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  1. TwoBall - I understand what happened in your circumstance. Another poster had noted his brake pedal got hard when he pumped it at a traffic light ... different circumstance.
  2. Someone noted that when they sit at a stop light and pump the brake pedal it gets really hard ... uh, isn't it supposed to do this? Just took mine in yesterday ... reprogramming took a couple of minutes. The recall apparently also includes an additional 12,000 miles on the pump warranty.
  3. Wow - didn't take you long to get nasty ... when someone disagrees with your incredibly flawed logic. Hopefully your friends know this about you and will mitigate your attempt to influence them. Now, if you had some data (ya know - studies, analysis, etc) - vice opinion, it might mean others will listen to you. I'm still stuck on this, though ... "It’s already been explained how it could be causing damage to your engine leading to failure" - odd how and why a manufacturer would not warn of this? So, getting past your input, are the owners of the 6.2 that have been using regular and have some information to contribute to the discussion?
  4. Sigh ... the engine is approved to use regular fuel by the manufacturer and by extension this is known by their dealer network ... right? It was designed this way. Sooooo ... what are you so excited about? Performance engine? Nah. I would like to hear other owners’ experiences with regular v premium, though ... vice shrill warnings of impending doom.
  5. Txgreek, You went from asking a question ... yes, I did know it preferred premium, and I also knew what that meant. This combo gave me some options, so I bought it. Then, you infer neglect, in this case, by not using premium fuel - which is not required. You then note I should tell the next owner I used an allowable fuel? Guess it’s time for you to unfollow, again ... sounds like the facts may be causing you undue angst.
  6. Sorry - pulled info from this article that mentioned preferences of the consumers ... http://gmauthority.com/blog/2019/02/new-gm-6-6-liter-v8-l8t-engine-no-active-fuel-management-auto-stop-start/ It's interesting to see it is regular fuel recommended ...direct injected, 401 HP (24 less than 6.2), 464 torque (about same as 6.2), 10.8 compression ratio (vs 11.5 in 6.2) Extra 0.4 liter displacement is in 6mm longer stroke ... MOST interesting is iron block!
  7. aseibel, Thanks ... I think you got the point of my questions ... I'm cool with modifications and may do so to my Silverado when out of warranty ... several interesting discussions ongoing wrt the AFM (advantages and disadvantages - mine BTW has been flawless to date and certainly improves MPG) and clearly GM didn't do themselves any favors with the 8 speed transmission design/fluid modification issue. This transmission scenario and their lack of early response to owners' angst has cost them quite a bit of business - a shame, since it could have been handled differently with great marketing results. Anyway - like my Silverado, like the fuel mileage, like the flexibility of regular or premium fuel options, like the ride and towing power. Just bumped into an article on 2020 6.6L direct injected engine without AFM/DFM (supposedly because so many owners don't like) ... GM still trying ... we'll see if the direct injection offsets the AFM/DFM savings.
  8. Actually, I’ve been asking if others are using regular exclusively, looking to determine if there are negative side effects. To the mileage difference point ... yeah, if there was a 10% difference in mileage, I might consider premium ... anyone had this experience? I mean, actually tested multiple tanks over time, etc? I’m assuming the results would vary by city vs highway driving, but might be instructive. And, I also shake my head when others mistake questions and the process of obtaining information as being hard headed or inexperienced ... simply because I don’t immediately accept their positions. BTW, I don’t find anyone’s position on this sort of stuff mind boggling ... sometimes they're smarter than me, sometimes their experiences are simply different, and sometimes we’re inevitably talking about different subtleties in the topic.
  9. On regular, mine seriously hauls butt ... hut the rev limiter real quick. I’m thinking i would prefer to save the $300 a year (12k miles at 20 mpg).
  10. I realize the 87 vs high octane discussion continues . I’m getting suitable performance from the engine with 87 ... if it isnt being damaged, and the manufacturer allows 87, why would I spend 20% more on fuel?
  11. Burning only regular, I have to be very careful of the truck not ripping the tires loose all the time ... If I was professionally towing on hilly roads, I would reconsider
  12. Interesting thoughts - I've met some gas station owners, and managers - most didn't know ANYTHING about what was in their fuel - they were, however, willing to postulate freely. If you find something related to studies of this, please post it - I've gotta think if fuel manufacturers are not doing what they said they are doing in the advertising, there would be class action lawsuits. Please let us know what you find.
  13. I'm confused - you note "which ones have HAD premium and which ones haven't." First question - if driven normally, would you notice? Second question - once you cycle a few tanks of higher octane through, how would you know? Given the stated 425 HP on the 6.2, how much HP do you think you lose with 87? 10-20 HP? If no damage is being done, does it matter, really? 91 Octane = 14.1 pounds per HP, and 87 = 14.8 pounds per HP.
  14. Hi All, Have about 35K on the truck. Only thing out of the norm was the 8 speed transmission fluid fix. Have been using only regular fuel - no issues - anyone else doing same?
  15. Have a 6.2 2017 Silverado - have always done my own changes - BUT, local dealer is about $55 for change with Dexos and OEM filter so just do it there. I was actually surprised they were competitive!
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