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  1. For your case, the best thing to do for performance would be to regear to 4.10s and get a custom tune. Together, they’ll make the truck alot more driveable and responsive. Ditto on the e85, it added a nice bump in performance on my old 2015 4.3.
  2. As long as it's maintained, these Yukons will live on for a looong time. My parents purchased a 2007 Yukon XL SLT back in 2006 and it never gave them issues, nor did it have oil consumption problems. If it looks good and drives good, I'd say go for it. For peace of mind, you can by the Range AFM Disabler that plugs into the OBD port and turns off V4 Mode that is the root cause for oil consumption on this generation of 5.3.
  3. I know this is an old thread, but I'm basically having the same problem as the OP. On a freshly paved road, the truck will ride really smooth like butter. But ANY imperfection in the road comes up, than the whole truck jostles and vibrates like crazy. Been like this since I bought it. I should mention that my truck is a single cab short bed 2WD on 20's. That may have something to do with the rough ride, but even my 2005 Sierra with the exact same configuration rides 10x smoother on rough roads.
  4. I'll put my 00.02 here. I bought my truck last year and immediately noticed the radio reception was TERRIBLE. Static with 95% of the stations I listened. The only way I could stand it was by listening with iPhone plugged in playing spotify. Last week I dropped off my truck for a few warranty fixes, including an erratic issue with the screen going black. They did a few updates to the module and that was it. Since I've picked it up, my radio has been crystal clear with good reception. Finally I can listen to FM radio without getting pissed. I should also mention that my truck doesn't have the bose system.
  5. Nothing beats the sound of a cammed V8 loping along.
  6. Well I can't compare it to a stock 6.2 L, but someone on here has a 2017 5.3 tuned and ran the 1/4 mile with the same times as the old 6.0L in previous trucks.
  7. Technically you could, but it would be more hassle than it's worth. You could either spend thousands upon thousands in a swap that may or may not work, and even if it does work somehow, you'd have a devalued truck that has old technology in it. Without a doubt the reliability would get thrown out the window because of all the electronic hackery you'd be doing. Or you could spend those thousands and trade up on a used 6.2L truck. You'd keep the value and have a fully functional and reliable truck with kick ass power compared to a 6.0L.
  8. Your transmission (6L80e) is waaay stronger than you think. If you PROPERLY (key word here) tune it, than it can withstand a good amount of power for a long time. There've been people pulling 800-900 hp on that bone stock transmission without being easy on it.
  9. It doesn't sound like a bad deal, considering they knocked off 10,000 on the price. Is the truck a V6 or V8? Is it a basic SLE, or is it as fully loaded as a single cab comes?
  10. An uncle of mine who owns basically the same truck as you, with it being a 2016, said the same thing about the sluggishness. Last week, he had it custom tuned on a dyno for 93 octane and man it moves now. The tune will completely transform your truck no doubt.
  11. The V6s of today are similar to the V8s of yesterday. I own a 4.3 single cab and the engine is plenty enough for daily driving and hauling a light load. If you've owned a 4.8 or 5.3 from the past, than the new 4.3 should be pretty much the same in terms of power, or even higher if you run it on E85. Additionally, the fuel economy is excellent, provided that you keep your foot from the the floor. Yes, a V8 will have more power and a slightly better resale value, but in the end it comes down to what works for you. I didn't plan on the V6, but I stumbled on an amazing deal for my leftover SLE single cab back in August. It's perfect for my needs, and most definitely will work for you.
  12. I might be wrong, but I think all 2014+ K2XXs have factory cruise control.
  13. Does it really make a difference? These trucks are already pretty safe as it is.
  14. I know the current generation L83 5.3 and the L86 6.2 are completely different, no question about it. But I haven't driven a previous generation 6.2 so I can only speculate if a tuned 5.3 of today can at least keep up with a stock 6.2 of yesterday, key word being keep up. EDIT: I just realized that he has a tuned 6.2, so yea never mind lol I thought he had a stock one.
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