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  1. 2way radios are still quite common around my parts but they are mostly all for vhf/uhf use on radio controlled forestry and oilfield roads. I’d be concerned with water getting in the cab with how the antenna wire is routed if you were to ever go through an auto car wash with undercarriage wash but other than that clean install.
  2. You were right. Last time I ever take a gm techs word. Its not white but there definetly is a spot to adjust it. When it gets dark and I figure out which way to turn it for up down I’ll report back.
  3. I didn’t see anything but I’ll take a more thorough look. My gm tech buddy says he hasn’t had any complaints so hasn’t had to look into adjusting one but seemed to believe the gmc didn’t have any adjustment capabilities. i don’t understand why with all the technology they throw at these trucks like knobs for dummies who can’t back up a trailer and such that they don’t have auto adjusting headlights. Or at least a switch to do it from the cab.
  4. Not really lol. I can see it in the tree line and on the highway that when the truck gets loaded the lights come up. So they have to be getting brighter in peoples eyes.
  5. Is there a way to aim the headlights on the 2020+ Sierra HD’s? I get flashed occasionally with an empty box and all the time as soon as I get a few hundred pounds in it. It’s currently stock suspension and height so I can’t imagine what’s going to happen if I level it.
  6. So YouTube lies and gm is junk. Got it. Sounds like a real truck just isn’t for you and you would be happier in a Ridgeline.
  7. Are you saying the death wobble is something you believe isn’t an issue in Ford/ram trucks? Cuz a quick YouTube search will prove it is. And the one vehicle you won’t find common in that list is the gm trucks And that’s a fact. Just type in death wobble in YouTube and you will see mopar, Ford, and motorcycles. Any issues that I’ve heard of with anything steering on newer gm trucks was almost always related to the tires in one way or another. A rotation, or replacing them seemed to fix the issues.
  8. Ya that’s due to the direct injection injectors. The higher pressure and engine design in general makes them noisier.
  9. I’ve owned 5 gm 3/4 and 1 ton trucks since 2005, raced duramax’s, used them hard off road in the bush and on logging roads, have had stock to heavily modded lifted trucks. I’m also active across many forums. The death wobble talk has not been a topic I have come across on a regular basis. Steering complaints in general are even rare in my experience-with the exception of the puny tie rods and the odd leaky steering box..... Systematic is definitely not a term I would use when talking about a gm with a steering issue. Ford or anything mopar however, most definitely.
  10. Installed some custom fit mudflaps on my AT4 today. First product I’ve ever bought In a long time that actually fit the first time. Also did my side exit exhaust too to go with the Magnaflow muffler. Excuse the dirty truck-it’s winter in the mountains. And the crooked photos. If someone wants to fix that go ahead!!
  11. So what did the dealer end up diagnosing it as? Did they fix the issue?
  12. I didn’t want the exhaust pointing straight back at my rock tamers and also less chance of dicking it up by backing into something. The Magnaflow number is 12909. It isn’t 100% plug n play, I had to cut the pipe above the axle and add about 5” so it would bring the tailpipe down and forwards into the muffler.
  13. Did you drive any other new AT4’s or Denali’s? My AT4 gas drives better than my ‘16 LTZ Diesel did. FWIW My ‘07 Classic Diesel drove and was the most comfortable of both.
  14. Could probably save your money and just go to a muffler shop that does custom work. I tossed a magnaflow muffler in and had the tail pipe changed to a side exit for about $300 CDN. Sounds like a truck now.
  15. I had them on my ‘16 lml. I found they caused the top 1/4” or so of the window to scratch and occasionally they would bind up and not allow the window to roll up but they looked better than the stick on’s.
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