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  1. Also you can PM me if you want more details. Are you in calgary ?
  2. 19RST with 5.3 all avalible options except safety package. Has the 20 inch wheel package. Full front 3m , tinting. Paint protection with leather guard. Black with black leather z71 package with the protection pack ( witch adds all weather matts spray I liner and some other thing s.
  3. appreciate all the feedback . Truth is cant see myself keeping this truck , Im moving next week so it will come in handy for that but will have to bite the bullet and move on . Anyone in Calgary area that wants a basically new RST with all adds except the safety package let me know . It has full 3m , paint protection , leather guard , Cermaic coated exhaust , Tint and sitting today at 800 km .
  4. I had the ZF 8 speed in my 16 SRT jeep . Probably the best transmission ive driven . Also the motor was heaven . My god i miss that thing .
  5. that being said . Yesterday put her into reverse leaving work then when i shifted to drive heard a major clunck ....lol FML Maybe shes just "breaking" in
  6. think this is exactly what im looking for . Did you just order from GM ? I have a black RST and i wanted nothing goddy but just a nice simple trim around the wheel wells . Having a black truck would normal black look good or is painted better ?
  7. 5.3 8 speed here and drives perfectly .lots of Unicorns in the Chevy world .
  8. exactly . some of these dudes crack me up .
  9. Thought i had a full load RST Z71 5.3 but just realized i have no parking sensors or lane guidance . Damn back update still hurts . Just not as bad .
  10. Thanks guys !!! i also saw some people just with a rubber cap over where the antenna was . Where would one fine that
  11. i live in Canada and love the look for the short Antenna . Anyone recommend where to get a good one here in the north ?
  12. i think its part of the fender . It bugged me too so i wen Ssilverado as removing the badging seemed way easier .
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