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  1. Good looking truck. Just got my new shackles to lower the rear 1 in. maybe 2.
  2. Had a battery issue with mine wouldn't start, thru a glow plug code plus some others. According to the dealer battery's were fine the codes were caused by the low voltage. During the winter my truck might set for 4 or 6 weeks at a time. Now I keep it plugged in all the time, Battery Tender JR. keeps voltage at 12.95 V. or better.
  3. Not sure about Canada but in the US its against federal law.
  4. And then there's the emails , its happened two times, it says someone has replied to my quote, turns out its a single female looking for ***. Anyone have this happen.
  5. Id like to get them for mine but haven't checked with my dealer yet, not sure they will be available yet. I think they are only available on GMC black diamond edition, not sure about Chevy.
  6. In PA. pickup and trailer in combo that has a GCWR over 26,001 you are required to have a NON COMMERICAL Class A drivers license, this also gives you class B endorsement for motor homes. Its a real simple driving test, no written test required.
  7. How true that is . Until manufacturers do away with old school technology led acid, there will always be a problem. Think about it, the same battery that's in my 2020HD came in my "55" chevy.
  8. Good for you Enjoy. That's sort of how I felt when I ordered my 2020.
  9. Just had my 2020 in for my free oil change at 1100 miles, They said there was a recall I guess he meant service bulletin. They installed a new program for the Def system and filled the tank up. My gage wasn't going down very quick, it even went back one bar before I took it in and I've never added any fluid. Guess will see how it works now.
  10. So here's what happened on my 2020 Duramax with 1100mi on it. Its been running fine. I've had the truck since early March. With all that's going on we don't use it much, haven't even pulled my big horse trailer yet. Went down to the garage to get it out, click, click, click no start, so plugged my scanner in to check for a code P064C. Glow Plug Control Module. Any one with this issue yet.?
  11. Keep it away from that hurricane.
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