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  1. Same problem just started over the weekend. Pulled this trailer nearly 10k miles without issue. Had been on the road for about 4 hours, hit some heavy rain and started getting the "check trailer wiring" that would reset with "trailer brakes connected" within a few seconds. Happened several dozen times in the last 2 hours of the trip.
  2. They did pull the liner, went back in fine. I was more worried about the water stains but they cleaned it up pretty good too. I asked what they used and was told window cleaner
  3. I don't suppose your sensors are covered in mud/dust/ice??
  4. I know its been out for a bit now but I absolutely hate the update to the MyGMC app. Having to hold the button down to start the truck is a PITA and only seems to work 50% of the time. When it doesn't wok it seems like the app gets stuck between "hold" and "sent" on my Iphone 11. Anyone else have issues?
  5. Pretty sure the rearview camera is hard wired directly to the mirror. It does not go through the radio/trailer comm system. I agree it would be nice, but does not currently work that way.
  6. I came from a gas 6.0. I pull a 8k toy hauler across the Midwest and into the Appalachia's, typically 4-500 miles each way. The gas motor worked but it required some skill in the mountains. If I got stuck behind a slow semi at the base of the mountain there was no way to regain any sort of speed up the incline. I justified it with the "10k for a diesel buys a lot of gas" mindset. Even though I only averaged 12-13 MPG around town 6-7 MPG towing. The truck had plenty of power for flat ground/small inclines and could maintain a reasonable speed in the mountains if I was careful/played the traffic correctly. Honestly my biggest complaint was trying to get fuel with the 30ft trailer behind me. Most gas stations are pretty tight. But the overall cost of ownership was reasonable and it could do what I needed. When I traded it in at 100k i got about 1/2 what I paid for it new. After a few years of that I picked up the duramax and doubt I will ever go back. The amount of pulling power is a night and day difference. I can easily accelerate up the steepest inclines with the trailer, I can swing through a truck stop to refuel without an issue, and I get 9-10 mpg towing. Are oil changes more, of course. Plus Def usage, and lets not forget there is usually only 1-2 diesel pumps (if any) at most regular gas stations. The entire towing experience is better with a diesel truck, less stress on inclines, less stress over refueling, and farther distance between refuels makes the extra cost worth it to me. So back to the original question on cost of ownership... Is a gas truck cheaper to own/operate than a diesel. Yes in most cases. but there is more to it than dollars per mile/resale value.
  7. I have been running both since available and have not seen this. However, I don't run at track 10 going down the highway. I'd guess its a trans learning issue also. If it continues to have issues, just call banks. Awesome customer service!
  8. There is also a way to adjust the sensitive to start up voltage in the iDash. I have mine set to max but occasionally I still need to manually wake it up. Never correlated it to the brake pedal but its possible.
  9. I had to try to install the update twice. It failed the first time at the house via wifi, but worked when we went out to dinner via on-star. iDash plugged in both attempts.
  10. The 20+ L5Ps are very sensitive to air flow. Banks is still working on getting something that has actual benefits that wont throw CELs for the increased air flow. So even if the the 17-19 CAI fit, it will most likely throw CELs.
  11. I don't believe the camera was meant for use on a fithwheel/gooseneck trailer. That's why the camera port is not in the bed. Some have managed to move the camera port to the bed to prevent ripping the camera cable out of the bumper. I have not seen anyone get the invisible trailer feature to work, but if all you want is the rearview camera it is possible with a little work.
  12. Interesting. Thanks for the write up. I was thinking tread plate would be ideal but if its being sprayed it shouldn't matter too much. I understand not wanting to pass up free material. Are you having both sides sprayed or just the outward face? Are you concerned at all about the dissimilar metals causing corrosion? Lastly, how did you secure the harness once you removed the factory clips?
  13. All cables are in the dash/behind the panels. Cleans everything up.
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