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  1. One question I have on 5100 shocks, front & rear...can you put them on a stock truck without lifting? 2015i 2500 HD Z71 GMC Stock tires/Rims. Sierra Boy
  2. Will the 2020 AT4's HD shut off when you stop? Deal breaker for me. Sierra Boy
  3. And what happens if you don't own a cell phone? No maps Sierra Boy
  4. My GMC 2500 15i is a steel wheel 17" I have 18" chrome rims on mine. Sierra Boy
  5. Looks like allot of surface rust to me...get a wire brush for your electric drill and clean off and re-coat paint. Don't know the year of the truck but looks worth keeping. Any body rust? Year of the truck? Sierra Boy
  6. Did you happen to use the jack handle or take it out for some reason that is under the rear seat? They are fun to put back together just right, so they don't rattle. Sierra Boy
  7. LOL...I knew the service writer...he made sure they knew I was very anal about my truck. Sierra Boy
  8. I do the same...had 4 free oil changes from GM when I bought the truck. Changed it every 6 months till that was used up and then once a year as it sits more then in use. Sierra Boy
  9. Thank you...meant to type..DQ3 mirrors. Your truck seems great...go for it! I ordered mine and sometimes wish I had gotten a 3500 for when I tow my friends race car.
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