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  1. Just my humble opinion, if you wanted it to ride like a car should have bought the 1500 car Chassie with a pickup body on it. Guess you're not old enough to have driven a GM one ton 35-45 years ago.
  2. Retrax Pro. I love it may seem a little pricey, but it works great with my goose neck horse trailer. I wanted the power pro, but they don't build it for the 8' bed.
  3. Thanks, gemarsh for the great info.
  4. What camera or cameras and cables do most people use for their trailers using the remote camera plugs in the rear bumper.? Don't see anything from GM. Working with a 2020 3500HD. SLT.
  5. I think the high-end trim levels get built first, I was told they have a higher profit margin.
  6. I totally agree with your statement that customer service is nonexistent. The sad truth is it's not just the auto industry its everywhere. No matter what you buy or where you buy it, quality and customer service are going forever.
  7. I've seen that on a lot of goodyear wrangler tires, for what it's worth never cared much for those tires.
  8. Might be a silly question but did you check the fuse or fuses. ? Truck and trailer.
  9. What's the best or most used online GM parts store, I have used partsonline.com and gmpartsdirect.com. Just looking to compare prices. I just priced an item from a GMC dealer for $245 they discounted it $40 when they found out I bought the truck there. I found the same thing online for $133, go figure.
  10. Has anyone installed the new weather tech mud flaps on the 2020+ HD's with DRW's
  11. Anyone running 19.5's on there new HD's. DRW.
  12. When in auto climate control your fan will change speeds according to how much heat or ac is being called for.
  13. Anyone have any luck getting GM. power running boards for there HD.
  14. Ok here's the bottom line, and this won't take long. ITS ONLY MONEY AND YOU CANT TAKE IT WITH YOU.
  15. Never seen a Monster Truck yet that gets any kind of good mileage. Lol. All in good fun.
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