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  1. What is your tire/wheel setup on this? Looks great!
  2. Do you have any more pics of this truck. That white with the anthracite wheels looks really nice!
  3. Ordered a 2021 Sierra 2500 last week and having a hard time deciding how aggressive I want to get on the wheels. I'll be doing a 2" level with new control arms. Tires will definitely be 35x12.50/20 Ridge Grapplers. However, this is my first set of aftermarket rims ever and I cannot decide on how much offset to go with. Wheels will be KMC Mesa 20x9's. Show me what you've got!!! Thanks!
  4. I'd be interested in hearing the results of this as well????
  5. I'm expecting delivery of a 2021 Sierra 2500 soon and looking for recommendations for a hard tri-fold bed cover? Not wanting to go crazy on price so what is the best bang for the buck? I've always had an open bed with a tool box so I know absolutely zero about bed covers. Thanks!!!!
  6. I'm fine with getting a kit with control arms. I just wasn't crazy about throwing more $ at shocks when I have four brand new one. Will the ride be decent with new control arms and stock shocks? Also, what about the rear? I'm assuming the rear will need to be blocked up as well for aesthetics? Thanks!
  7. I plan on ordering a 2021 GMC 2500 within the next week. I have pretty limited knowledge of lifts/levels/tires/rims etc. But i do know what looks good when I see it! Its will be a daily driver and used for travel so I'm not looking for anything more than a slight aggressive stance. And the most important thing is RIDE QUALITY!!!! I'm strongly considering Fuel Hostage III D568 20x9 +1 rims with 35x12.50-20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers. My questions are: -Will a basic 2-3" level kit provide enough lift to accommodate these tires/wheels without any significant rubbing? -Considering that these trucks don't have as much factory "rake" as they did in the past will I also need to block up the rear? -What are some recommendations for specific brands and models of level kits that I should look into based on what I have mentioned above? Are there any brands to avoid? I have been tols that replacing the upper control arms is best but I would prefer not to replace the factory shocks simply to save $. Anyone have any thoughts on any of this? Thanks in advance!!!
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