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  1. I don't see how a lift pump would filter the air and water from the fuel. Fass has a system for the Duramax up to and including 2019. Guess I should call Fass and ask them.
  2. I can't find any information on a fass fuel filter system for the 2020 L5P. Did GM redesign so that it is no longer needed?
  3. This is EXACTLY why I am upgrading to HD Diesel when only pulling a 8k# TT.
  4. I understand MPG is not why anyone gets a bigger truck with a diesel. You can buy a lot of fuel with that $9k additional diesel premium. My #1 reason for the bigger truck is safety in pulling my 7k camper and the truck loaded down with people and gear. The #2 reason for diesel is, It sure will be nice to make the 2k mile trip without having to watch you guys with the bigger truck and bigger trailer combo passing me like I'm sitting still. LOL
  5. That's actually really encouraging! Considering I can't even get 10 MPG with my 16' LTZ 5.3 pulling my 6500 lb Jayco at 55 mph. It has the 8 speed and will never even think about going into 7th gear. Mostly it will hangs out in 5th unless I get into a head wind then all bets are off. Sometimes 3rd or 4th in stiff wind just to maintain 55 mph.
  6. Houston to Crested Butte Colorado every summer. So a mix of both..
  7. Well that's promising! I am hoping to get 11-12 running 70 with my 7-8k bumper pull RV.
  8. So what are you guys seeing in the way of MPG when towing?
  9. I believe I read or saw in a video somewhere that the HD's starts out in second gear when not under load. This prevents tire spin and excessive wear.
  10. No problem I'm actually a bit confused myself. Not sure why or how I have the 3.42 diff, but I'm glad I do.
  11. Guess I have a unicorn.. M5U = 8 speed trans.. GU6 = 3.42 Diff
  12. Good info thanks, It really looks like it makes more sense to look at the 3500 SRW due to more capability and negligible price and ride quality difference.
  13. It did not come with tow mirrors, I added them later. NHT is not one of the codes in the glove box. But GU6 is on the list which is the 3.43 diff. So it must have also come with another package other than max tow. GM RPO Codes – Factory Identification Labels and Interpretation RPO Code Description Ratio GU3 Axle Rear 2.93 GU4 Axle Rear 3.08 GU5 Axle Rear 3.23 GU6 Axle Rear 3.42
  14. Nice!! This is exactly what I was hoping to hear. You obviously did not regret going up to the Duramax 2500 even though you had a more capable truck for pulling than mine with that max tow 6.2l. I plan on test driving a 3500 very soon. Thanks!
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