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  1. While loss of night vision may be caused by Macular Degeneration it is also something that happens normally with age. Similar to Phobby, I frequently am driving on back roads with minimal traffic. My interest is not in blinding oncoming traffic but to simply see further down the road to identify road hazards and wandering animals.
  2. Thanks Dunn! Yes that does kinda suck. On a positive note I presume the OEM LED bulbs have a long life.
  3. I tried some searches but did not find a past topic that seemed to answer my questions. I am curious about what my options are to increase headlight output on a Denali 3500HD truck. In looking at the GMC sales brochure the listed configuration for my truck states "HIGH-INTENSITY LED HEADLAMPS" as my current headlight option. In searching for headlight upgrades that would increase output I found the diodedynamics site that lists this HID bulb upgrade. I talked with their tech and they stated this is not an option for my truck if I have LED bulbs. If not on a Denali, what trucks actually have factory HID bulbs? https://www.diodedynamics.com/replacement-oem-hid-bulbs-for-2016-2021-gmc-sierra-2500-3500-pair.html Has anyone found an alternate LED bulb option that would accomplish a goal of increasing light output?
  4. I normally average about 12-13 mpg towing a 5000 lb travel trailer. My typical highway speed is around 65 mph. I have averaged as much as 15 in the high plains of Wyoming and Montana over 500 miles. Wind makes a huge difference and living in Kansas that is often a factor. Towing into a headwind or even a quarter wind will drop my mileage below 10 mpg. Likewise towing with a tail wind is a big help.
  5. I have not tried to program the matching tpms sensors. For the moment, I have had excellent luck with this system by Truck System Technologies using the cap sensor option. Battery life has been running 2-3 seasons. It has already saved me once by alerting me to a large leak moments before getting on an interstate. This allowed me to stop and replace the tire before any damage was done. Truck System Technologies
  6. I wanted to provide an update to my saga. I have tried a few times to take a look to determine whether I have shutters on my 2021 Denali SRW Denali 3500 Duramax. I have previously only looked in the light of day and the view of radiator fins was prominent. Tonight, I took a closer look using a bright LED flashlight after dark. The view was much better and I was able to confirm that I do indeed have shutters. Really a big shout-out to newdude who provided excellent assistance through his posts and some private emails!
  7. Here is a photo through my front grill. I assume this is consistent with my truck not having shutters despite having the WMI build code??
  8. I just looked at my build sheet. I do have WMI listed as reflected in the screen snip below labeled as "SALES PACKAGE - CONV PACKAGE." I do not have shutters.
  9. What is the code or designation for shutters on a build sheet? I have a build sheet for my 2021 Denali 3500 SRW Duramax and do not see anything that mentions shutters.
  10. I totally agree about retention of engine heat. I think it is normal to not have shutters with plow prep. It seems less typical that mine would not have shutters since I do not have plow prep and my truck is a SRW Denali.
  11. I realize that this is an old topic but I wanted to see if we have learned anything new. I have a HD 2021 3500 SRW Denali truck without any plow prep and it does not have shutters. I am wondering if the use of shutters changed somewhat for the 2021 model year. I am more curious than anything since shutters are another possible failure point that could cause trouble. I am going to be spending some time in Colorado at higher elevations this winter so Most likely I will be putting on the winter front cover to help the engine warm up easier. For those with Shutters does your build sheet reflect Active Shutters as a specific option?
  12. Not that it really matters but I jumped to conclusions because this is posted in the 6.6 Liter 2020 Duramax forum section.
  13. No worries. My experience driving a VW TDI for 20 years showed swings of about 10% between winter and summer. I mitigate the winter hit somewhat by driving my duramax more gingerly until it is fairly warm. I have about 2 miles of 35 mph followed by 3 miles of 60 mph before hitting a local expressway.
  14. I understand the graph but am having some trouble believing this is in a Duramax. What engine is this? It looks like your average is somewhere in the vicinity of 27 mpg with peak average even more.
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