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  1. Here's a thought buy a Ford a Ram and a GM. All equipped exactly the same keep them 3,4,5 or even 10 years exact same millage see witch one has higher resale value ?
  2. You can check GMC. website I know in February and March they showed the new offers on the first day of the month.
  3. Sorry guess I was the dummy I shouldn't listen to other peoples opinion instead of fact.
  4. There are two cameras on the tailgate one is your back up camera the other is your hitch view camera if you don't have that option then its just a dummy cover with no camera.
  5. Honda is the best bar none Not the best price, but by far the best warranty
  6. Probably stick with Castrol GTX its worked well for years.
  7. First oil change coming up way before the computer says to. Just thought I would get thirty different opinions on what's the best oil on the market. ( I have owned diesel trucks for the past 28 years) 2020 SLT 3500 CC. DRW.
  8. Well its been a long time since I've had a new truck, and yes I thought about having the front windows done.
  9. Picked up my new truck on Monday 2020 SLT 3500HD CC. DRW. First thing I noticed when I drove it , there is no tint at the top edge of the windshield, never noticed one without it, my 07 2500 HD has it. gota fix that. Anyone else notice it.
  10. Thought I seen a thread about this but couldn't find it. Any one know of or used Endurance for extended warranty.
  11. That was close, Picked mine up Monday, Don't know if that was good or bad the way the stock market has been lately. Ill let you know next year. 2020 3500HD SLT CC. DRW. 4X4
  12. I guess I found out the liners are not available for the rear on a dually , does anyone know of after market ones ??
  13. I can sure relate to this, Between my friend and I we contacted seven different GMC dealers only received a price from two. I built the truck on GMC website then sent the dealers the link to look at the build, one said they needed a stock number to price a truck other ones said they would try to locate me one. The build had the MSRP all they had to do was tell me how much they would sell it for go figure???. Stuck with my first choice ,local dealer , I went in on a Thursday we built the truck like I wanted he had an allocation to order one HD he said Ill order the truck if you don't want it when it comes in that's fine, GM picked up the order the next week 01/16/20 the truck was built on 02/25/20 showed up at the dealer 03/06/20. 2020 3500 SLT Duramax CC DRW.
  14. Not sure if all dealers are the same but mine checks every Thursday GM lets them know how many allocations they have and for what models SUV' S truck's Etc. then they build them and submit the order Thur. or Fri.
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