember their reasoning, you would have to find the article...
  13. don't get me wrong, its great that everyone has their own taste and ideas about what looks good, but I'm tired of seeing lifted T1's, so lets see those lowered T1's, both 2 and 4 wheel drive
  14. No, a 5.3, I don't see where you said it was a 6.2 Seems a lot of people on here said the 6.2 will do better with higher octane, which I believe GM recommends you use anyway
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