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  1. mine sits on top of the rail rather than inside, I'll post pics as after as the sun comes up
  2. So far its great, I sprayed it with a high pressure washer from about 2 feet away and it didn't leak. It's simple to install by yourself, you just have to be careful not to over tighten those aluminum clamps. I will try to remember to get some pictures tomorrow
  3. installed gator roll up bed cover, center console organizer, and chrome/plastic gmc logo valve stem covers
  4. I sure hope they are paying for all the gas because it sounds like they are going to use a lot with that test
  5. @bearded_warrior Well it finally happened, I have just over 7000 miles, and like @175vTrailbossLT I was doing a 3 point turn and when I shifted from R back to D, boom felt like I was hit in the rear, not really a lunge, more like getting bumped from someone behind who's foot slipped off the brake pedal at a light. I'm 100% sure that I've done the D-R-D thing several times before, but this is the first time for the "bump". It almost seems like the software between the engine ecm and the trans ecm don't communicate very well and it try's to switch gears while adding cylinders for more power. Just my thoughts
  6. Mine has 6200 miles and I haven't ever been able to tell how many cylinders it's running on, super smooth transitions.
  7. One thing is for sure, whats comfy for one may not be for another, thank goodness we have options!
  8. I believe that your the first person I've ever heard say that a Ford seat was more comfortable than, well, anybody else's seats. I know the fords that I have been in the seats are hard as bricks.
  9. I think I would take it back to your dealer, I checked mine and they are not like you describe at all. Mine are close to perfectly inline with each other
  10. I bought a 19 sierra 5.3 SLT in march, so far no issues worth mentioning. It has the heated/vented seats in the front and heated in the rear. It rides and drives great, definitely has a lot of room inside and its quiet. The transmission is so smooth you have to really pay attenetion to feel it shift. Sticker was 58K, but after trade (05 sierra ext cab w/186K miles) and some dealing I got it for a lot less. No its not a 6.2 but I am happy with the power and I am averaging 21mpg with it compared to the 16mpg I averaged with the 05. Not sure if that helps or not but there it is...
  11. seems like most all of the topics on here turn into a "bitch" session at some point
  12. gonna have to try removing them, I noticed the rattle on two others that I test drove before buying this one, now its doing it
  13. Sorry if I upset you, that was not the point. My point is that the price of a new truck, for most of us anyway, is a lot of money and with that will make a person extra sensitive to everything, because nobody wants to spend that much and not have something they are not happy with. After reading your post several times I have to say that you seem to have a talent for picking the trucks that will have issues. I am not making light of your situation, I don't want to see anybody have trouble with a new vehicle that they have spent their hard earned money on. Having said all of this I do have to ask the hard question. It may make you mad at me for asking, but I don't know you, or you me, and I worked in a dealership as an assistant service manager, so you are not the first that I have had to ask. Is it possible that it's your driving habits? You said you had trouble with a 16 model also, so is there something that you do in day to day driving that most other people don't? Could be anything, not saying your doing anything wrong, just wondering. Do you have huge hills you go up and have to stop in the middle? Do you go off roading often? Like I said , could be anything, even something you would consider normal that others may not. If there isn't anything, then I go back to my earlier statement, you have a talent for picking the trucks that will have issues. I base that statement on my own personal experience working at a dealer and still being in close contact with people who are still there. I was there today getting my first service and asked the service manager about many of the issues that I read about on here and he said, "we have only had 2 trucks with AFM come back with issues since they started building them, and both of those were do to poor maintenance. The customers in both case's were changing oil based on when the dash told them to instead of by mileage" (I guess those funky lifters are super sensitive to dirty oil) -- " no transmission issues" --"no problems with DFM trucks" Again, wish you and anyone else that is having issues are able to get all problems fixed soon. This is just my 2 cents, which means nothing to anyone but me Good luck with your truck, hope I didn't offend you, if so, sorry, that's not my intent, just trying to learn...
  14. yes, what he said^^^^^^^^^^^ most of us are super sensitive about a new vehicle
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