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  1. 2019 sierra slt 5.3 T1 57K. After driving to whatever destination, time and distance do not seem to matter, sometimes I push the button to shut the truck off and it takes up to 15 seconds before it actually does. It is a completely normal shutdown other than the amount of time it takes. This just started about a week ago, and its not every time. Any one else experience this, is it something I need to worry about?
  2. thanks for all the idea's, but since mine won't do it if someone is sitting in the back seat I'm pretty sure it's not the window or a heat shield, but I will definitely try both of those fixes anyway. Hopefully one of these will work! Thanks again...
  3. try just holding the button on the back of the steering wheel down for a few seconds, it will do the same thing or at least it works on the 2019
  4. my 2019 has 54,000 on it. Its still quiet and smooth as the day I bought it, no issues. I change oil every 5000 with mobil 1 full synthetic 0W30
  5. I just went and read up on the Diablo, weird that it says in the "overview" that it adds up to 45hp, but then when you go to "features" it says 6.1hp on 93 octane. I don't think it would be worth $700 for an amount of hp that I don't think you could even feel, but that's just my thought's
  6. well, looks like something changed. last time I checked into it there wasn't anything and according to some guy on here they call "diablo lou" there never would be. good to know the tuner people didnt give up
  7. unless something has changed in the last couple of months, nobody makes a tuner for any dfm engine. the only way to tune one is buy the hyper tech ecm to replace the factory one. it's expensive and comes with a stock tune, you have to pay more for the tune, which is also expensive. you'll have about 5k in it before your done and that dose not count exhaust and intake systems
  8. rattle coming from the backseat, no, its not the headrest, I took them (yes all 3) out and it made no difference. If someone is sitting back there it dosent do it nearly as bad and sometimes not at all. This makes me think the seat back is loose somewhere. I did notice that there is a handle beside the headrest, I didn't think that this folded down, but at this point I don't know. Anyone else have this issue and come up with a fix?
  9. i do, or actually my mother in law does when she is back there
  10. So although I really love the vented/cooled seat option, those tiny holes the air comes through are impossible to clean. Seams every little thing gets stuck in them. Does anyone know of a good way to get the "crud" out of those. I've tried tape, smacking the end of the vacuum into the seat rapidly, just plain sweeping and nothing seems to work, at least not well. I considered trying to pry the crud out with a toothpick but was worried I would damage the leather
  11. my 19, T1 not the classic, does do the text thing, but I had to call GM and have them turn it on. there was a thread on here that explained how to do it but I dont think its an option anymore...
  12. So I hope this was a one time thing but... While pulling my trailer my tailgate decided to go down on its own, those of you who have pulled trailers already now that the gate will hit the handle for the stand. The worse part is I didnt know that it went down so I not only have a dent in the inner/top gate it also has marks about 6 inches long extending outward from the dent where the handle rubbed side to side when I turned. The gate went down one other time when the truck was sitting in the driveway and I just assumed that I must have hit the button on the key fob while it was in my pocket but now I'm thinking maybe not... Has anyone else had their gate open on its own, or am I the lucky winner?
  13. only noticeable difference I had was now the internet is extra slow. before I could stream videos without any problems, since the update it is constantly "choppy"
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