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  1. Had a 2019 Z71 LTZ Duramax that my son drives now. The brakes on that vs. my 2020 AT4 are solid. The AT4 has spongy brakes and require more effort. Only thing i complained about on my GM survey.
  2. A- Series Roll-N-Lock so far, Brought the truck home 2 weeks ago. Went from a 2019 2500HD LTZ Z71 that my son bought from me. Kinda miss the aggressive look. But so far the GMC has delivered. Once the wheels are worn out Nittos will be instaleld with a lift and level.
  3. I tried connecting Android auto thru the Googe Play Services hack on Youtube. It did not connect. Looks like I'm waiting for someone to figure out how the 2021's connect and what all needs to be done. Thanks.
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