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  1. What is "bags on rear" on the chart for size 305/70/18? What does that mean? I have a 2018 2500hd 4wd. Will have a leveling kit. Want to keep stock wheels.
  2. I found a whole new upper console on eBay with homelink in it. This one has a switch for rear sliding glass window, not for the light bar. It was just a plug and play swap out. Took about 15 minutes. I also had the plow option but don’t plan to use it. You will have to be creative to keep the light bar config, unless you can find one with that setup on eBay. GM was no help. Be careful if you do the swap. The 2017 glasses bin is lots smaller than the 2018. I did a return and swap to get the 2018 bin. No idea if its the same on the newer trucks. Good luck
  3. Mine is an 18. I did what you show above. It was all 1 piece, lens is not separate. Real thin plastic.
  4. Found it in the Ebay link above in the second post. Was 50 I think .
  5. That's what I expected, I'll have to take the cowl off and see what I can do.
  6. Google is my friend. Nothing there but the "use a pin to adjust" thing. Doesn't work on the 2500hd. You obviously must have a link to share? Nothing in forum search either. Link please...
  7. 2018 2500 hd, my windshield washers spray low on the windshield. Can they be adjusted? Does not appear so. Thanks
  8. Yup, brown wire is equal to brown with white stripe.
  9. Help please, I have a 2018, 2500hd. Trying to do the fogs and brights. The wire in position 10 is solid brown in mine, directions say it should be brown with white stripe. What are the correct positions for this truck? .Position 18 is brown and violet like the directions suggest. Please let me know if I do 10 and 18 regardless of color or what is correct for the 2018 2500 HD to keep the fogs on with the brights. Thanks .....update.... Answered my own question. Brown wire equals brown with white stripe on my 2018. Use positions in the connector. Also used small tap ons, easy.
  10. Just did the same swap, that plug supplies power to the relay mounted to the console for adding a light bar. Did your original have a long thin switch in the center that did nothing? Mine did. My truck has the plow option which included provision for the light bar. Could be good if you wanted a big led bar on the roof I guess. Anyway, Everything works. My homelink console is a 2017. Glasses box is lots smaller. Crazy that homelink isn't included for what these trucks cost. Hope this helps.
  11. Just finished putting it in. Perfect match. Very easy to do. Took about 20 minutes taking my time. Thanks for the eBay search, I had never used it before.
  12. Agreed the 96 1500 I'm replacing is 2 parts as well. It's crazy how thin this part is. Barely hit it. I have an email in to the seller to verify that the part fits. I hope so, I've only had the 2500 for 3 weeks <2000miles. *&%$ happens.
  13. I think this ebay part is the part that the lens attaches to. I just need the clear lens. I haven't removed the cluster yet to see if it's 2 parts. Maybe someone knows? Would be great if the lens was included with this part. Email to seller sent. Thanks for the link.
  14. 2018 2500 hd. The very thin plastic lens on my gauge cluster is cracked. GM says I have to buy an entire instrument cluster. Does anyone know where to get just the clear lens? Thanks
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