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  1. I have the 5.3 V8 and here is my maintenance record to date - Truck purchased new on 8-16-14 - All work done by me. On two oil changes the miles traveled was higher - couldn't get to it. I use MS Excel and keep this in a spreadsheet. Truck now has a little over 28,000 miles.
  2. OK - Man that is tons easier than removing the intake or trying a taped up socket swivel and bent up levered ratchet to try and remove it from the back of the engine. Thanks for your post!
  3. So the Oil Pressure Sending Unit / Sensor and filter screen are located at the front of the engine under the throttle body? All prior posts - videos - in this thread indicate this oil pressure sending unit / sensor and filter screen are at the rear of the engine.
  4. That AVS AeroSkin Hood Protector is nice!
  5. I purchased the WeatherTech #445451 black one piece "over the hump" floor liner for my regular cab. Fits great and stays in place. ( No Floor 4WD Shifter - Knob on dash ) https://www.weathertech.com/gmc/2014/sierra-1500/floorliner-digitalfit/sierra-cab/regular-cab/sierra-floor-type/carpet-floor/sierra-console/non-flow-through-console/sierra-shifter/no/ I also used the WeatherTech no drill mud flaps 110036-120036 - set of 4. However these don't hand down low enough to catch all the slush. Might go with Duraflap Drill-Less extra long mud flaps. https://www.weathertech.com/gmc/2014/sierra-1500/mudflap-no-drill-digitalfit/ https://duraflap.com/truck-model/gmc/model-1500-gmc/2014-current-model-1500-model-1500-gmc/
  6. Rear diff cover

    Comparison Photo - Inside of PML 9.5"/9.75" Cover & Inside of OEM rear cover: ( From a write-up by a member on GM-Trucks.com )
  7. Rear diff cover

    What about the PML covers? The inside of the PML cover looks like it is designed similar to the OEM cover. https://www.yourcovers.com/diffcover_11129.php
  8. The dog dish style! Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. How about baby moons?
  9. Ran across these wheels while searching for a 17" steel wheel for my '14 GMC Sierra. I currently have 20s. Was just looking. Anyone have any experience with these wheels? Supposedly GM wheels Made in USA. Will they fit? Offset doesn't look right. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07JFMVVF8/?coliid=I1YICWDNZHWXND&colid=EH462CXEB9SS&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it http://www.wheelsexpressonline.com/17-silverado-tahoe-yukon-sierra-wheels-rims-6-lug-178655gm-178655gm
  10. For my '14 GMC Sierra - 8 Ft. Long bed - I purchased the following: New Truxedo Deuce2 Tonneau Cover (Installed): $450.00 New Truxedo TonneauMate ToolBox (Installed): $370.00 Plus sales tax. The cover and toolbox both have held up very well over 4 and a half years. Toolbox is 55" long, 22" wide and 15" tall. The top of the toolbox is under the tonneau and the bottom of the toolbox sits off the bed floor maybe 6-7 inches. https://truxedo.com/deuce/land.php https://truxedo.com/tonneaumate
  11. The front end will be so light with all that weight in the rear and on the hitch - dangerous to steer. I could see leaf springs breaking on this long of a trip.
  12. 1100 miles - 8700 lbs - I've seen half tons haul close to that much but not that distance - maybe 50-75 miles.

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