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  1. Winter Returned

    man i could go for some of that here in Coastal Alabama, has been in the low to mid 90's for over 10 days and no rain.
  2. all i know is my last one was built in IN and i put 260,000 toruble free miles on it, this 2018 built in MX has been in the shop twice in 20,000 miles. my next one will be from IN
  3. Bilstein shocks thread

    ok so im about to pull the trigger on the 6112's/5100r in the next week or so. i currently have a rc level and 285/60 20 ridge grapplers. the RG rub the crappy stamped UCA's and i want to replace them, so im debating if i should just wait a few weeks and do it all at the same time (dont want to buy it all in one week the wife might notice:) Question should i remove the RC level compeletly and just go with UCA's and the 6112's on top setting or leave the level and use the 6112's on stock height?
  4. well when i took it back to GMC this time for Service 15k miles i complained about the leaf spring noise and told them it was only in the passenger side. low and behold they admitted they had a TSB for them and lubed and tightened them. noise is gone for now..service manager told me next time im in the woods for a long time to make sure i pressure wash them real good. (im not a hunter) but i do live in south Alabama and my truck is around saltwater/sand alot at the boat ramps so i guess that could be the issue. but my 2008 denali never made this noise ever for 260,000 miles.
  5. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    any vibration after adding the spacer, i have the same setup just with Ridge Grapplers
  6. i started to remove all my badging but behind the Z71 badge the paint is rubbed through and im not getting my truck repainted just to debadge it. truck had 1500 miles on it when i tried
  7. took my truck in to the GMC dealer i bought it from and shook the rear of the truck and he said its a floating rear end (BS) and took me to another truck 2500 and made it do the same thing
  8. 40 miles after low fuel light comes on is my rule havent run out yet in my 18 . i did run out in my 08 AWD denali one time that sucked....
  9. i have ridge grapp 285/60 20 on factory snowflakes and stamped steel UCA and they rub
  10. Window tint

    tint laws... lol its too hot down here in lower AL for them to care. and i dont do anything else illegal so if i get stopped for that then so be it. my wifes Acadia is darker than my truck but i was tired of my kids getting getting burned from a hot interior. plus i dont like weirdos being able to see my kids at a red light
  11. Window tint

    20% Ceramic on the sides and back and 35% on the windshield
  12. thanks guys i will try that, i wash my truck alot since i drive on a gravel/dirt lot for work most days. i was thinking leaf springs, i will try to grease and see if it stops thanks
  13. Ok before i take it into the Dealer i have noticed a light clunk/creek noise from the rear of the truck (bed, leaf springs?) i only notice it when i transition from driveway to street or pulling out of a parking lot. sound like a small dumbell falling over in the bed. i thought it was something in my tool box rolling back and forth so removed that...nope. then i thought it might be play in my hitch...nope. 2018 Seirra SLT leveled 285/60 20s....

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