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  1. supposedly BDS is releasing one at Sema in a couple weeks
  2. ok so ive been waiting on a build slot for a 2022 White frost Denali and my dealer called and said he has a loaded At4 slot he could get first so i ordered a black AT4 only options deleted heads up display and rear view camera. should i wait it out or drive the At4 until the new 2023 HD comes out. going cognito elite level or BDS coil over swap with which ever one and 37's on factory rims. ive always had white GMC but I think a ceramic coated black At4 on 37's might change my mind....thoughts???
  3. where is the best place to order 6112's? im ordering 5100 for the rear and 6112 for the front to replace my RC level. im going to also switch UCR since i have the stamped steel and my 285/60 20 ridge grapplers rub them cant decide between CST or Cognito UCRS
  4. had a friend just buy a 2019 F-150 fx4 tranny went out 2nd day and they gave him his money and old truck back...
  5. i had pronblems with my 8spd since about 10k miles, Dealership fixed on the 3rd trip back about 18k miles. so far so good at 35K miles other than the shudder when cold. they did just have to replace a computer that made the tranny, traction control, trailer brake and power steering go crazy the week before Chirstmas. also my brothers 2016 SLT has a terrible 8spd and my buddy has one thats had problems.. my next one will be a 6.2 denali 1-spd or duramax 2500. i wish i never bought the 5.3 (i had a 2008 6.2 seirra denali 275,000 flawless miles)
  6. im going to do this as soon as it cools off some, i was hoping the dealership would get them changed out if i complained enough. im taking my truck back to the dealership every oil change to complain about the leaf springs and this horrible 8psd transmission. other than those two hunks of chit i like my truck. i wish i would have ordered a 6.2 and 10 spd but ill run this one until its almost out of warranty and trade it in. maybe by then they will figure something out. I loved my 2008 Seirra Denali 270,000 trouble free miles, so im not ready to give up on GM yet because the other trucks are fugly compared to the GM trucks...yet
  7. i was set on upgrading my 2018 SLT wit h5.3 and 8spd in 2020, back to the 6.2L (i loved my 2008 denali 6.2) i like this truck but the 5.3 is quiet and weak and the 8spd tranny is terrible, been back to GMC twice in 22k miles and still not any better. this baby duramax could be a gamechanger. i tow 2 different boats usually a 4500 lb boat but we also have a larger boat that kills my 5.3L. ive always avoided the 2500 diesel because i like using my truck as a daily driver. i want another 6.2 but a tuned duramax would be fun too and if i can get 30 MPG it will be worth the extra mainenace cost
  8. i may have missed it but why the hell did they move them to the door instead of where they have always been? and then leave that mounting location?
  9. about to do this to mine, my truck has 22,000 miles and has been to the shop twice for this. Only the right side is making the noise. the dealership said GM warrantied the clean lube and tighten the 1st time but wouldnt the 2nd time. they tried to get GM to replace but they said no so my dealer warrantied the second cleaning. my truck also got the transmission shudder/fluid swap this week and the shudder is gone but the 1st gear downshift kick is still there.... im going to pay this truck down and trade it on before the powertrain is up, i will probably stay with GMC and either go diesel this time or 10spd/6.2L. i really miss my old 6.2 denali
  10. ive had Michelin LTX A/t2, BFG K02 and now i have Nitto Ridge Grapplers Michelin was the best hands down with ride and road noise, just not aggresive enough look for me BFG's were quiet but i never could get them to stay balanced, look was good also the ridge grapplers have a little more road noise then the other two but ride is smooth and looks are the best ive had. i get compliments all the time about how good they look on my truck. i only have 20,000 miles so far but i like them i think i would have a hard time going back to the Michelins now as ive gotten used to the aggresvie look. if i traveled more i might but most of my driving is city and my commute is 0.0 miles
  11. my 2018 has 19,418 miles on it the hard shift from second to first started YESTERDAY! no other tranny isssues so far except the occasional clunk when i first leave the house when its cold. but this downshift fro 2nd to first coming to a red light is not acceptable feels like i get rear ended. going to the dealership tomorrow..there going to fix it or im trading it in on a 10spd or 2500 before the warranty is up
  12. yea im about to take mine back again, dealer finally cleaned and lubed mine and it went away for about a month. He actually told me if i was in the woods to pressure wash it good and it would go away....moron. my truck has never been in the woods but it does get salt air and sand at the beach most weekends but its washed 2 - 3 times a week at a drive through car wash so i figure mine is TOO clean and washing the lubricant off the springs..still BS for a 60K truck my old denali didnt ever do it
  13. man i could go for some of that here in Coastal Alabama, has been in the low to mid 90's for over 10 days and no rain.
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