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  1. I had an 04 1500 that had it and really missed it on the 13 2500. Glad to have back now.
  2. Do you use the anti sway portion? I had a similar hitch (different brand) and was never really happy with it. I rarely used the anti sway becuase it made so much noise and needed to be removed for backing. I switched to the Equilizer hitch and am much happier with it but it is a bit pricy.
  3. My tailgate will not lower if i open the inner gate first, and I have not seen/found anything regarding an additional tailgate specific battery. Unless it is a Chevy powered close thing.
  4. I'd imagine the heavier truck will help some, but I think the hitch you are using would make the bigger difference. As for milage, I get 9.5-10.5 towing a 9-10k toy hauler.
  5. Mine came with a cover, guess i need to pull it out and see if it has a hole for the camera.
  6. I have connected/disconnected the camera with the truck running without any issues (no black screens). I have never tried to run the camera without the 7 pin connecter installed, i assumed it would not work becuase it doesnt have a trailer connected.
  7. Looks great! I'm not a fan of the chrome either. You have a link to what you used?
  8. What does your trailering sticker say? Nevermind, just noticed you have a 2019
  9. posted by another memeber (MTU Alum); "There are proper placement and camera angle that need to be followed. The camera needs to be in center of trailer and 4 inches higher than camera in tailgate when your trailer is attached. The camera angle needs to be about 35 degrees. So 0 degrees would be straight down, raise the camera 35 degrees from there. You generally don't want to be seeing the end of trailer or bumper. If you see any shadows in the rear trailer camera view, it will have trouble calibrating. You may have go in different direction. I recommend exiting the trailer app when calibrating and open camera app and select transparent view. There will be a yellow status bar on the bottom to show the calibration progress. I have never seen them calibrate in 60 feet it usually quite a bit longer."
  10. You will need to edit the trailer and walk through the camera set up steps. Requires you drive in a straight line, under 30 mph for at least 60 feet.
  11. the passenger side drains nicely, the drivers side is above the fuel inlet and leaks through the seem between the side and the floor of the bed, its minimal but that area does get wet in the rain.
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