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  1. Just in case it's useful to anybody: When purchasing my truck I asked about stacking the educator discount onto the GM family first discount and it was a no go.
  2. Here's an update: Turns out the dealer is incompetent at paperwork, so they were unable to register/title the vehicle. Instead, they shoved that responsibility off on me with a refund check that covered the title and registration. They could not explain exactly what the paperwork issue was, but I suppose it could be related to them trying to get a D plate for a truck that doesn't need it. This was fortuitous in a way because I was able to register the vehicle without the D plate (I went with a C plate). This saves a little bit of money with the registration but more importantly relieves me of
  3. Purchased a new Denali 2500 (gas) a few weeks ago to be a daily driver. I don't tow or haul much at all--just wanted a nice big truck for the 6,000 miles I drive a year around town. I also wanted something that would be usable as a tow vehicle if the family ever gets a travel trailer. Here's the issue: I was told by the dealer that a D plate is required by the State of Illinois. My old F150 had a normal B plate so the idea of a D plate is new to me. The new truck has curb weight of 7,423 pounds and GVWR of 10,650 pounds. Per the Illinois Secretary of State D plates are for Division 2 vehicles
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