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  1. I went and measured again, swung the tape back and forth to find the tightest spot. The door opening is 7' exactly, but the door stops at 6' 9" when fully open. There is a small incline when going into my garage which I suppose could make a difference, but back to the point, when I stopped under the door and measured I have a 2" clearance between the shark fin and the door and the radio antenna hits about 3" worth. I'm pretty confident that with a lift and big tires it won't fit. When I test drove the AT4, I drove it home, it would not fit
  2. K&N Cold Air Intake Install Video

    yes, just intake, if I remember right he was going to do the exhaust and try again, but I haven't been able to find it yet
  3. K&N Cold Air Intake Install Video

    there is a thread on here where someone has actual dyno results of before and after, he actually lost hp by doing this. If I find it I'll post it here...
  4. Real world city MPG?

    as you can see, this is at the 50 mile setting, the 400 mile setting shows 20.5. I drive 27 miles to work, about half the miles are on a state highway where I set the cruise for 63 (60 zone), the other half is through 42 stoplights (not kidding and they are adding more, ugh) I typically have to stop at 15 to 20 of them
  5. The 2019's must sit quite a bit higher than the 2016's , because my 2019 slt (stock ride height) only clears my 7 foot garage door by about 2 inches at the shark fin, so I'm sure if I put a 6" lift and 35s on it, it would hit somewhere about 5 to 7" down on the windshield
  6. gauges

    Well I don't know if it's good or bad, but everything has been normal since I made the original post. So unless it does it again I would just be "chasing a ghost" at this point...
  7. well, knock on wood, I haven't had any of these problems with my 8 speed, in fact it's so smooth I have a hard time telling when it actually shifts. Maybe I'm just lucky (not likely), because I heard/read all sorts of problems with the 4L60E trans also, but never had a problem with that one either. It went 186,000+ miles over 14 years
  8. gauges

    There is a larger mark between the 9 and 14, which in my mind should be 11.5, it will drop just below that, then eventually go back to 14.
  9. I'm sorry that you all are having a problem, but at the same time I'm really happy that I am not. Maybe I'm "old school" or something, but I would never cover up good ol' chrome
  10. gauges

    true, but they were not controlled by a computer, only voltage. I rebuilt too many to count in the 90's and know how those worked, just hadn't keep up with the changes is all. The guage dropping to about 10 volts was something new for me to see, I've never had one drop below 12 when the engine was running unless there was a failure
  11. gauges

    I must not be keeping up with new tech very well, I didn't know that the alternators were able to turn off and on, I'm going to have to get myself caught up
  12. gauges

    when I noticed it the truck was running, that was the first thing I checked, its so quiet I have to look at the tach sometimes to be sure
  13. hoping its just an electrical issue but every so often my oil pressure gauge drops to 0 at idle, but never sets off an idiot light or message on the info screen and my voltmeter jumps between 9 and 14 volts the entire time I'm driving, but again no alarms or message. Any one else experience this?
  14. OK, so I'm going to ask what I'm sure is a silly question, but have you guys tinted your front door windows? I'm only asking because I have and I am not experiencing the glare problems

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