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  1. OK - 2016 GMC Sierra Double Cab - purchased last year - 2019 - from a Ford dealer. First thing is to get a CARFAX on this truck. You might not be the third owner. Review maintenance records carefully. I never liked the hard bed toppers - hinged near the cab - can't really use the truck bed. Mileage is low and price is good if truck checks out and is in near excellent condition with maintenance records. Good Luck. Sounds like a nice truck.
  2. Maybe air down to 30 or 32 psi. The sticker on the door jam of my 2014 GMC Sierra indicates 32 psi.
  3. Thanks. I have read many posts on pulling the exhaust down and removing the transmission cross member bolts then lifting the transmission. Thought I remembered a post by a forum member where he cut the section of exhaust running directly under the transmission pan which made it infinitely easier to drop the pan. The section of exhaust was put back in place with band clamps.
  4. I remember seeing a topic/post from a forum member detailing how the section of exhaust pipe directly under and very close to the transmission pan on his/her truck was cut or sectioned and removed to more easily gain access to the transmission pan and remove it. This piece of exhaust pipe was then put back in place with band clamps designed to connect same diameter exhaust pipe. I can't seem to find this. Does anyone remember this topic/post?
  5. Check out DuraFlap for mud flaps - different sizes: https://duraflap.com/
  6. I purchased the GoodYear DuraTrac tires for my '14 GMC Z71 in the OEM size - P275/55R20. Tires have a little over 12,000 miles on them. Don't notice any cupping or unusual wear. Rotate every 5,000 miles. Keep pressure at 32PSI. These tires are great in snow but make a little noise on dry pavement. No handling issues. No problems with tires. I tow a single axle open trailer - Heartland (Barlow) 6.5 Ft. X 12 Ft. 2,990 GVWR - occasionally with my John Deere X728 Tractor on board. Trailer weighs about 1,100 lbs and tractor about same. Not much weight but truck handles it fine. I recommend these tires. Trailer Info: http://www.heartlandtrailermfg.com/ http://www.heartlandtrailermfg.com/Single-Axle-Utility/
  7. I only see a red GM pickup in your profile pic with severe front end damage.
  8. Found these options for brake rotors and pads on RockAuto which specifically list "Police" - looking under my 2014 GMC Sierra 1500: RAYBESTOS 580279P Specialty - Police Info Front $63.79 Add to Cart RAYBESTOS 581032P Specialty - Police Info Rear $67.79 Add to Cart ACDELCO 18A1705PV {#18A2715, 19286306, 19310735} Specialty; Police Info Front $74.79 Add to Cart ACDELCO 18A81032PV Specialty; Police Info Rear $77.79 Add to Cart Performance (Improved Stopping Power) RAYBESTOS SP1707PPH Specialty - Police; Metallic Info Rear $24.79 Add to Cart ACDELCO 17D1707MHPV Specialty; Police, Semi-Metallic; w/Hardware Info Rear $33.79 Add to Cart RAYBESTOS SP1367APPH Specialty - Police; Metallic Info Front; w/ Spreading Fingers Pad Clips $43.79 Add to Cart BENDIX PBD1363 Police; Low-Metallic; Hardware Included Info Front (Only 6 Remaining) $45.79 Add to Cart ACDELCO 17D1367AMHPV Specialty; Police, Semi-Metallic; w/Hardware Info Front; w/ Spreading Fingers Pad Clips $51.79 Add to Cart AKEBONO ASP1363 {Click Info Button for Alternate/OEM Part Numbers} Performance Ceramic Pad w/ Stainless Hardware Info Front; OE Pad Material Is Ceramic $65.79 Add to Cart
  9. Spare should be the same overall diameter as the 20 inch wheels/tires even though the wheel/rim is 17 inch.
  10. I have used 92/93 octane gasoline since purchasing my truck new. At 30,000 miles - in May of this year - truck displayed the P050D code on 3 separate occasions. Dealer cleared the first - second went away on it's own after about 8-10 days. Dealer said replace all 8 injectors. Thank goodness I purchased the GMPP - GM Protection Plan - which covered this repair. I almost didn't purchase the extended warranty at time of purchase. Well this is one time it paid for itself. Cost me $200 deductible. I agree - too many issues with these expensive vehicles.
  11. I never owned a 3/4 ton or higher load rated pickup but I had LT type tires on a half ton years ago and the tires max air pressure on the sidewall was listed as 80 psi. I ran those tires first at 50 psi which provided a bouncy ride then changed to 40 psi - which felt right for the truck I had. I know those tires had stiff sidewalls and I aired them back up when needed to 50 psi. But I never ran them at 80 psi. Just my experience.
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