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  1. Had anyone tried the releases from Diablo and Superchip? Trying to dig up feedback
  2. That's weird.... I see 16.3 listed for Diablo tune?
  3. My thoughts exactly....I am confused that there is no feedback/info or even threads inquiring?? I have been trying to find info on other forums also, but still nothing..... Looks like tuning may be a dieing mod as the years of encryption progress
  4. Then I must be really confused here are links to Diablo and Superchip they both seem to have an option .... I just haven't heard a lot about them that's why I was asking... Unless I'm totally on the wrong path? https://www.diablosport.com/latest-releases/diablosport-tuning-now-supporting-2020-gm-suv-5-3l-6-2l-vehicles/ https://superchips.com/shop/flashpaq-for-2019-2020-gm-1500
  5. My me maybe be different...it's more of an idling issue. Obviously more apparent in the garage. I'll try spraying the serpentine belt. I'm guessing that may help.
  6. From what I can see the noise is not coming from the exhaust it's coming from the engine on mine. And just added information it had a Gibson muffler on it when I bought it and was making the noise and I installed the muffler delete 2 days ago and the noise still exists.
  7. Thank you...I did find this and Superchips, but seems Superchips is claiming more gains. I was wondering if this was marketing trickery or it actually had better results? Lol. So I was hoping some members might have hands on experience?
  8. I purchased a 2020 Silverado RST 6.2 Black Widow last week and if course have been spending time researching mods lol. I don't seem to find much info on tuner Options for this truck. Is it not worth the money to bother with a aftermarket tuner like diablo , Superchips, etc? Any info/feedback is appreciated. Thanks!!
  9. My 2020 RST 6.2L Also has this chirping sound, anyone else find any cause/answer? Thanks
  10. I read through this entire post and I'm somewhat surprised that it didn't pick up again. In researching a tuner for the 2020 Silverado RST Black Widow 6.2 I purchased last week it seems the ECU lock has been broken??? Has anyone tried one if the tuners? I was trying to research Superchips and Diablo. They are both claiming hp/tq gains. Thanks on advance for any info/feedback.
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