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  1. Alright I used to have one on my Cummins and it was from Westin. There are several different ones now and I'm curious how they look on my style of truck. I have a 2014 1500 Sierra. Pictures would be awesome and the name if it plz and thanks!
  2. 2014 healights

    If I go aftermarket, is there a way to get the daytime running lights to be the LED instead of the main bulb?
  3. So did you ever get the day time running lights figured out? I have the same now where my stock lights have the main bulb as day time and I'm looking to upgrade
  4. Ok my 2014 Sierra SLE has the regular style headlights ( no LED running stip) and they are horrible headlights. If this has been discussed I apologise as when I search all I find is upgrading the bulb. I'm looking for upgrading the headlights completely! Like the ones I see with the LED running stip and what not. Is this possible? Had anyone done this? Also pictures and price...assuming it's not cheap. Thanks also I already upgraded to LED bulbs. My trucks Daytime lights are the actual main bulb so not sure of these aftermarket ones will work that have the LED strip?
  5. Mirrors

    I'm assuming I'm going to need a custom harness also since my stock mirrors are only power and heated...where are you getting yours and how much do they cost?
  6. Mirrors

    Did you install them yet? If so how was install and vibration on driving? Any pictures would be great
  7. Mirrors

    I found a good set from 1Aauto and I'm reading most popular. I understand it won't be plug and play with turn signal and light on mirrors but how hard is the wiring for someone who doesn't do much of it?
  8. I have a 2014 gmc Sierra with the little heated mirrors...they suck on the farm lol...without breaking the bank or getting junk ones, I'm looking for tow mirrors. I'm seeing tons online but not sure what good or what fits right. So who has done this? Part numbers and pics would be awesome! Thanks for your help
  9. Tires

    Your correct I'm probably just overreacting and probably fine... Just walking up to it they just look low and I don't like it but nothing I can do unless I get smaller rims and go to an LT Tire...
  10. Tires

    I still need chalk but for fun I added psi up 45 cold and drove. Here in Ohio it was 90deg and they rose to 50psi quick. The squat does not go away...that's just the SL tires on trucks I guess...I took them back down to 38psi and it rides good...shall see how long the tread lasts...
  11. Tires

    This is the front tire cold psi of 38...maybe it's just the look but to me the tread is buried by the tire squatting...but I'm not an expert at all on tires...thoughts?
  12. Tires

    Yes it's just a half ton Sierra. The tires squatting is is no weight or towing. To be honest I'm pretty sure I'm just being anal about it and the tires are fine lol to me, the tires squatting like a tire would that is low on air, but I think it's just normal and looks worse than stock tires because of the tread...my theory is if I get less squatting the tread will last longer maybe I'm wrong...I can add a picture after work...does going way above the suggested 32psi hurt anything? I'm at 37 cold now
  13. Tires

    So I got my tires and as I expected they look and ride good for an aggressive all season tires...they do seem to squat a bit, even in the back. My truck says cold psi is 32 but I added to about 36...still squat...is it even a big deal?? I just want my tread to last lol
  14. Tires

    Well crap...oh well I guess, I like these and I can't get them in an LT tire unless I go to an 18" rim...
  15. Tires

    Thanks...I think I'll get the tires and just get the stock size of 275/55/20... appreciate all your help!

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