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  1. Alright as promised, took some videos of noise while commuting. I apologize the quality isn't the best but it is there and audible especially in the video upon stopping. Exhaust/Rattle Noise when stopping (this noise is consistent while driving too)
  2. OnTheReel, I know you had mentioned you traded your vehicle out with issue. But when the issue was present did it sound as though it was coming from the front end or could you distinctly tell it was coming from back? My 2021 Trail Boss only has 1 flapper toward the back passengers side right before muffler. Though my issue sounds like it's coming from front end by cats/manifold
  3. Little update: Below is NOT my video though it's the EXACT sound/noise that I'm hearing when driving coming from the front end. I've spoken with this individual and he said his issue was the flapper. However, there's no flapper at the front end of a 2021 Trail Boss. There's only ( 1 ) right before the muffler. As you can hear in the video I posted above, the noise gets louder as I get closer to cat and slowly goes away as RPM's drop.
  4. Alright, before you say you don’t hear anything let me explain first. This video posted below is my 2021 Trail Boss 3500k miles and has the most annoying exhaust sound. I know there’s some serious pro’s on here who could tell me what’s going on. Essentially any time I start it up high RPM, accelerate, or decrease RPM’s I’m greeted with this annoying metallic rattling noise coming from exhaust. Took it to dealer who claims it’s normal (per-usual) and says it’s the liters I can hear in the exhaust tone. They checked exhaust donuts and heat shields and found no issue. However you can hear a rattle and what sounds like an exhaust leak. Was told it’s a flapper but it’s not, flapper is toward back passenger side. This is front passenger side. I could best describe it as escaping air coming from somewhere near the manifold I’d assume. Almost like a metallic farting exhaust noise for lack of better description. Videos to follow of noise while commuting.
  5. DUDE !!!! You’re a life saver for this!! I’m having the same exact exhaust noise issue!!! 2021 Trail Boss 3200k Miles and it’s a flapper… just took it back to dealer and they said they can’t hear anything which is total bullshit. What’d you do to fix the flapper?
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