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  1. Still loving mine, no increase in regens. Havnt been driving much the last few weeks though. I did put new wheels and tires on so I played with the speed correction feature. Seems to work well also.
  2. yea, I dirve with the visor down all the time so it doesnt bother me as much.
  3. It poped up on my app last night. My build date was June 2019.
  4. Last time I took mine in for water intrusion they said there was a service bulletin related to fuel gauge. Don’t recall which on it was.
  5. Put on some new wheels, Fuel Off-road vandal 20x9 +20, with Toyo open country 295/65’s. Stock height.
  6. They said they did water tests from above and below. Based on the hard water stains all over the truck I'd say they hosed it down pretty good. Hard to say how long mine was leaking since I have the rubber floor mats. Its supposed to rain again tomorrow so I will probably pull the carpet back friday and make sure i dont have anything else leaking.
  7. Dealer said they found the sunroof drain tube diconnected. This allowed water to drain onto the floor pan instead of through the floor grommet. Probably pull the carpet again next good rain we get to make sure its fixed.
  8. I dropped it off this morning, its raining pretty good today so hopefully that helps. Dealer says they have seen some winshields leaking and suspects that but they would put it in the wash rack and spray top and underside to try and find it.
  9. That’s where the instructions have it going, just seemed a bit tight for my liking
  10. Started installing a set of amp steps last night and when I pulled the carpet back to run some wires I noted the floor was very wet. I have rubber floor mats so it’s had to say how long it has been wet. It appears to be centered around the two large plastic caps/plugs. The cable area by the door sill is dry, it’s just the center section that’s wet. He sealant around them looks ok. I have an appt Tuesday to have the dealer look at it.
  11. I’m replacing my factory steps with some Amp powered ones and can’t seem to find a good location to secure the controller. Anyone have a picture how they secured thiers?
  12. The truck will regen on its own, typically somewhere over 90% soot level. You have two regen options in the iDash, stationary and Mobil. The mobile regen can be initiated while driving. the length of the regen time/miles is dependent on keeping you exhaust temps up. So a regen on back roads at 5--60 mph will take longer than one at 80mph on the highway. you can speed it up by manually down shifting to keep the RPMs around 2k. I have done it in less than 15 miles using this method. My post regen soot level is typically between 6-12%. The miles since last regen is supposed to be an average, mine seems to change every regen but is normally over 800.
  13. I cant open a standard tailgate with the travel trailer hooked up because of the tongue jack. Not being able to use the step is really not an issue to me. I have B&W also but have not used it. Does anyone have issues with how close the ball is to the truck? Seems like tight turns could cause trailer to truck contact.
  14. I went through the fender as well. I have seen someone post that if you move the coolant tank (leave the hoses connected) you can access a large grommet that is reasonably accessable.
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