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  1. bhales 2018 SLT build

    Next Step is a badge delete all the emblems are coming off the sides and the tailgate except GMC. The chrome strips on the doors will stay for now but they may go as well, i hate cleaning wax and brown stains from around the letters anyway. i cant decide if i want to go ahead and spend the $1000 and get it Ceramic coated while its new (my boat needs it worse so i may see if they will cut me a deal on both)
  2. bhales 2018 SLT build

    they were only $289 on amazon too! and my tire guy swapped them out for $20 so i didnt have to lay in my driveway all weekend!!
  3. bhales 2018 SLT build

    after 2 inch level and new 4 inch westin oval nerf bars. I hate the rectangle 6inch that come on these trucks they get my pants dirty. new tires will be here monday 285/60r20 ridge grappler
  4. bhales 2018 SLT build

    my old 2008 Denali 6.2l had 244,000 miles and was getting close to needing a new motor. I wanted another 6.2 Denali but i couldnt pass up the deals on the 2018 SLT premium plus trucks, (and my local dealer didnt have any 6.2 left) so here is my new ride. White Frost LOADED with everything but the 6.2
  5. New and used 22 inch wheels

    $1200 shipped? how many sets do you have? are they all new? (title says new and used) i might be interested as well
  6. Nitto Ridge Grappler

    what size tires are those?
  7. Cst lift

    oh yea i put 260,000 on a 6.2L denali the last 10 years, it just wasnt in the cards this go around since i just started a new business a year ago i needed to keep my payments at or below a certain number. the deal i got on this SLT premium plus was way better than the deal i could get on a 6.2 Denali this time but im happy with it, i just need to get the look right and a muffler where i can hear it running lol
  8. Cst lift

    no GCT Offroad a buddy of mine owns it. i will probably just go with the coil over or bilstien lift shocks (front) and a lift spring or rear block (rear). i probably wont keep this truck over 2 years since it has the 5.3. so i dont want to do any extreme mods. ill be going to a NBS AT4 with a 6.2L hopefully by then. your truck has the perfect stance but im not sure i want to get that involved if im going to sell it in a couple years thanks for all the info
  9. Cst lift

    Mobile, AL
  10. Cst lift

    my local shop is telling me $1900 after tax for the CST 4.5 stage 1 lift + $750 in labor
  11. Cst lift

    ok so if i dont want to go with the 4.5 lift quite yet since my truck is only 3,000 miles old but i do "Have" to level it NOW for my sanity. what if i just went with the CST CoiloVERs and 3 inch blocks in the Rear for now so i could go ahead and Swap for my 295/60 20 ridge Grapplers (in my Garage FLoor) also have 4 inch round westin steps ready to go on as well. I had 2 inch RC lift struts on my 08 Denali and the ride wasnt great. Will the CST coilovers set at 2 inches and 3 inch rear blocks give me a better ride than doing a level and rear blocks? also do i need to replace the factory rear Ranchos with a 3 inch block? i was thinking of just doing Bilstien 5100's but i think the CST coilovers will be a better ride?
  12. Carven Exhaust

    THANKS THAT sounds much better, i cant decide what i want to do but i need to do something. ive had a 6.2 for 11 years this 5.3 is way to quiet
  13. Cst lift

    DANG sub -50 degrees.....no thanks i dont like sub 50 degrees lol
  14. Cst lift

    your really not helping me i had all but settled on a level and 295/60 ridge grapplers. but the stance of your truck is perfect! my 2018 SLT is identical except i have the 5.3 and i still have the 20 snowflakes. i was going to do intake exaust level tires and round nerf bars this month but i think i might hold off and do tires and the 4.5 CST and the rest later.......how is the ride compared to stock(has to be better than the ride with these factory goodyears)
  15. Nitto Sale

    yes i ordered a set of tires for my wifes acadia from them before ship to installer no hassle

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