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  1. Mysterious water leak

    I got my truck back after 4 days of them trying to find it. It turned out to be the flap behind cab there are 2 . One behind driver and one behind passenger side, mine was driver side. At first they thought it was the window. I had the tech show me. He said they have since Improved the design. It was still under warranty.
  2. I got the truck 3 weeks ago and I am having a water leak issue. I found it because I was putting on the AMP power steps and was running the wires up through the grommet in the floor when I noticed the driver side under the carpet was soaked, carpet stayed dry just the sound deadening material was soaked . I checked all other doors and this seemed to be the only one. This happened after running through a car wash. I am taking it to dealer today to have it checked, I will update.
  3. Heated steering wheel

    Yea like a bag in the face.LOL
  4. Heated steering wheel

    Yes, Tinkering Fox. watched yours also both great videos. Some how you guys make it look easy. Movie magic? Some how I think I will have to end up doing it twice, because I ran the wires through the wrong holes or something like that. But thanks to both you and Tinkering Fox and many others that without your help a lot of people would still be scratching there heads.
  5. Heated steering wheel

    No 2016 sil 1500 lt. You have a 1500 lt correct? Did you have 2 plugs?There were a couple spots I couldn't quite hear what he said but may have said his was a 2500 . I will watch it again. Thanks for clarifying that for me.
  6. Heated steering wheel

    Trying to find on forums and YouTube but haven't come across info that seem relivent to my application . I like the great video on you tube on how to install the heated steering wheel very helpful and to the point but when he hooks up the driver air bag there is only 1 plug I believe his truck is a 2015 and the clock spring 23381964 says it fits 2014-2017 but shows 2 plugs going into the air bag. So without taking my wheel off to find out if I I have 1 or 2 plugs going into my air bag did anyone else ask themselves this same question? Do you only need to hook up 1 if you only have 1 and let the other just hang there?
  7. Heated steering wheel

    I don't want to assume so I will ask if I am buying the right heated steering wheel w/o crash alert Black PN 84353110 and clock spring PN 23381964? and also a question regarding the orange tab on the clock spring. what is it for and once you remove it , if you had to take the spring back off from some reason does is make for harder reinstallment? I know that's 2 questions.
  8. AMP Power steps

    I got the steps on without cutting them. There is about a inch of clearance between the step when folded up and the bottom of the bed. I stood on the end and they didn't seem to flex at all, I weigh about 220. The only problem I am having is after the truck is turned off for more than 5 min I have to disconnect the obd2 connector and re plug it to get the boards working again? AMP support closed on weekends and west coast so I will give them a call to see what's up with that unless someone here has a solution.
  9. Mysterious water leak

    Those pics were helpful as that maybe where it is leaking. Thanks
  10. Mysterious water leak

    I was just installing amp power steps and had to remove carpet on driver side to install wires and it was soaked so I checked back seats and front passenger side all were dry. Did you ever get to the root of the problem? I didn't check your pic but I will after this post cause I figured I had no water in back seats. The truck is mostly garaged and I just took it to the car wash a few days ago? Also the carpet is as dry as a bone but insulation was soaked.
  11. Heated steering wheel

    Thanks , I will do that once I get the amp boards on should be done with that tomorrow, then if it's not hot I will get the harness from you.
  12. Heated steering wheel

    Sorry to pgamboa meant no disrespect .
  13. AMP Power steps

    Yea I hear what your saying about the flex and putting to much strain on the end of the board. I just came in from putting them on. Everything went pretty smooth. I just have to put the lights on , cut the boards and hook up the obd2 splitter . I bought that cause I needed another port for the Range. The truck came with 8 cylinders and I like to use them all. Thanks for the feed back guys
  14. Heated steering wheel

    I plan on installing heated steering wheel I do have the plug that has been mentioned that is sometimes hot and sometimes not I haven't tested it yet to see. But let's say that it's not hot then where does the other end go? In short the new clock spring can't be plugged into it and find the other end and pin it to the correct position? Or would it be easier to have a new 2 wire harness made by pagoda? And pin it to the excellent pics and videos made from this forum? I did try finding the info I am looking for and may have over looked it. I sorry hope I'm not beating a dead horse. Again I have the plug but if it's not hot can I make it hot or not worth the time and effort and just go with the new harness by pagoda?
  15. AMP Power steps

    Will do . I haven't opened the box yet so I didn't get a measurement on how long they are, from videos on utube they show steps only lining up with the rear door and the gap of the bed so it looks like there maybe a little room to play with I guess I will be finding out soon enough. We're you happy with them and what you expected ? Thanks

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