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  1. I have heard of morimoto alot....I see there are lots of options on what all to buy with the HID's . Can you tell me what I need to make sure they work correctly? Also do these work for daytime running lights? I usually turn them off but sometimes I forget
  2. Hate to probably beat an old horse here but I need help with my 2014 gmc Sierra SLT. I absolutely hate the lights. I can't see crap and I cannot afford the swap with 2016 lights. I also have upgraded to LED bulbs but they aren't they great and already having a chip go out after a year. I have heard of people swapping the inner projector for a newer one? Or maybe even hid's being better? Help me out as I'm about to sell the truck just because of lights lol
  3. Thanks! I did see the rotation in the manual but didn't know of duratracs would be different with being aggressive. I'll be sure to rotate before 6k miles as I want these to last!
  4. I bought duratracs for my truck before winter and I'm up to 4900 miles on them. Anyone have good experience with rotation on them? How often and criss-cross or just front to back? Thanks
  5. I forget the name, I only upgraded the bulbs to led not the while housing. The bulbs helped but still the stock projectors suck...
  6. I was hoping to add a little more light than stock in hopes of not having to add bumper lights
  7. So I have a 2014 GMC Sierra and I'm looking to upgrade the lights. I already put in led headlights and I'm looking for reverse lights. Has anyone does this? The stock ones are very dim and I see morimoto makes some.
  8. How hard is it to readjust them? Never had to even look at that.
  9. Wow the pictures are great thanks! The view of light looks great compared to what I have now. I normally just turn the running lights off if I remember...but I primarily drive at night so I would hate for my lights to not work like the ballast or what not...very tempting to try though
  10. I went with LED bulbs and I went cheap and they still suck beam wise...I have a 2014 and looking at the Morimotto HID because I heard good things. My question is what about the Daytime running lights? My model uses the regular light for that...short life span? Flicker issues? Anyone with insight...I can't afford the 2016 Denali lights for $1000 lol
  11. It's the 6 speed. It sounds real bad when I start the truck while cold...it's weird, never had a transmission issue with any vehicle I owned till now
  12. I'm pretty sure it's the 6 speed not 8 but I could be wrong. It goes in tomorrow to drop the pan and check it all over. Fingers crossed it's not bad at all or it's terrible and they replace it lol
  13. So I have a 2014 Sierra and lately I noticed a squeal under my engine area. No pulleys bad and belt is fine. Sounded more like fluid squeezing through something. I took it to the dealership and they pulled the dipstick for trans fluid and advised he noticed metal pieces on his fingers. Obviously not good making up there. My issue is they claim even under factory warranty they might just rebuild instead of replace!? To me that's BS...I have factory powertrain yet, only 25k miles...thoughts? And do these trucks have bad trans in them? First GMC for me...
  14. I have no parking sensors so no worry there
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