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  1. Call Banks, they will get you straight.
  2. I thought all Duramax come with two batteries. I bet the cables are the snowplow prep stuff.
  3. I have one on the rear of the toy hauler. It works alright for me.
  4. My 2500 Denali L5P does not have them either. Tied to 5th wheel tow package maybe?
  5. Alerts, background alerts, Pretty sure it is DPF Regen Status.
  6. Only thing I notice during a regen is the MPGs go way down on the instant fuel mileage pag in the DIC. That and I set up a notification in the Idash to give me a pop up for regen.
  7. These work, pretty sure any 433htz sensor will work.
  8. I havnt had this issue but I think GM recommends plugging and unlugging with the truck turned off. Only thing I have seen close to this is when I failed to pick a trailer profile after starting truck. Trailer lights will work but I get the "no trailer connected" message. I've always been able to go into the app and select the trailer and it clears it.
  9. Zero rubbing, it is a bit tight at full lock but it does clear.
  10. I mounted mine on the roof initially, it was too high and had calibration issues with the invisable trailer. It also had a fisheye effect but it did serve its purpose to see behind the trailer. I recently moved the camera to where is needs to be for the invisable trailer to work and its pretty neat.
  11. I like it a lot, way better than the suction cup mount I had.
  12. I Installed a dual gauge mount from Ben Ho at Blockhead8. Not super hard, remove grab handle/pillar cover, fuse access pnl and the trim around the lights/tow dial. The vent cover pops right out. Send a facebook/messenger message to Ben, he doesnt really have a website to order from.
  13. I would contact these guys and see f there is something they can do. https://camera-source.com/automotive-cams/gm-oe-fit/2019-gm-1500-w-360-view-relocation-kit-with-camera-included.html
  14. I had the recall done, paint seems ok to me.. took a couple of days to get it back.
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