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  1. Aftermarket Tailgate Assist

    You bunch of Snowflake Powder Puffs! RT
  2. Catted arh headers/ corsa cat back for CC

    Shipping from Cali is gonna be pricey $100 or so. $800 shipped
  3. L86 intake manifold

    Pace Performance is where I got mine and it was definitely a GM replacement product. RT
  4. Intake manifold swap?

    Why even do all of this if you're not going to Tune....That's my question? RT
  5. Lifters can be reused but I would delete the AFM though it doesn't really help with mileage anyway. RT
  6. You gotta put a load on that bitch to make some noise.... not just revving it, and videos will not do any justice! RT
  7. Your saying adding a flowmaster to quite his truck down? RT
  8. The PPV Tahoes have a top speed limiter of 150MPH so i'm not sure what the big deal is. My truck has seen 140+ several times with the stock (trued shaft). i have been told not to let completely shut off the throttle when doing runs like this but to reduce mph gradually as not shock the driveshaft on decel. RT
  9. Intake manifold swap?

    you would think someone would make a damn TB adapter to do this! RT
  10. Building 5.3 Ecotec3??

    Only difference is the bore.... the 6.2's have a steel crank. RT
  11. Intake manifold swap?

    No I have a Regular cab w/5.3
  12. Intake manifold swap?

    Thats what I have is NON catted ARH's into 3.5" pipe two magnaflows back to back and exit in stock location and loud as shit! RT
  13. FS GM CK-160 Wheels n Tires

    Bumpin it up! RT
  14. Intake manifold swap?

    I have two mufflers on my single exhaust and it's still too friggen loud! RT
  15. Intake manifold swap?

    Manifold might flow a bit more from the larger inlet but the ports and runners are the same. I will guarantee that running a straight exhaust no muffler with headers will be short lived. These engines are loud as FVCK with headers and even catbacks don't help much quieting them down. I would suggest running the stock exhaust with headers. RT

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