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  1. 64 or 65...not a 66. Very nice car and different with painted bumpers/grill area. Sierra Boy
  2. Very nice to see an old car for a change!! Great Chevelle behind as well. Be proud of the Cougar.. Sierra Boy
  3. Thank you for going through with this!! I will get my USB back and call and hope to get same results! Thank you!! Sierra Boy
  4. I think they gave you the wrong ones as you want X-act Contour as they are the soft type and the ones you have are the rugged plastic ones. They may not be available yet...I'm trying to get a set of the X-act Contour for the wife's 2018 Acura RDX but not made yet. https://www.huskyliners.com/Floor-Mats-Floor-Liners Sierra Boy
  5. Yes...I have a 2015i and it says the same thing. See if it will show up in your home computer. I gave mine to the dealer to install and they said same thing so I left at dealer to figure out. I think its a bad USB as I have 5 USB ports, and they all say the same. I did call GM and they said to send the USB back but would not give me an address to send it to so I still have it...or the dealer still has it!! If you figure it out or get an address to send...let me know. $100 of my money wasting away!! Sierra Boy
  6. I have a 2015i 2500 HD with DQS tow mirrors and have had both sides replaced...twice. Took it in to the Chevrolet dealer and just said my passenger mirror does not fold and they replaced it. Not all at once...had drivers side done, then passenger. Let them know before warranty runs out. They will fold manually as well, or they can be timed by manually fold them in together and then hit the button to unfold them. Sierra Boy
  7. When you replaced the heads and gaskets...did you tap out the holes that the bolts thread into? Sealant on bolts that have to be threaded into block with open holes into the water jackets have sealant left in threads. 50/50 shot they will leak coolant back into the oil. Sierra Boy
  8. Tow mirrors twice...power folds though. Great truck. Has anything been done to truck like battery or coolant flush, trans flush, brake flush. Might be time due to age and sitting. Sierra Boy
  9. Does it have tow mirrors? I have that truck with 18K miles and have replaced the tow mirrors twice. Why has it sat so long? Sierra Boy
  10. When I take my 2500 out to places like the food store or similar...I park way away from the front of the store in a corner so no one parks next to me and always pull the mirrors in just in case. Sierra Boy
  11. Would LMC have them? Truck companys like LMC may deal with them and help you out. Are they much different then regular truck brake pins? I would try Napa if LMC does not have them or in need yesterday for the parts. See if any different then regular truck pins. They may have been wrong all this time? Sierra Boy
  12. MRI is the best thing to know what you have. I go to the Chiropractor every 6 weeks to stay in line and have bulging 5 & 6 Discs. The more your Chiropractor knows about you, the better he can treat you. Every one is different! Go to a known Chiropractor that is good and can read an MRI so he knows what to do. Good luck! My Chiropractor does all the Fed X and UPS guys, so find one that is right for you. Best $35 I spend, without insurance. Sierra Boy
  13. One question I have on 5100 shocks, front & rear...can you put them on a stock truck without lifting? 2015i 2500 HD Z71 GMC Stock tires/Rims. Sierra Boy
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