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  1. I am looking for a good L5P tunner to ask a couple of question. Does anybody know a good one?
  2. Can you leave all the hardware in place and do a Software Delete? I am asking because I am not seeking more power, also, do not want to remove the hardware. All I want is to sit there unused and be able to switch back to stock any time I want.
  3. Yes, I got 17s, but the 18s and 20s will fit too. However, personally, I do not care for 20s, too much bling for my taste. Might get 18s, anyway, to each their own.
  4. In my 2500, there tire pressure is 80psi per door jamb plackard.
  5. Today was the day. Topped the DEF tank with 0.904 gallons of DEF within 1008 miles. At this time, normal drive, lots of idle time. The DEF gauge was showing full. Going to repeat the experiment, want to see if is weather related an increase or decrease, or the same. For what I saw, 1 gallon per 1000 is not that bad.
  6. I received an email from Amazon about an Allison Transmission Filter. Looks like an ordinary engine oil filter. On the 2020 DMaxes and up, do they have such filter? I crawled underneath the truck and could not see one. If there is one, where is located? Thanks in advance.
  7. When I was test driving the truck, I noticed the difference was at about $1,000. Asked why was that? The tech replied that the trucks are identical, the only difference is the rear leaf springs. That is only on the Single Wheel setup. The Dual Wheel setup, is a different animal when it comes to the differential and rear suspension. On previous posts, someone mentioned the 3500 breaking loose, I get the same with the 2500. Is the same powerplant and transmission. After driving my 2500, pulling my 43ft 5th wheel, I can say the truck pulls and drives nicely. If I am not mistaken, I need to double check, the GVWR is about the same as the 3500. My suggestion to GM is to drop one or the other. Since both trucks are so close as far performance and almost identical in design. I rather call it Silverardo HD SW (Single Wheel) or DW (Dual Wheel). Perhaps is going to be cheaper and easier to produce and control one single model. That is just a thought.
  8. I wonder, what about holding the bucket remotely and gravity feed via hose the oil. Kind of the same way is done in Jiffy Lube.
  9. $46K and some change, 2020, last year, 20 miles on the clock. Is the WT version and I am super happy with it. Got it when the 'Rona scare happen and the dealers werr drowning in inventory. Also, the wife got the Travel Trailer 5th Wheel, 43 FT Artic Wolf for $35K, 2020 model.
  10. B&W, pricey, bolts right on, instructions are good-easy to follow, and made in the USA. No pucks, not available on the 2020 bed at the time of installation. However, can be removed very easy and switch for Goose Neck operation. Also, added the electrical connector i side the bed, by the rear left side. Is plug and play, no special tools need it. The Slider Type is for Short Beds, to give some room while turning on tight spots. On Long Beds is not need it. If you are going with a B&W, get yourself a good chain and padlock. The 5th wheel hitch can be stolen under 5 min with just 1 socket and 2 people; is that easy to remove and install.
  11. No, the tires are just dirty, also, have not washed the truck yet. If I paint the rims, I was thinking on Gloss Black with a Clear Coat. That way, I think it will give a good contrast/texture with Gloss / Matte Black.
  12. At about a hair over 800 miles and the DEF gauge is at full. When I hit 1000 miles, going to add some DEF to see where is at, regardless of what the gauge shows. So far, is just driving wihout towing or carring any heavy loads. When the truck was new, the DEF usage was a bit higher. Took the truck for a freebie oil change. The GM Tech said, that was some recall/software update about the DEF fluid. After that update, the usage was drasticaly reduced.
  13. Thanks for the tip. Will consider that fot later when I am ready to change Tires and Rims.
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