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  1. It's true, I opened mine up. Drain holes are directly above the wires and switch for the tailgate release.
  2. There was nowhere on mine for the water to go but directly on to the switch and wiring for the tailgate release so I plugged them.
  3. There are more options on the truck I ordered plus a year newer at what was supposed to be no charge, the truck I bought in June has very little on it for options but it was available at a time I needed it.
  4. That's what I did, I knew better than to trust a salesman's word. I was probably used so they could get an order in and then sell it for a higher price.
  5. There wasn't any paperwork, just a deposit and a promise on their part.
  6. Just wanted some feedback on what you guys think of this scenario, I ordered a new truck in mid June and the cost to build it was just over $66,000. I left a deposit and was told I could trade in my current 2022 2500HD and jump in to the new one at no charge assuming nothing happened to it damage wise. Mid September the new truck arrived and now the dealer wants $70,000 for it and will only give me $55,000 for my 3 month old truck. With the GM discount lowering the cost on the new one we are still at a difference of over $9,000. I offered $4000 plus the vehicle I'm in now which is still in perfect condition and was told flat out no way. Are the dealers not obligated to hold the price when you order and leave a deposit? It would put the numbers a lot closer together even though I am still paying something when I was told I wouldn't have to. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I couldn't see where else it should go.
  7. This really won't help but when I was looking for a truck about 6 weeks ago the dealer was talking about one they had ready and sitting in a yard but they were having trouble getting a shipping company to bring it to them, not enough truck drivers they said. How long was the build process? Curious because I have one on order.
  8. How long is the break in period and does mileage improve after it's broke in?
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