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  1. I’m at 10k miles now. Still seems if I accelerate hard, less than or wot can hear a brief rattling/pinging that then goes away. Using 93, trying different stations now, Running Amsoil pi every couple thousand miles, going to start using the Amsoil upper lubrication every fill up which they recommend. Starting to think these high compression engines would do better with a pro tune over a factory tune. Maybe it’s the injectors dumping fuel I’m hearing. I don’t know. Maybe someone with a 6.2 can romp on it and let me know. If I go wot it usually dosent do it as much but anything less than wide open throttle you can hear it. It’s like it doesn’t downshift enough and puts to much load on the engine. Almost like in a manual car not being in the right gear. Would a colder plug help this type of engine?
  2. 6.2 Engine. Changed my oil last night. Did the usual drained the oil hot with fill cap unscrewed, removed the filter. Reinstalled the drain plug with a new crush washer, and new filter (dry) with some oil on the gasket, drained catch can and then Refilled with 2 gallons of 0/20 Amsoil signature. I start the truck and as it’s idling for like 2 minutes I hear a little knock noise every couple of seconds (sounds like ac clutch engaging kind of). Sounded like valve train noise. I shut down restart the truck drive, around the block and did not hear it again? Is this a result of not filling the filter with oil first ? Do I have anything to worry about ? Is that the oil pump re priming
  3. I have a 6.2 running 93 and at wide open throttle next to a road barrier sometimes I hear a rapid clicking noise you can kind of hear it next to the barricade. Is this injectors ?? No cel or anything. Using pulsar lt as well. Just want to make sure it’s not pinging
  4. So Im guessing this is normal for trucks with a stock exhaust and it’s not really bad just annoying.
  5. Someone mentioned they have an aftermarket exhaust and still have the noise. I’m a little confused now. Is this something with the exhaust manifold? Maybe direct injection noise?
  6. My 2021 6.2 makes this annoying sound as well. Mostly noticeable under light throttle in higher gear. I have Dfm disabled with the pulsar lt. So I’m assuming it’s an exhaust noise which sounds like a leak. I have 2200k miles btw.
  7. I gave up and went pulsar. It was 100% worth it anyways. Just curious as to what these fuses do anyway. Sure it’s a complex electrical system. But I’m used to say if you pull your blower fan fuse your blower stops working. I think many would agree
  8. I gave up I put mine back in and am driving l9 I guess
  9. I started the thread on the trailboss forum. I just wish we can figure out what the fuses do. If it does not disable it then what is the purpose of them? It just makes no sense
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