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  1. Check out DuraFlap for mud flaps - different sizes: https://duraflap.com/
  2. I purchased the GoodYear DuraTrac tires for my '14 GMC Z71 in the OEM size - P275/55R20. Tires have a little over 12,000 miles on them. Don't notice any cupping or unusual wear. Rotate every 5,000 miles. Keep pressure at 32PSI. These tires are great in snow but make a little noise on dry pavement. No handling issues. No problems with tires. I tow a single axle open trailer - Heartland (Barlow) 6.5 Ft. X 12 Ft. 2,990 GVWR - occasionally with my John Deere X728 Tractor on board. Trailer weighs about 1,100 lbs and tractor about same. Not much weight but truck handles it fine. I recommend these tires. Trailer Info: http://www.heartlandtrailermfg.com/ http://www.heartlandtrailermfg.com/Single-Axle-Utility/
  3. I only see a red GM pickup in your profile pic with severe front end damage.
  4. Found these options for brake rotors and pads on RockAuto which specifically list "Police" - looking under my 2014 GMC Sierra 1500: RAYBESTOS 580279P Specialty - Police Info Front $63.79 Add to Cart RAYBESTOS 581032P Specialty - Police Info Rear $67.79 Add to Cart ACDELCO 18A1705PV {#18A2715, 19286306, 19310735} Specialty; Police Info Front $74.79 Add to Cart ACDELCO 18A81032PV Specialty; Police Info Rear $77.79 Add to Cart Performance (Improved Stopping Power) RAYBESTOS SP1707PPH Specialty - Police; Metallic Info Rear $24.79 Add to Cart ACDELCO 17D1707MHPV Specialty; Police, Semi-Metallic; w/Hardware Info Rear $33.79 Add to Cart RAYBESTOS SP1367APPH Specialty - Police; Metallic Info Front; w/ Spreading Fingers Pad Clips $43.79 Add to Cart BENDIX PBD1363 Police; Low-Metallic; Hardware Included Info Front (Only 6 Remaining) $45.79 Add to Cart ACDELCO 17D1367AMHPV Specialty; Police, Semi-Metallic; w/Hardware Info Front; w/ Spreading Fingers Pad Clips $51.79 Add to Cart AKEBONO ASP1363 {Click Info Button for Alternate/OEM Part Numbers} Performance Ceramic Pad w/ Stainless Hardware Info Front; OE Pad Material Is Ceramic $65.79 Add to Cart
  5. Spare should be the same overall diameter as the 20 inch wheels/tires even though the wheel/rim is 17 inch.
  6. I have used 92/93 octane gasoline since purchasing my truck new. At 30,000 miles - in May of this year - truck displayed the P050D code on 3 separate occasions. Dealer cleared the first - second went away on it's own after about 8-10 days. Dealer said replace all 8 injectors. Thank goodness I purchased the GMPP - GM Protection Plan - which covered this repair. I almost didn't purchase the extended warranty at time of purchase. Well this is one time it paid for itself. Cost me $200 deductible. I agree - too many issues with these expensive vehicles.
  7. I never owned a 3/4 ton or higher load rated pickup but I had LT type tires on a half ton years ago and the tires max air pressure on the sidewall was listed as 80 psi. I ran those tires first at 50 psi which provided a bouncy ride then changed to 40 psi - which felt right for the truck I had. I know those tires had stiff sidewalls and I aired them back up when needed to 50 psi. But I never ran them at 80 psi. Just my experience.
  8. Thread Started 7/10/2019 at 12:17 PM - Not even a week old at this time.
  9. Mark - I am very sorry and saddened to hear this. I am sending prayers and will continue my prayers for you. Do the best you can. Don't beat yourself up about it. Lean on family and friends. If there is anything I can do (other than prayer) please do not hesitate to ask. As was said - Stay Strong.
  10. 2014 GMC Sierra K1500 5.3 V8 - Purchased new August 2014. Build date in June, 2014. Only work so far: At 30,000 miles or so CEL on three separate times over a two week period - always code P050D - no other code. Dealer replaced all 8 fuel injectors. All covered under my GMPP extended warranty but the $200.00 deductible. Truck is getting better mileage around town and on highway. By my calculations at least 2 more mpg. Engine also sounds quieter. Use Mobil1 0W-20 Advanced Fuel Economy Dexos1 Certified oil.
  11. Looking for a 2014 5.3 airbox cover.
  12. Looking for the airbox cover for a 5.3.
  13. Looking for the airbox lid.
  14. Maybe have the dealer body shop look at it and give you their opinion. You don't need a waiting period on today's paints like years ago to apply wax/polish, etc.
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