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  1. I tried the same thing and same result - blink three times and goes off. My guess is there must be a resistance sensor in them somewhere.
  2. I have a 7' truckboss deck on my crew cab 6'10" box. Works great.
  3. You could also get a piece of heat shrink tubing big enough to fit over said plug and apply some heat to it so that it shrinks around the plug. Weatherproof and protected done.
  4. Purchase the Putco wiring harness that pigtails a 4pin harness out of your taillights and hard wire into that 4pin connector and you will be golden.
  5. If I'm not mistaken, i believe that the truck will, no doubt, shut off without the fob.
  6. When it's 30 below outside and you go into the store or restaurant or hardware store or whatever, it's a must to leave the truck running. Or say you're doing a hotshot out to a rig and you have to unload and you want your truck locked so the other rig pukes don't steal your stuff. There are infinite situations where you would want your truck running longer than the 10-15 minutes allowed.
  7. Yes reread all responses, doesn't say anyone has tried it while truck is running to see if the truck shuts off after the predetermined time frame. All that was confirmed is that it will lock the doors with fob inside.
  8. Still wondering if this will allow the truck to run while key fob is left in vehicle and doors locked? Gets very cold up here in ND and leaving truck running during the winter is a must.
  9. Has anyone purchased and installed this keypad? Wondering if it works if the key fob is left in vehicle to keep the truck running instead of turning off after the predetermined set time.
  10. Lol, no, I have a truckboss deck. Ordered it in the fall of 2018 and it didn't show up until the spring on 2019, season was over but I couldn't wait again till this fall to install it on truck, so I installed it last spring, then removed it for the summer, and reinstalled it here about 2 weeks ago. I haven't actually had a sled on it yet, lol.
  11. I too installed my sled deck and have also installed additional lighting on the truck. I tried everything i could possibly imagine to get this all to work on the truck without getting the trailer connected message to no avail, until I installed this harness. It has a reverse wire in the harness to connect to the reverse wire on the light bar. This harness works flawlessly and should solve the aforementioned issues. I should mentioned that I took it a step further in that I made a pigtail harness to plug into the harness 4-wire so that I can connect several things in(sled deck, tailgate bar, additional lights on truck).
  12. Has anyone figured out how to add some extra clearance lights or a tailgate light bar without getting the trailer connected message on dash? I purchased the OPT7 tailgate light bar and the tow behind module but when I plug in the module it still detects something plugged in and gives the trailer connected message. I thought maybe the tow behind module was bad, but got a replacement shipped to me with the same result. Something must have changed in the detection and the module is unable to bypass it in these new trucks. Anyone have any ideas?
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