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  1. So Today I noticed rust stains running under my truck on the driveway! Looked under the truck and found undercoating falling off the frame and surface rust on the frame. Looks like its coming from the injection point at the particulate filter. Its a high pressure DEF (EPA piss water) spray because it's also on the underside of the bed dripping down onto the filter. Guess its going into the dealer tomorrow. Damn this stuff is corrosive as hell!! Just under 2000 miles on the truck!!
  2. I was pulling my 7k lb camper last week. just over 500 miles. My banks I-dash showed the soot level stayed constant at 30% the whole trip while towing. I believe that is because the EGT was staying up around 750 deg. due to the increased load. Evidently this is just high enough to burn off the soot in the filter as its running but not enough to actually lower the soot level. That requires an EGT of around 1100 deg. Normally unloaded it stays around 400 deg. My point is hopefully Regen will not be an issue when towing a 7k + load..
  3. Finally purchased my 20' 2500 D-Max High country. First pull 400 miles. 7k TT 11 MPG. Flat land from Houston to Oklahoma. Before I left I noticed my soot level was at 80%. I did not want it to start a regen while towing so I used my banks idash to initiate a moving regen. Love this banks idash!! Funny thing was that once I was towing the EGT stays around 750 deg. And that is high enough to keep the soot level from climbing. At times it would even go down a bit. Another strange thing is the transmission temp. I am used to a transmission somewhat leveling out when traveling across flat land. However I noticed the temp would climb to around 160 then drop back down to around 145. The surround camera are absolutely amazing!!
  4. Gale is a MASTER!! He accurately calculated to within 1 HP the horsepower increase he would achieve with the cam he engineered ! Now that is IMPRESSIVE! ?
  5. High country standard bed MSRP 77,880 Price after rebates before TTL. 69,117
  6. High country Standard bed all stock. Flat land south Texas 65 mph for 120 mile loop. Hope this holds!!
  7. This is true. I have to drive a long way to do any of these things. But hey that's what the truck is for!! LOL
  8. I don't see how a lift pump would filter the air and water from the fuel. Fass has a system for the Duramax up to and including 2019. Guess I should call Fass and ask them.
  9. I can't find any information on a fass fuel filter system for the 2020 L5P. Did GM redesign so that it is no longer needed?
  10. This is EXACTLY why I am upgrading to HD Diesel when only pulling a 8k# TT.
  11. I understand MPG is not why anyone gets a bigger truck with a diesel. You can buy a lot of fuel with that $9k additional diesel premium. My #1 reason for the bigger truck is safety in pulling my 7k camper and the truck loaded down with people and gear. The #2 reason for diesel is, It sure will be nice to make the 2k mile trip without having to watch you guys with the bigger truck and bigger trailer combo passing me like I'm sitting still. ? LOL
  12. That's actually really encouraging! Considering I can't even get 10 MPG with my 16' LTZ 5.3 pulling my 6500 lb Jayco at 55 mph. It has the 8 speed and will never even think about going into 7th gear. Mostly it will hangs out in 5th unless I get into a head wind then all bets are off. Sometimes 3rd or 4th in stiff wind just to maintain 55 mph.
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