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  1. There is way to disable the DRL from the headlights and enable it at the Turn Signal markers?
  2. 2500W/T


    Funny is, if you trace the Flu/Cold around the globe, 'Rona seems to follow the same path. For example, Australia and New Zeland, what 2 gems, not a single case, closed the borders, NZ Jacinda Arden, the Kiwi's savior... well, take note, while in the Northern Hemisphere was in winter, positive cases on the rise. Now, the Southern Hemi is on their winter cycle and they are Mates, Guys... the 'Rona behaves like a flu. Treat it as such. We will rise again as soon winter arrive and why is that? Less Sun, less Vitamin D. Eating crap, less Zinc and Vitamin C. Specially the associated sweets that comes with the holidays. I bet, mark my words, as soon we start hitting winter, the Aussies and Kiwis will see improvements. Oh, by the way... we are on a decline of Flu, Pneumonia, even Motor Accidents deaths, they are getting cataloged as 'Rona as long the test is positive and nobody bothers to check or care.
  3. Yes, he wants to demolish the L5P but is after on what components are the weakest. That is why I posted Episode 14, he goes in great details and why he went with an aftermarket cam. Obvious reasons, was the Choke Point, cannot shove more Air in the engine, not enough Valve Overlap. Bigger Turbo, Compressor, etc... would made no difference. Also, want the engine to fail, find the weak point, demonstrate how much stress you can put on this motor. Any idiot can kill any Diesel by dumping a crap load of Fuel, burn the pistons and the valves. I think he is seeking for the L5P to snap the crank or throw a rod or blow/crack a head. So far, looks indestructable to me. For what I see, with all 100% internals and follow his research, you can pass the 900 HP mark and 1200+ Ft/Lbs and the motor should last a long time and reliable. Adding the Cam will put you over the 1K HP. To me, that extra cost, does not grant the increase on power for street purposes. I think what he is going to break is a Valve Spring.
  4. I think, this time, will skip the Tonneau Cover. Since the truck main purpose is to haul our 5th Wheel Camper, intalling and removing the 5th Wheel Hitch is easier to deal with. Beside, when brand new, after the liner was on, I hauled 3 oak trees to the dump site, 5 trips. I am using the truck like a truck. Maybe in the future, might get a Tonneau Cover, who knows.
  5. I got 2020 4x4 Duramax 2500HD Long Bed WT with Z82 Tow Package when the market was shîtty, very shîtty, 46K out of the door. Why I went with the WT? After looking all the LTZ, High Country and the rest of the high end trim, it was way too much coin for my taste. All I wanted is the Powertrain and Chassis. Turns out, that is the same identical Powertrain and Chassis as the 80K truck. Also, the WTs has all the stuff that is a must for me, like Crusie Control, AC, Gauges, Power Lock and Windows, Remote Keyless Entry, Vinyl/Rubber Carpet was a huge plus, Rear AC Vents, 6 Speaker System, 7 in Touch Screen, USB Port (Android Audio). The rims... well the ungliest one from the bunch but we all change rims anyway, why pay for extra stuff anway. So I saw a clean canvas and took the chance. Edit. This is what is on the Z71 Package. What is in Bold are the features on the WT. I considered unnecessary the Z71 since all in my taste important features came with the WT. Z71 Off-Road Package gifts the 2020 Chevrolet Silverado with: Z71 Off-Rad suspension with Rancho™ twin tube shocks (Rancho monotube shocks on Trail Boss) Hill Descent Control Skid plates Heavy-duty air filter with industry-first air filter monitor Metal underbody shield Z71 hard badge (TW, LT, RST and LTZ models) 2-speed Auto-Trac Transfer case (WT, LT, RST and LTZ models) 18” all-terrain Blackwall tires (LT, RST and LTZ models) 18” Bright Silver painted aluminum wheels (LT and RST models) Automatic Locking Rear Differential (WT, LT and RST models) Dual exhaust with polished tips (LT, RST and LTZ models) May require additional optional equipment
  6. I have no experience with Rhino Liner but this is my 2nd truck with LineX. Had to cut a hole for the B&W 5th Wheel/Gooseneck adapter. Used a cricular saw to cut it, you can ser how thick is Line X. The red part is the bed thickness, the blue part is the LineX, is about 1/8 in thick.
  7. 2500W/T


    I hardly cough due to great health. I am over half a century old and do not take a single medication. My lab work always checks out perfect. And if I do (cough and/or sneeze).... as a courtesy, always covered, is common sense and manners. Well, this thread as many others on other forums, all boils down to the Masked Vs Un-Masked. Kens/Karens Vs The People
  8. 2500W/T


    My current sources... My wife is a clinical nurse, house suppervisor and talk to doctors. Honestly, I have no faith on Allopathic Medicine. Allopaths are taught through academia and memorize all sorts of ideas. What western medicine is good for is Trauma Treatments. The Allopaths fix all issues with some sort of pharmaceuticals, troubleshoot skills are near to 0 or 0. Why they have Protocols? Because they are dumb asses and that ensure the proper treatment. Science is about calling Bullshît all the time and if Science is believed by faith, is not Science, is a Cult. For what I see, read and experienced, Vaccinations are way overrated. Much so, they are fast tracked without any proper testing, futher more.... you can be killed with a vaccine and pharmaceuticals are liable for any wrong doing. Why always has to be a vaccination and not a "pill"? Is the certification and aproval, 2 different animals. Lets play Darwing and you take the shot, me none, whoever survive take the planet. I guess I am on 4 Cents
  9. Cool, nice, I love Electric... with a twist. Ditch the doggone battery. As long they come with one, I keep my Liquid Fuel vehicles. Here is how to look at it.... Betteries are NOT Fuel Tanks, they are more like Compressed Air Tanks. Imagine that you have a Compressed Air Tank driving an Air Motor, like an Air Drill. Each time you open the valve to drive the motor, pressure is realeased. The pressure never comes back up, eventually, you will have some pressure left but not enough power to move anything. A Fuel Tank, does not matter, full or a dab, the motor still puts out the same power. So... when electric vehicles pull the energy like Nikola Tesla wanted to do, wirelessly, sure, I will be the 1st one at the dealer.
  10. 2500W/T


    My 2 cents. In my opinion, based on observations, data and information. This bug is a Bio Weapon, but not just a Bio Weapon to kill us all. Is a Binary Bio Weapon. Needs a "Part B" to make it work, if you do not get that part and if you have good health, is like a cold/flu. For what I have been reading, is laced with SARS and HIV. When is presented to the body, depending how attaches it to the cells to replicate itself, the body launches an attack to kill the bug. The body overreacts and pretty much drowns itself in mucus. Now, if you take lots of Vitamin C, take a lot of sun (Vitamin D) along with Zinc, your body will shake this bug out. The Flu Shots, have compounds to "enrage" your immune system, so do not take any stupid ass vaccinations and eat healthy. Ditch all junk foods, sugars, corn syrups and such, you will see how not even allergies get you. As far masks... what load of crap... the analogy is, wearing a Mosquito Net on your face in a Dust Storm. I wear none, period, no question asked. The Virus floating in the air enters your eyes and the few wearing the mask bellow the nose, enter through the nose... so the damage is done. The Mouth Diaper is a total waste of time. What that I fear the most, are the citizens squealing like pigs ratting you out like delusional "Karens". They are so misserable eating propaganda and jealous of your freedon, they have to bring you down to their misserable shît hole of status they have.
  11. Who is watching Gale Banks series? Is 15 parts long, very detailed, lots of good info. Long series short. He wants to blow up a Duramax L5P with bone stock internals. So far, got 912 HPs and some north of 1200 Ft/Lbs torque. His limitation was the cam, not enough duration. So he got one from Comp Cams and was able to get 1,004 HP and 1300+ Ft/Lbs torque. The engine, still running. Part 14 he goes into great detail on the Cam Specs and many other issues. Lots of engine tech and the dreaded.... math. Dare to watch
  12. I would not sweat it, as long it meets GM specs it will be ok. I stay awat from Boutique Oils, Potions, Lotions and Lubricants. Is just to darn expensive for no much more for protection.
  13. I have AFM/DOD on my G8 6.0 L76 motor, has already over 150K on the clock and run as good as new. Waiting for the system break as an excuse to do a delete but still runing. All I use is Mobil 1 5W30 and change the oil per OLM.
  14. I have a new 2020 WT 2500 HD Long Box. Does anybody knows what is the part number for the Puck System (Prep Package). Read on some sites the Prep Package is different in 2020s and nobody seems to know much of anything. There are a lot of info on the 5th Wheel and such but none on the Puck System/Gooseneck Under Bed Assembly & Installation.
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