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  1. Here's a thought. My 2020 sierra HD. Works great, and anyone with a skinny a** like mine would be just fine, cant leave it on high for more than a minute. All in good fun.
  2. Just get a set of Ram seats and put in that Denali.
  3. No shutters on mine. No plow prep. 2020 3500 CC. GMC. DRW. Lets ask the boss he will know.
  4. Mine came with factory installed running boards but not real fond of them. I was thinking of Amp Research Power Steps until I found out found out that the 2021 GMC HD's will be available with power steps I think I'll wait until I can order the factory ones.
  5. Don't know what a new one cost, but I have the one that came with my 2020 3500 ill never use it if your interested.
  6. I'm glad you said to each his own. I went from a 01 LB7 Dually to my new 2020 L5P Dually so you know how well I like mine.
  7. On my 07 that sprig loaded position turns the headlights and all lights OFF'
  8. For what its worth, I guess were talking gas engine. My work truck, well use to be I still call it that 2007 2500HD 6.0 gas Mobil-1 since new, it gets new oil filter every 6000mi. and new oil at every other filter change. 185000mi. still going strong. other than fuel mileage about 12 to 14 mpg max , towing my big dump trailer about 8. Not sure yet about oil in my new Duramax only 550 mi. on Her.
  9. If its not Gale Banks designed and or engineered forget it. IMHO.
  10. My 01 Dually was 2wd. Had it almost 20 years there was a few times I could have WELL MY WIFE COULD HAVE used 4wd she does 90% of towing the horse trailers. Some times you get in the mud or wet grass at a horse show. Started out thinking another 2wd but went with 4wd this time 2020 SLT 3500 DRW only about 2600 bucks more. The new 4 wheel auto will be nice, and there's resale value not that I am ever going to sell it but someone might.
  11. There was a thread about this awhile back, I'm not 100% sure but I don't think there is a lid that opens on the LT trim trucks.
  12. Just curious how heavy are you towing. Did your truck squat that much you needed to add air bags? Haven't towed with mine yet, my old dually did squat a little to much with my new trailer I was hoping my new truck (2020 3500 Sierra SLT DRW) with 5266Lbs. payload Cap. would do a little better.
  13. Not a MultiPro but you get the picture. I didn't get the 3500HD off the doors yet but that's next.
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