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  1. Installed a what now??? My setup is a different antenna but mounted and routed pretty much the same. I’ll get some pics today.
  2. I installed 2 fender mount antennas. 1 is for my cell booster and the other is for my 2 way radio. They are both normal NMO mounts and on opposite sides of the truck on the rearmost top fender bolt position. Same place almost everyone puts them on every truck. Now I’ve ran dozens of different make and year of trucks with 1 to 3 of these style mounts on them and never an issue before but on this truck as soon as you get up to highway speeds and especially into a headwind they whistle like crazy. And loud!!! Anyone else run into this with this bodystyle or have any suggestions on how to fix the problem? I don’t want to go back to a magnetic mount. Scratched too many roofs and had too many wiped out by parkades, snow, car washes, etc.
  3. You can go through the options of that page and add the tire pressure screen if it’s not there. Other than that ya truck has to be running to do this.
  4. I got my 295/60r20 on yesterday. All I did was bend the front inner fender bracket towards the front so the inner liner wouldn’t rub and trimmed a bit off my aftermarket mudflap. Gave it 2 turns which lifted it just under 3/4” and no rubbing now. Seems to ride fine still. Bad news is these tires are a bit out of round and shake a bit. Waiting for options from the tire guy.
  5. I’m going to try and squeeze 295/60r20 on 20x10 -18 on my truck Wednesday. Hopefully I don’t need to do too much as I have aftermarket flaps too. I figure a 1” key bump for now and a bit of trimming might do it. I saw a buddies truck the other day that has 305/60r20 on 22x12 -44 and he had to split the factory flap in half and a 1” key bump to make it fit.
  6. What model Magnaflow did you go with? Its offset/offset 3.5" right? Do you tow with your truck? I don't want any drone but would love a little more sound. Magnaflow 12909. 3.5” mufflers that fit are tough to find. I had to add about 5” to the section of pipe where it drops down In front of the diff to line up but it worked out good. Also cut it off behind the last hanger and installed a 60 degree piece to angle the exhaust out the side. Drone isn’t bad and yes I do tow. It sounds like a truck now IMO. If one didn’t like it they could put a twister in it also to quiet it down a touch but I don’t feel it’s necessary.
  7. I’d have to agree. With the current air box setup it moves air quite well. In the classic body style up to the LML there were gains to be had due to limitations in the design of the factory filter housing and piping but with a stock turbo there is no longer a need to change it in the newer models.
  8. Cool story Come back when you learn to read and understand English.
  9. Yet another reason why we need tuning options for these trucks. So we can change ****** like this.
  10. Apparently yourself. Sweet work deleting your old posts by the way. Also If I’m 6hrs from a gm dealer how fn far do you think I am from a competent tire shop? I order online. That’s why I asked the question I did. Pretty simple question and thanks to the two folks that got me the answer I needed.
  11. Deadly. That’s what I was looking for. Thanks!! FYI on my ‘16 Duramax I was the guinea pig for 2 sets of eBay sensors that didn’t work and couldn’t be returned so google can suck it. Closest dealer is 6 hours away. I wasn’t going down that road again.
  12. Was this for one of the newer 2500/3500 trucks we are talking about here? Did they give you a p/n for the sensors on your invoice?
  13. For those that didn’t read the first post I will post it again. I am looking for a brand and p/n for NON-GM TPMS!! Not looking for lessons on tpms or info about factory sensors. Thanks.
  14. My coolant temp is usually 200 or a bit below but I haven’t seen over 60F ambient. That voltage seems normal.
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