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  1. Sold mine for $200. They iced up really easy. Came close to busting my butt several times. Went with Amps, hopefully they ice up less since they retract.
  2. I just have whatever they put in there, I'm sure they aren't GM but they work fine.
  3. Mine was the spoiler bolts, leaked in the outside upper window corner area.
  4. Mine wasn't super obvious. Only noticed it because we were driving in hard rain and I had the kids feel the rear window to see if it was wet on the inside. The headliner would be wet during the rain but dried really fast and the staining wasn't noticeable unless you really looked for it.
  5. Its the same camera, you just have to turn the plug 180 to switch connections. If you didn't turn the connector you may not be getting it seated all the way.
  6. Mine finally stopped in Dec/Jan. Dealer was never able to duplicate it. If I recall , I had to delete all the profiles in the truck and start over.
  7. If you have the HUD the Nav can be there, it can also be on the DIC if you prefer. I prefer google maps over GM nav so I use my phone for GPS. I just wish carplay was wireless and google maps would work in the HUD/DIC like the GM Nav does.
  8. Started mine on the roof but had calibration issues. Moved it to the ramp door and it calibrates easier.
  9. Just got mine back yesterday, might take the hose to it tonight to see what happens
  10. I dont have a pic from inside the cab, but it doesnt block my cameras at all if i push it forward and lock the bars in place.
  11. I drove from Ohio to Florida with it an 1" or so off the cab without any issues.
  12. Mine will touch the cab if I force it to. I can then lock it there with the arms. I normally dont got that far with it, I just make sure it isnt blocking the camera and call it good.
  13. Pedal Monster is Legit, I keep mine on City lvl 4, much higher and it gets jerkey. Really helps with the slow throttle response at lower speeds/rpms.
  14. A putco harness will add a 4 pin connecter. plug and play always hot. https://www.putco.com/529005
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