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  1. I have subscribed to OnStar but at the promotional rate. There's no way I would pay full price. I haven't made any decision yet on OnStar
  2. I think this may be a bit of semantics as to what is included in Basic. Essentially it is the diagnostic alerts and dealer maintenance alerts. My 3500 was new at the end of May 2021. Also, if you provide a credit card number, OnStar will give 3 months of connectivity for free. If you do not want to continue you need to cancel before the first renewal at 90 days and there will be no billing. I did not carry any added OnStar services on my 2018 2500 after the 90 day trial. I am still pondering this for my 3500 and I am in the 90 day window.
  3. Per GM Authority: Basic: free for five years with the purchase of any new OnStar-equipped GM vehicle, the plan provides key fob services from the myChevrolet, myBuick, myGMC or myCadillac apps, while also including OnStar Vehicle Diagnostics and Dealer Maintenance Notification The basic is free for 5 years. Anything beyond the basic not including the free initial trials is extra.
  4. Similar to what "unit" shared, I transfer quarts from my 10 quart jug to a 1 gallon oil jug. The jug is smaller and easier to handle. I use a funnel as suggested by RugbyRef but a somewhat smaller version. The funnel is working well. I think I picked up this funnel at Walmart. Neat idea by iflypigs!
  5. I took off the rear Rancho Shocks on my 3500 trucks after the first 500 miles and replaced those with Bilstein 4600 shocks I had from a prior truck. I definitely noticed an improved ride especially over washboard roads and and had a more planted feel. Sold the Rancho takeoffs on Craig's List. Plan to do the fronts as well. The ride improvement on my 3500 with the Bilsteins on the rear only was less noticeable than on my 2018 2500. I think that is probably due to the higher spring rates on the 3500. Not everyone agrees but in my research, I found that the 4600 shocks generally have a low
  6. I am open to learning but to my knowledge this adapter only re-maps pin positions to a new location. There is no cross connection or load being applied so I would not seem like this would have any impact.
  7. I also have noticed that my 2021 3500 brakes are not as strong as I would like. I wonder if some of the sense that the brakes perform better with a trailer attached is that the trailer brakes are helping to also stop the truck? We have the capacity to increase the power going to the trailer brakes relative to applied pedal pressure. As a result, we can dial in the braking sensation we are looking for. Not saying there is not something more mysterious going on but sharing another theory.
  8. @Dave M... Let us know how you like your new brake pads..
  9. Thanks for providing the update. Best wishes with your new trailer.
  10. I did not miss the lack of a lid when using the du-ha unit. Actually, I have the GM underseat storage bin on my new 3500 truck and I took off the lids and left them out of the truck. Normally, the back seats cover the storage so it just seems like one more thing to have to deal with when retrieving something needed.
  11. Congratulations on your new truck! I just traded in my 2018 Duramax SLT for a 2021 Duramax Denali with a standard bed and 5th wheel prep. I am also looking at 5th wheel hitches. The B&W to my eye looks like an excellent choice. I was somewhat interested in the Demco autoslider but from my research that would also require an additional component to adapt the slider to a GMC puck system. This would also add yet another 100 lbs plus. https://www.etrailer.com/Accessories-and-Parts/Demco/DM6333.html
  12. I think you will be happy with the Du Ha system. I have had that on two trucks and really liked the fit and functionality of their unit.
  13. What is the gross vehicle weight rating for each truck? Perhaps the 2021 has the higher capacity. Not all trucks come with the same rating. Even the new 3500 I just upgraded to was offered in at least 2 different GVWR levels. I think that if you wanted to change the ride you would need to change suspension components such as springs rather than removing components that make it prepped for a 5th wheel.
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