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  1. Not to change the thread but can anyone get me to a link for adding Qi wireless phone charger for 2016 sil with split bench seats truck didn’t come with one, just need info as to options. Thanks
  2. Just ordered one also should be here within a week last I checked it’s in California and I’m in conn. I will also leave feedback.
  3. None the less I do like them, now its a matter of how to fix the hole in the bottom to stop it from moving. The top bolt is doing its job of carrying all the weight.
  4. Had I known that was how it was mounted I may have gotten something different also.
  5. This video shows the bottom rocker panel holes i'm talking about.
  6. No I haven't found a fix, but the pic you sent i'm assuming was taken sideways and if so it would be the bolt on the right. The rocker lip (lets call it) with the hole in it where the bolt goes seems awful thin to begin with and seems that over time will end up failing. Anyone know if this is steel or aluminum? I guess I can put a magnet to it and find out. If so anyone have a quick fix. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. Are you like me and read the instructions after you do the job? Like I said I don't remember getting any spacers. It might be for just the double cabs.
  8. Not that tec savvy. Not much to see other than the bottom hole is split and now the motor actuator kind of just moves in and out where the hole use to be, that being the bottom hole. The top bolt is holding fine. I looked back at the instructions online and it shows having a spacer there but I don't recall ever getting or putting a spacer there. Just wondering If anyone may have a creative solution to fix hole? Not sure if I can have a washer welded to where the hole is? It looks like its aluminum .
  9. Has any one had there sheet metal tab hole tear after putting on the amp running boards on 2016 Silverado? If so is there a way of fixing the tab? It's the driver side rear hole.
  10. Good job! When I installed mine it was winter and the first button I pressed every time. was that one . Enjoy!
  11. You may or may not have power to the 2 wire plug under the column. Pgamboa told me to test it with the key on and I think he said engine running I don't remember, and use a test light to see if you have power to it. Fortunately I did have power. I see you have a 2014, you may have to run power. Lets hope for the best and you can plug and play as well. Good luck. Have to say being that its been colder than ....here its the first button I push now after I start the truck. I side with the people that believe it was money well spent. I also had fun putting it in along with a few choice curse wor
  12. I got my Heated steering wheel in, it took about 3 hrs some cut up knuckles from running the wires. I found the hardest part was trying to get the air bag off. I tried the phone idea from Tinkering Fox but the phone kept falling to the floor. Then getting the right size screwdriver, not to long and not to short and the right angle to slide the screwdriver in. The wire spring that holds the airbag on has more tension than I thought so I wasn't pushing down hard enough "Till I got angry with it" and when I got one side freed up then turned the wheel to do the other side the first side popped bac
  13. So the weights are the only thing different, in that case I would make the swap. I also got in touch with autowoods as you suggested and like you said he was very helpful. I asked him what the difference was between the two {Denali- Sierra and Silverado) he told me, and I am paraphrasing ;that the sierra , denalis had more bling ie.. chrome- design .This Is the message he left me: "I do have heated wheels in black, but they were designed for Denalis and Sierra. They are fully compatible with Silverados and suburbans. Would you like me to pull one from warehouse and send you some pictures?
  14. Yea I seen that one but I really like to get the black one. Like ss502 said I should just wait and get what I want and not settle not sure what the cocoa would look like with the black interior. It may look like [email protected]#t
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