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  1. Window tint

    tint laws... lol its too hot down here in lower AL for them to care. and i dont do anything else illegal so if i get stopped for that then so be it. my wifes Acadia is darker than my truck but i was tired of my kids getting getting burned from a hot interior. plus i dont like weirdos being able to see my kids at a red light
  2. Window tint

    20% Ceramic on the sides and back and 35% on the windshield
  3. thanks guys i will try that, i wash my truck alot since i drive on a gravel/dirt lot for work most days. i was thinking leaf springs, i will try to grease and see if it stops thanks
  4. Ok before i take it into the Dealer i have noticed a light clunk/creek noise from the rear of the truck (bed, leaf springs?) i only notice it when i transition from driveway to street or pulling out of a parking lot. sound like a small dumbell falling over in the bed. i thought it was something in my tool box rolling back and forth so removed that...nope. then i thought it might be play in my hitch...nope. 2018 Seirra SLT leveled 285/60 20s....
  5. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    yes they rub the crappy stamped UCA's im going to replace them when i do the Bilsteins. the rub doesnt bother me though as t only happens when im pulling the boat or trying to get into a tight parking spot
  6. 2014+ Leveling Kits

    i have the same truck as you these are 285/60 20 Ridge grappler on RC 2 inch, ill be switching to bilsteins a soon as i get tired of waiting for the 6112s
  7. Bilstein shocks thread

    so what am i missing about this part number for the 6112other than the fact no one seems to have ever had them instock. i went over some railroad tracks today and i thought i was gonna die the ranchos SUCK.
  8. i too have no need for a winch, but this is bad ass and i might have to do it. maybe after my truck is a little older and im ok with a few scratches...
  9. im going to have to do something at 7,000 miles both of my front seats look dirty on the sides from sliding in and out....
  10. anyone tried the Carhart ones?
  11. Ceramic coating? pros v cons

    i have seen some really good results on boats, but i dont have any first hand knowledge about coating cars i want to get mine done while its new, but i detailed cars for a living when i was younger so i think ill just learn how to apply it myself. my 10 year old dark hull boat needs it and i dont have the time or energy to do it so that will come first to the tune of about $3500 im going to try the meguires and see how it goes. my truck only has 5000 miles so it doesnt need much correction clay bar, wax and polish. it will have to wait till after Mardi Gras
  12. one other big improvement for me with the Ridge Grappler over the Ko2. the Ko2 sling rocks like no other tire ive experienced. and they hold them for miles to throw at random. i have a gravel yard that my trucks (18 wheelers) park on so im in gravel daily the Ridge Grapplers do not sling any rocks that i can tell. or at least i dont hear them like i did on my old Denali maybe this truck will still have paint on the rockers after a year or two
  13. my last 4 sets of aftermarket tires Michelin LTX AT2, best tires ever IMO, i have always run LTX M/S on all my wifes tahoes BFG Ko2 2 sets good tire and looks great, but i always had a vibration or some issue the last few years i just put 285/60r20 ridge grapplers on my new truck and so far they are very smooth, a little bit more noise than the KO2 but minimal. they look amazing and balance out perfect. i hope they wear well
  14. lol me too!!! well my old one had 244K and new had 16:)

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