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  1. Thx for the reply, I understand all that and it's not the issue. I'm already booked in to have it done. I am mostly curious about which tune to run that the factory 10 speed can handle under regular day to day driving, 10,000lbs camper during the summer and occasional fun here and there when I want to get on it a bit but nothing wild. I don't think I've ever been wide open throttle in any of my trucks.
  2. Awesome thanks you, looks perfect. And that is stock ride height with no rubbing or trimming at all?
  3. Do you have any pics showing how flush or how much poke the 0 offset with stock tires is? I'd love to know thank you.
  4. My truck is Onyx Black. Not sure on the wrap color exactly, he said it's just a gloss black he had in stock.
  5. How did you go about blacking your grille out (not the emblem but the grille itself)? Is it painted or wrapped? Looks good I'd like to do mine as well.
  6. Does that mean they would turn on while your driving if the kids in the back seat need some light?
  7. I really like that idea! What did you tie into? I love to do the same but maybe tie into the cargo light or even it's own switch.
  8. I will try to remember to lol. Might not be until the warm weather comes back up here in alberta ?
  9. I have noticed the coating on the step plate scratches easy too. I'm not worried though, just going to remove the bolts and send the step plates to get LineX like my last set. Makes them grippy and asks for ever. If I remember right, I think it only cost me $120 to get my last set done since I dropped them off taken apart already.
  10. Ya here in alberta it's hard to find a diesel that isn't deleted.
  11. Absolutely, I know 2 guys with 2017 L5Ps done. I've asked them a few questions, however they pertain to features that 2020s have and they do not
  12. Hello from a Canadian. My 2020 AT4 HD 3500 recently threw a check engine light, turns out it was heater #3 in my DEF tank. Two of my co workers have already had this issue months ago and now it's my turn. Dealership is saying 2 to 8 weeks for a new tank to come in. If it happened once its going to happen again next winter. I am SERIOUSLY considering getting it deleted and tuned with an Optimized Factory tune. Could someone who has already done this and is willing to answer some questions please PM me? It would be greatly appreciate. There is a few things I'd like to know before I drop $8000. Thanks in advance!
  13. They only come in a few colors and a primed option. If you go on the GM accessories website and look under the "trim" tab you can purchase the primes version and have them painted. They will be smooth, not textured like the black plastic ones from the factory.
  14. You can get a door keypad installed. https://accessories.gmc.com/product/keyless-entry-keypad-84182981?year=2021&make=GMC&model=Sierra3500HD&categoryId=98031
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