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  1. There's a YouTube video of a black one from a dealership. They installed a 2in level kit and did some trimming for the 37s. After reading the comments.
  2. I do have the Bose with the "7th" speaker/sub. I wouldn't say it made it any louder but it definitely beefed up the lows. It's not a JL sub system but it definitely does the trick for a single 10.
  3. Sub is installed and sounds pretty good. Haven't put it to the test yet, still breaking in. As for the location, the sub is now in the center of the cab. Which is nice but now stretches into the driver side. It does leave a little pocket but I fear it'll cause some rattling.
  4. Good info. Yeah, I haven't heard anything from anyone as of yet. I got my keys on sale from Amazon and purchased early. It's a $140 gamble I guess. Let me know how it goes Wednesday, I'd love to see it. I personally just want to clear 35s anyway.
  5. What up. So I just purchased my 2020 2500hd AT4 and I'm looking to do a leveling kit. I did a little research and saw the keys are the same as the 2019 2500 for the Readylift 66-3011, 2 ¼ kit. Anyone already do this? I was also thinking of doing a 1in block on the rear just in case.
  6. I'm getting this installed on Tuesday. If you go to GMparts, do a part number search, it's only $603. I had one in my 2015 Silverado, it did the job. Wasn't anything show worthy but definitely bumped up the overall sound.
  7. Looks good. Now that you've got some time with the 295s, any issues? If I were to go more aggresive tread, will they rub? Thanks
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