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  1. The standard cab lifted looks great. I just took delivery on 1/7/22 of my 3500HD Duramax SLT. I'll be leaving it stock as I haul a fifth wheel and height would be a concern.
  2. Update! My truck was finally built on 12/11/21 and shipped to the dealer on 1/6/22. Took delivery on 1/7/22. It didn't have the heated and ventilated seats or the heated steering wheel but will be retrofitted when the parts are available.
  3. Thanks for the reply elcamino. I'll be contacting my salesman. If they can't push this thing through I'll move my order to the largest dealer around that should have allocation - hopefully. It's been 6 months and I'm tired of it.
  4. Hi, New to this forum The waiting game is terrible. I ordered my truck 03/27/21. Had code 1100 right way. It's been sitting at 1100 ever since. Salesman that I've been dealing with for 25 years assured me they have allocation. He has been in touch with the district manager and still have no answer to the holdup.
  5. I ordered a '21 GMC 3500hd on March 27th. My dealer has allocation and I do get a GM employee discount. I hadn't receive a TPW (target production week) right up to the day that GM changed their build out date for 21's so I changed to a '22 since it would end up at that anyway. It is now October 1st and my order has still not been officially accepted by GM. My order had a preliminary order accepted code 1100 on April 7th and has not moved yet. Very frustrating.
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