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  1. I replaced my stock amber lenses with the Klearz smoked lenses. They come with the GMC logo on it. You will have to remove your fenders, remove the light and remove the amber lenses. Then you will have to clean and glue the smoked lenses back on the OEM housing. It’s not difficult but slightly tedious work. Klearz does offer a switchback led turn signal upgrade option as well.
  2. I installed a Phillips wireless charger on the under side of my center console last year. It’s very convenient to be able to have two places to charge our phone’s without wires. This mod only requires a torque T15 screw driver, utility knife, hot glue or epoxy. The whole mod only takes about 1 hour to do. I did run my power to the USB port in the center console. If you want to direct wire it then it will take some more time to install .
  3. I had to cut out the original grille and reuse the OEM painted surround trim with the new grille.
  4. I removed my OEM amber lenses and replaced them with Klearz smoked replacement reflector covers.
  5. On my 2020 AT4 2500 HD I had squeaking brakes early on. I took my truck to my GMC dealer and they said this was a very common issue on the new 2500HD brake pads. They did replace my pads under warranty when my truck was at 23k miles. I’m now at 32k miles and my replacement brake pads are squeaking again. I made sure to remove the brake dust but they still squeak. It’s frustrating having my brakes squeak so much when I’m coming to a stop at a stop light. Hopefully they can find a solution to this in the future.
  6. I did a full clay bar, paint correction and a full wax three step wax to prepare my truck for the winter months. I've had my GMC AT4 for just over a year now and I’m always impressed at how well it drives and handles with the 12” bulletproof lift on 40s.
  7. I took all my interior chrome trim and wrapped it with a satin charcoal vinyl wrap. I don’t have to worry about getting the sun glaring off it as much as before.
  8. I wrapped my front facing amber mirror lights and my Duramax badge logos with a dark tint wrap.
  9. I currently have the Banks Derringer tuner and Banks pedal monster. I did call them last week to inquire about the air intake and rear differential cover. They said they were trying to get them released towards the end of the year. I don’t know anything about the exhaust though.
  10. I purchase my 2020 GMC 2500HD AT4 4x4 back in September of 2019. This is my first GMC and my first diesel but not my first truck. Actually ever Vehicle I’ve owned has been a truck. I’m very happy with my GMC truck and I love the performance of my L5P and Allison 10 speed transmission! So Initially I just did a level kit, amp steps and Toyo A/T 275/65 R20 tires. Then I started to get the thoughts of doing a bigger build. I’ve had several lifted trucks over the years including my last truck with a 8” lift and a Magnuson Super Charger on it. So I started to do my research on what kind of a build I wanted to do. I initially planned on doing the McGaughys suspension but they couldn’t give me any eta for their release date. So I decided to got with the Bullet Proof 12” lift. I typically select all my parts for my build before I do anything. Then I can start planning what works and what doesn’t. This truck I had a Rendering done By Keg Media to see how my powder coating colors would look before doing anything. Since I had to have all my parts powder coated and painted before the build process started. I ordered my rims with raw milled edges, my suspension, bumpers and my grille all in raw form since I planned to have everything powder coated or painted. My bumpers were sent to get media blasted first then, had a base layer powder coat applied that is very close to my Dark Sky Metallic paint. Then I had my painter spray and clear the bumpers to match my trucks paint. Getting all the powder coating done on the suspension took some planning to get it all done. Especially the rear axle. I sent my truck to the shop with all the suspension parts in final powder coat so they could start installing all my suspension on the front. They took my rear axle off in the first day so it could go to media blast & powder coat and be back at the shop in 4 days to be reinstalled on my truck. Getting the seals and other OEM parts from GMC for my rear axle was a challenge because they didn’t have the parts available right away. I did get it all sorted out and kept the build process moving forward without any delays though. I had my truck at the shop for a total of 3 weeks. I had all my parts painted, powder coated and on hand before anything started. My truck currently has the Banks Derringer tuner and pedal monster on it. I did try to get a full exhaust system for my truck but I couldn’t find anything I wanted just yet. I elected to go with a vented turn out extension and a 5-6” black rolled angle exhaust tip. I have 24”x14” forged wheels & 40/15.5/24 Toyo Open Country MT tires. I did look into the cantilevered rear end by Bullet Proof but I didn’t want to loose my towing capacity. I did go with a total of 22x rigid white rock lights to light up my suspension at night. I had a bedslide 2000HD installed in the bed. The truck does ride very well but it’s definitely a big and wide truck. I plan on doing my gears when they become available.
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