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  1. I didn’t do a write up but it’s pretty straightforward. I did trim the light bar brackets in the front so they could be hidden. The bar is bolted through the hood with stainless 1/4 20 bolts. As I mentioned earlier, the hardest and most intimidating part is trimming the plastic vent! It takes lots of small adjustments to get it right. I’ll take some more pics when I can. Most of the plastic clips broke when I pulled off the chrome piece so I have to take it apart to replace them. This is the switch - I did wire it hot all the time for now...
  2. I had that all apart. The switches are in groups of 3. I spent a good bit of time trying to make the blanks work. I do a LOT of cutting Into vehicles but ultimately gave up on this. I installed these switches for my train horn. I’m pretty happy with it like this.
  3. Thanks! I don't know why but I had one hell of a time with the pics, lol.
  4. Hey there, I've been thinking about trying this for a while and finally completed it today (the final wiring isn't complete yet). The light is a Rigid Industries SRS PRO 10" SPOT Midnight. The Midnight version has a blackout circuit board and reflectors for a more stealthy look. I've had almost the same light before and it REALLY reaches out there. Rigid lights are expensive but they last. I figured if I was cutting up a $200 hoodscoop I better get something that is great quality. There is plenty of room in there for the lightbar. I had to trim the mounting brackets that came with the light significantly and of course cut the hell out of the black hoodscoop insert. I spent about 4 hrs with the Dremel, lol. Once the cutout is made there will be holes right in front of the light on the bottom of the black plastic insert. The holes are from cutting out the 3 vertical plastic support posts. I made a small aluminum cover and siliconed it in place to hide everything. I gotta say, the hardest part was figuring out where to cut and grind without going too far... I am really happy with the result! Tonight, I will aim it and I'll get to the permanent wiring soon.
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