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  1. Fab fours has the grumper for 19-20 they don’t have anything else for 2020. paramount only has the previous body style. Fusion is the only one I’ve found for a 2020 that has a bumper and full grill guard.
  2. Anybody have a variation of this bumper for the Sierra? Looking for a bumper with a grill guard. Not interested in the grumper. Only one I’ve found so far is the Fusion but I can’t find a pic of it with the grill and headlight guards.
  3. The experience I had must have been different than yours. I was able to get ahold of people who were able to answer my questions to the T.
  4. I got the stage 2 coil overs and tubular UCAs, fabtech rear shocks for the 4” lift kit as most lifts are designed to level, also used a 2.25” rear block which sits right in the middle of the travel for those shocks. My coilovers came set at 1.9” lift over factory~. It’s designed to level. I also have the Max tow so I wanted stiffer suspension to retain my 12k towing cap. I would recommend between 1.5” and 2” block if you don’t want the nose to be in the air. the stage one is not as stiff and the shocks in that kit are designed for off-road purpose which makes them a little squishy, I have not used them so I couldn’t tell you for sure just an educated guess. Just remember that those shocks are designed without a block, they say they’re good for up to 2”, so you’re putting them at the top end of the travel which will affect how they absorb “shock”. Doesn’t sound like it should matter but sometimes people overlook that. As far as speedo goes, compare the new tire size(diameter) to stock, if it’s off by less than 1” I wouldn’t waste your time or money trying to recalibrate the speedo, if it’s over an inch you’ll be off about 5 mph over 55. 35-50 is about 3 mph difference. Hope this helps, you’ll be happy with that suspension and icons customer service is really good. If you’re still not sure they will be happy to help you make an informed decision.
  5. I can confirm that whatever size you enter for the first value does affect the mileage. I was off 1/4 mile at 10 miles. I switched to 33 stock, then 34.5 for the bfgs and if it’s off I won’t be able to tell unless I’m putting in more than 20 miles, tested it against 10 miles and it was accurate, mine came with 33s stock. I played with the different performance levels and 2 is good. 3-5 it stays in low gear too long and the throttle becomes too sensitive. 5 makes it seem like I’m angry when I’m leaving my house lol. I have a Borla catback and shutting off dfm was probably the single best trait. Truck sounds better at low speeds and and I don’t have to push the auto stop button anymore. My GPS was acting up after the install but after driving with it and shutting it off for an hour and turning it on again it was working normally.
  6. got it installed, I noticed with the power level adjust and Speed limiter adjust it shows the stock setting before any adjustments are made, when I adjusted for my 35s i had to enter the stock size first which were 265/65/20 Goodyear’s(I think they’re 33”), when I went to that mode it started at 32, confused me a little so I set it at 32.5 then went to 34.5 for my bfg’s. Anyone have insight on this? I’m going to test against gps and see if the odo is correct.
  7. I mentioned it above but Walmart has a tool for 9.99$ that has broken English on the text takes a 9v battery and will relearn your sensors after a rotation. It’s in the owners manual on how to do it. I was skeptical but I figured for 9.99 what can go wrong? Worked like a charm. You can rotate your tires but the pressure readings would not be in the correct locations. So if you don’t mind remembering which tire is where or if you don’t even check your pressure with the computer than it doesn’t really matter.
  8. Why not just buy a kicker/Rockford fosgate powered sub for like 200$ and pay somebody to install it?
  9. Just did my second oil change at 8000(1 year), dealer did the first at 5k, I switched to Mobil 1 advanced fuel economy because that was the better brand that was available in 0W20. Can’t remember what filter but it definitely wasn’t a cheap one. By the way, rotating 35’s sucks. Oh and if you rotate tires yourself and want a tpms relearn tool, get the 9.99$ special from Walmart, ****** is legit.
  10. It looks like these are the sites that they can safely be ordered from. Just a guess, Holley must be a corporate that handles orders for these websites. Good luck!
  11. Edge performance, it said out until April 14th but came early. I think Diablo has them too
  12. Finally getting my speedo set for my 35’s, DFM delete, auto stop delete, and whatever else this thing can do
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