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  1. Has anyone added a stek dynoshield ppf to the front of their truck. Living on a dirt road my 2017 and 2019 got tons of paint chips on the front bumper and grill. The local shop will install a stek dynoshield for about $1k to cover the whole front bumper and grill. Like that its a Hydrophobic and self healing paint protection film. Looking for thoughts and if anyone has done. Would like to keep this truck looking nice for a while. Thanks
  2. AT4's they are limiting production and options. If you get a denali all options are available, only thing they delete are rear heated seats. I had wanted an AT4 in august and when found out none of the technology packages, cameras would be built I switched to a Denali and got it all. End of day same price also, just picked up the truck on Friday and was built the week prior. Hope that helps, and will say I would wait and take the denali if it was me.
  3. Picked her up Friday, Happy Happy man here. You can feel how much bigger it feels vs the 2017 I had. Now to get the plow attached. 9B26D315-5D0A-48A0-A706-539AA74F3164.heic
  4. Nope this truck was built the week of Oct 11. As i was told when it was ordered Denali's were getting top priority, AT4's were pushed back and limited big time. They want all the high margin trucks built.
  5. They called today and sent a pic of the truck in the lot its ready for pickup on Friday from them. I am shocked how was fast it arrived and came from plant to dealer after being built last week.
  6. Just got word from dealer today that mine Denali HD built last week is on the way to them and Ill have by the end of week. Looks like they are moving the trucks faster then I thought.
  7. I have a new 2022 Denali HD arriving any day now and looking for help on tire size. On all my previous 2500 I had always put 285/65/20 tires on with no problem. Was thinking about going up to 295/65/20 on stock rims this time. Wondering if anyone has done and do they fit with out any rub. Truck has snow plow prep pack and have always turned the torsion keys up in past to help once plow is on so not as much rake. Thanks
  8. Thats awesome news on your Silverado. Mine was ordered a week before your and builds next week. Fingers crossed it ships as fast.
  9. Wondering who's order a 2022 2500HD and how long it took from build to delivery? Mine is being built the week of 10/11 ordered end of July. Little nervous as I drive by the flint plant weekly and the plant lot is slammed full of new builds, the airport lot next door is also, along with a dirt lot 12mi north that has a massive pile of new trucks sitting there. I just hope its not another 2 months after the build to get it in the driveway.
  10. I was told Denali HD have no options that you can not order at this time and nothing will be missing. Where as AT4 HD's pretty much all the packages are not able to be ordered at this time. Hence why I ordered a Denali and GM accepted my order.
  11. I sold my 2017 Denali HD 2 weeks ago and ordered a 2022 AT4 HD with all the packages. Got a call from the dealer today order was going in but the AT4 premium package along with technology pack is not available now to the chip issue. So strange so you lose all the cameras, front warning, heads up display and all. God this has become a mess. Anyone else hearing the same thing.
  12. I just sold a 2019 1500 AT4 with all the options to Vroom for $5k more then I paid for it 3 years ago new, with the plan to wait till the mid cycle comes out to replace because I have a 2017 Denali HD as my other truck. Went to dealer last Friday and he offered me $4k more then I paid on the 2500 HD though that was used GM certified when I bought in 19, and I've put 18k miles on it in that time. So like others I said you have deal, time to find a new HD. He did offer to order me one says 5 months which I'll do. But will continue to search for one at the same time. I have had 10 GMC trucks over the years and never seen anything like this. Crazy when you drive by the flint plant and see all the new ones built ready to go.
  13. Have 2019 GMC AT4 no mods to it and no trimming on the mud flaps. Running BF KO2 AT 285/65/20 Huge improvement over stock and truck sits great. 90B8D46E-7E25-4E51-9043-7C23908CBB24.heic
  14. I have a crew cab AT4 and those are the stock running boards. Yes they will fit your truck no problem, but they are not auto fold down. They stay down all the time.
  15. Have had the AT4 since Jan 2019, and love everything about it. 2 weeks ago finally got some new rubber for it. Wish I had done on day one, truck feels so much more planted to the road, rides even better and looks better. Went with BF KO2 285/65/20, no rub at all and did no mods. Now to decide if I had the RC 2in level to it, have it just havent done yet. If do the level might add new blocks in rear to keep some rake.
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