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  1. @Dave M... Let us know how you like your new brake pads..
  2. Thanks for providing the update. Best wishes with your new trailer.
  3. I did not miss the lack of a lid when using the du-ha unit. Actually, I have the GM underseat storage bin on my new 3500 truck and I took off the lids and left them out of the truck. Normally, the back seats cover the storage so it just seems like one more thing to have to deal with when retrieving something needed.
  4. Congratulations on your new truck! I just traded in my 2018 Duramax SLT for a 2021 Duramax Denali with a standard bed and 5th wheel prep. I am also looking at 5th wheel hitches. The B&W to my eye looks like an excellent choice. I was somewhat interested in the Demco autoslider but from my research that would also require an additional component to adapt the slider to a GMC puck system. This would also add yet another 100 lbs plus. https://www.etrailer.com/Accessories-and-Parts/Demco/DM6333.html
  5. I think you will be happy with the Du Ha system. I have had that on two trucks and really liked the fit and functionality of their unit.
  6. What is the gross vehicle weight rating for each truck? Perhaps the 2021 has the higher capacity. Not all trucks come with the same rating. Even the new 3500 I just upgraded to was offered in at least 2 different GVWR levels. I think that if you wanted to change the ride you would need to change suspension components such as springs rather than removing components that make it prepped for a 5th wheel.
  7. I have always heard that the GMC pads are very good. What is your goal in replacing the OEM pads?
  8. I played around some more with the sound system today. I activated the Pandora app. For reasons I am not sure of, the sound was much more robust playing Pandora than it had been listening to FM. The system seemed to be operating as I would have expected. Has anyone else noticed something similar?
  9. I would agree with this assessment that the Bose system is not at all up to their normal quality. The majority of sound including base seems to be coming from the dash corner speakers. Unless I set the fader to nearly all rear speaker sound I can basically not even tell they are playing... as if they are not getting near enough power. The sound system in my 2018 SLT was far better. Has anyone tried upgrading the door speakers that significantly improved on the sound?
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