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  1. P050D -

    Picked up my truck from the dealer today - Wed, June 12th. All 8 fuel injectors were replaced. Receipt lists " INSTALLED 12684125 :SL-N-INJECTOR KIT (0300-CT) Qty: 8 " My "receipt" lists no numbers for labor, materials, etc. - just says Warranty under Amount. I did get a look at the paper with the total on it - around $1,200.00. Dealer service rep said something about their cost billed back to GMPP and my cost without the extended warranty would have been much higher. I paid $200.00 - my extended warranty deductible. Time will tell if this fix works and keeps the CEL off.
  2. 1991 Chevrolet Silverado K1500 Z71

    Dash is holding up well. I have owned the truck since 1994. The bad: Driver door will need hinge pins and driver side frame rail towards rear will need some work. Truck runs great and is straight/smooth on highway - 70MPH. Have extra starter, alternator, probably 5 or 6 tach clusters - including the one installed in truck. Also have several re-programming kits with the 8 pin programming clip.
  3. '91 Chevrolet Silverado K1500 4X4 Z71 V8 Auto Regular Cab Long Bed Reman 4-Bolt Main 350 V8 New Radiator Many New Parts Runs Good 4X4 Works Fine Asking $2,500.00 - Located in Eastern Ohio - 43952
  4. P050D -

    Update from my last post on May 25th. My extended warranty - GMPP - GM Protection Plan - which expires in 2021 or 84,000 miles - is covering the cost of the 8 new fuel injectors less a $200.00 deductible. I dropped my '14 GMC Sierra off at the dealer today at 4:30PM. Service Rep said I should have it back Thurs. afternoon. I was informed the 5 Year PowerTrain warranty does not cover fuel injectors. FYI only code P050D logged when CEL came on. No other codes. Will post again after I get the truck back.
  5. P050D -

    Update from my last post on May 14th. Dealer originally said my 5 year power train warranty was covering the replacement of all 8 injectors. Waited about 5 days and heard nothing back. Called service writer and was told the injectors would not be covered. I asked if they could check to see if the injectors would be covered under my extended warranty - GMPP - GM Protection Plan - which expires in 2021 or 84,000 miles on odometer. They checked and said GMPP is covering all 8 injectors and my deductible is $200.00. Now the dealer did not clear the engine light the second time it came on. It has remained on - until yesterday - light went off and has not come back on. Waiting to see what happens. Do these CELs normally go off after a certain amount of time? Truck still runs good - only I notice a sight rough idle when starting truck cold. Purchased truck new in August, 2014. Now has 30,000 miles.
  6. P050D -

    Thanks. I will check it out.
  7. P050D -

    I don't think they will give me my $85 back. However I will ask after ALL fuel injectors are replaced.
  8. P050D -

    The dealer service person did not provide specifics about any coverage other than to say GM is covering this under my warranty. I asked if this was under the power-train warranty and she just said it is being covered. My truck has just shy ogf 30,000 miles and was purchased in August, 2014 - nearly 5 years ago. Thanks for the info/advice. Will post here what happens. My truck was manufactured in June, 2014.
  9. P050D -

    Thanks for the info!
  10. P050D -

    I plan to buy a code reader. Any suggestions?
  11. P050D -

    Update - Truck showed same code again this morning. Went to dealer this afternoon. Dealer is replacing ALL fuel injectors. Service person said it will be covered under my power-train warranty. We will see. Purchased truck new in August, 2014.
  12. P050D -

    Please move this to - 2014-2018 Silverado & Sierra Troubleshooting
  13. Well my 2014 GMC Sierra (purchased new) with less than 30,000 miles showed a Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL - Engine Symbol Light) on dash last Wed - May 8th. I called OnStar and received the report via e-mail below - Code P050D. Truck ran fine. Scheduled truck into the dealer for Fri morn May 10th. Dealer kept truck until around noon the next Day to make certain code did not reappear on cold start. I picked up my truck and no problems since the P050D. Here is some of the repair receipt: #1 - 3202: Engine Repair Installed laptop and was unable to duplicate concern at this time. Tech tested and test drove several times and was not able to duplicate. Advised customer to return if concern returns. No repairs were made at this time. $85.00 plus tax. Is this it for diagnostics? Seems to me like the tech cleared the code - drove the truck - no code - calls it good. Drove truck yesterday on a 60 mile 90 percent highway trip and mileage on dash showed 19.2. Here are the results of your recent On-Demand Diagnostic request on your 2014 GMC Sierra. Module Diagnostic Code Diagnostic Information Recommended Action VIU - OnStar System None No Error Code Found None TCM - Transmission System None No Error Code Found None SDM - Airbag System None No Error Code Found None ABS - Braking and Stability System None No Error Code Found None ECM - Engine System P050D IGNORE UNKNOWN DTC No action needed Maintenance Information • Odometer: 29778 Miles • Remaining Oil Life: 57% If you require Roadside Assistance, please contact (866) 415-5838. Please bring this email with you when you go for service. Please see your dealer for service.
  14. I have never towed a 5th wheel but my bro-in-law has towed a 5th wheel camper for years. He said this about weighing by tire: If your truck & trailer were on an angle the true weight will be off possibly due to the scales being higher than where rig is sitting. Must have a level place to put all wheels while one is on the scales. I don't know if this possibly could explain the differences you are seeing but I really didn't ask him about it in detail - just asked what reason could there be for individual wheels on 5th wheel to have different weights on scale.

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