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    2020 Sierra Denali 2500
  1. Ordered a set on friday. Not sure how old they are or how long the batteries will last. But for $20, its worth a shot.
  2. Havnt specifically tried this but i am assuming they come on with the running lights. There is no seperate switch for them. So if the headlights are on then they are on. Out of curiosity, why would you want to turn them off?
  3. Another update, a buddy let me borrow some TPMS sensors that came with his 2015 1/2 ton. They arnt the same p/n that the dealer gave me but i was able to program them to the truck without any trouble. I suspect any 433 MHz sensor will work.
  4. Im happy with them.
  5. Truck Dimensions

    I havnt measured mine but the bed is at least 3" longer (6'6 vs 6'9). And the back seat is considerably bigger than my 13 2500. Much more leg room for the kids.
  6. Just realised you asked for inner fender. With the liners, there isnt much inner fender, maybe an inch or two at most. The outside of the tire is flush with the with the edge of the fender.
  7. The rear is 42" but it wont let me post another pic for some reason.
  8. Perfect! Thats exactly what I was looking for. Verified mine looks exactly like the one above. Thanks! Now i just need to figure the trailer cameras.
  9. On the rear bumper, the spot wear the 4 prong trailer wire would plug in is replaced by 2 coax cable type hook ups. Interesting though that the plug in the bed still has the 4 prong plug. One is for the back of the camper, the other is for inside the camper. The dealer could not tell me how, when or where to find cameras for the trailer or whether or not they had to be hard wired or if wireless could also be sync'd.
  10. I received a copy of the build sheet today and it does not have the PTT RPO listed. I do have the Denali ultimate package which incuded it on the 1500. The dealer sent me a link to the GM 84338125 and confirmed they work with the 2020 silverado hd models so they "should" work with the gmc. Maybe ill order a pair and see if i can sync them up before i have them installed.
  11. I have a 30' Toy Hauler (bumper pull) that I have never been real happy with the way the 6.0 pulled. Did fine on flat ground, other than the 6 MPG, but any hills would just kill it. Looking forward to dragging it around with the new truck for comparison.

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