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  1. Small piece of blue tape on the rear seat post where it latches fixed mine. Been running that way for a couple months and it hasnt come back.
  2. I love the multi-pro! Closing it is a little awkward at first but not bad when you get the hang of it. I close the main gate first by lifting from one side or the other. I use it almost every time I am in the bed. Only issue I have found was when I hauled a couch that prevented the tail gate from closeing but but wasnt long enough to put any weight on the tailgate. This casued the tailgate to bounce around when hitting any small bump at all. I had to put a piece of plywood under the couch that extended on to the gate to keep it from bouncing.
  3. Do you mean the coax plugs? https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2020-sierra-2500-invisible-trailer-camera-auxiliary-trailer-camera-models-with-uvi-and-cwm/84876818-p-92306125.html
  4. Thanks for posting MTU, wish I'd had those 6 months ago.
  5. I used a set of gm sensors from an older truck ($25 on ebay). I have the tool and programed them myself after having a tire shop install them.
  6. I ran wires from the engine bay to the cab through the fender well and a small grommit below the door travel limiter.
  7. I have the camera on a 30' work and play. The image is clear and is fairly wide angle. I still use a spotter for backing into spots and use the rear camera mainly for checking traffic behind me on the highway. I installed mine at the roof line but its been posted here that it really needs to be at the hight of the tailgate camera plus 4" to fully use the invisable trailer view. Have not committed to moving it yet.
  8. Mine works with a S8 via usb cable. Allows music, google maps and app notifications.
  9. I've seen it a few times but a phone restart has always cleared it.
  10. It shows out of stock right now, but they are "available". https://www.shopchevyparts.com/electronics/2020-sierra-2500-invisible-trailer-camera-auxiliary-trailer-camera-models-with-uvi-and-cwm/84580657-p-92306125.html
  11. I've had the screen go black a few times, back up camera worked but nothing else. Its only lasted maybe a minute or less and hasn't stopped the radio from playing.
  12. You can not put the trailer camera display on the rearview mirror. It would be really cool if you could though.
  13. There should be buttons to control brightness and such to the left of the steering wheel.
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