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Found 103 results

  1. I'm trying to figure out what the max tire size is I can put on stock 20s in the 33" range. I'm looking at KO2s right now which I know BFGs run a little small. What is the max I can run if I level with a 2.0" level or if I run stock suspension? I have a 2018 Sierra Crew Cab NHT with stock 20" wheels. I tried doing some searching and I think I can fit a 33 no problem but then I see other posts that just confuse me on the matter.
  2. Hey all, I own a 2018 Silverado 2500HD LTZ Z71...The damn headlights are that terrible yellow color, Did Chevy not put LED lights on any of the 2500 models? Has anyone replaced the whole light assembly or even just bulbs to achieve the clearer look? If so please share and checkout the photo below of my headlights compared to the illuminated bow tie. Thanks for the help.
  3. Good morning everyone, I recently purchased a 2018 GMC Sierra Crew Cab SLT All-Terrain package. I'm personally wanting to install a leveling kit and I believe I've selected one. I've read a lot about leveling kits for 2017-18 trucks and this seems like a great kit. However, there isn't many reviews on this product by ReadyLift. The appeal of this lift is the UCA replacements and the <2" height it allows. I'm wanting to go with 305/55/20 or 285/60/20 tires with my stock AT wheels and I want as much clearance possible. I found maybe 2-3 members on here with this lift and I'll quote them below. My question is, will this work with my All-Terrain package? In the description of the kit it states, "Will not work on Z71 packaged vehicles with factory Rancho® struts." Yet on ReadyLift's website, there is nothing supporting that statement. Does anyone have any information or review for this kit? Thanks!
  4. Just got a new 2018 Sierra with more bells and whistles than I've ever seen in a truck before. Sure learning a lot on these forums. The catch can thing has my interest, I never even knew that was a problem, never had a direct injection vehicle before. I'm looking under the hood on this thing and although it is difficult to see much it looks like there are two PCV valves, assuming that's what I think I'm seeing. They are right up front of the engine, one each side, with short tubes going into the intake air plenum. See attached photo of the front left side of the engine. So question #1, are two PCVs what I am seeing? Question #2, if so then I need either two catch cans, or one that does double duty, right? I'm a little confident that the answers to my questions will be yes (still appreciate confirmation though) and if so this will be a plumbing nightmare. This truck has the eAssist which means the only open space for a can is the front left corner where the battery used to be, on eAssist it's up in the back right corner of the engine bay. And, there is no room at all left in that part of the engine bay, it is packed. So I guess question #3 is, anyone come up with a creative way of solving this problem, besides hoses all across the top of the engine? Thanks in advance for responses.
  5. I’m sure this had been asked 20x but I can’t seem to find it. I’m looking to add some tow mirrors to my 2018 Sierra elevation package. Has power mirrors, non power fold, has defrost, and does not have turn signal. Which are best mirrors for this? Also can I hook into wiring harness and add turn signal as well? Thanks again!
  6. Hey, so I am trying to replace the speaker wire in my rear door speakers and I cannot get the panel off that is on the column between the front door and rear door. This column panel has the speaker wires running up it into my rear door. How do I remove the panel without breaking the little red Clips inside? Thanks, Hunter
  7. Dealership sold me hail damaged truck

    Bought a 2017 Chervrolet Silverado crew cab 4wd Lt from Gateway Chevrolet in Avondale, Arizona. It only had 2800 miles when I bought it, certified preowned. This was back in November 2017, few months ago I realized the truck had about a dozen dime sized dents throughout the roof, very slight dents but definitely there. It infuriates me how they didn't disclose this to me, I bought the truck for an unreasonably expensive price considering it had dents on the roof. It angers me because The truck cost me 38,000 dollars and they didn't disclose dents on the roof, body damage!!! it will cost me nearly a thousand dollars to repair. I called Chevrolet and of course there is nothing they will do about it. I called the dealership and I haven't even been able to get through to a person in charge, they keep on giving me the run around. I am so pissed, I can't believe Chevrolet did this to me, I feel lied to I decided to buy Chevrolet because of the reputation it has but am now wishing I would have bought a ford instead.
  8. So I've had my truck now for 2-3 months and it is now sitting at 3295 miles and every now and then it shifts hard or sloppy but i can make it shift hard by flooring it which obviously happens when doing this but the weird part is not flooring it is when i let off the gas and when i come to a stop the downshifts are harsh. Now i know i could be breaking it in but even my father who used it for a week said it should be checked out and he is quite the Chevy enthusiast himself. Is there any known problems with the 6 speed in my truck? its a 2018 double cab lt z71 4x4 with the 5.3l. -edit: it also shifts hard when using manual mode or low whatever you like to call it just putting it out there.
  9. Ok so this is my first post on hear but im not new to this place ive used this forum thousands of times in the past as I am only 18years old i started off in a 03 gmc 1500 short bed reg cab stick shift, but up here in mass 2wd wasnt gonna cut it so after that I had a trailblazer for the past year and now Ive been lucky enough to get back into trucks with my new 1500 that i'm leasing, its an LT Z71 with 4wd and the 5.3. Im perfectly happy with how the trukc is as of now but I definitely want/"need' it to be leveled as my whole family Cousins, aunts, uncles, father, and mother have atleast a leveling kit or just a beefy vehicle as now im the only one without some ground clearance, but i dont know which leveling kit is the best choice as i want to stay under 3 inches. So if anyone could help me it would be great id like to know the best kits under a few categories. 1-Best ride. 2-Best bang for your buck. 3- Eastiest install. 4- Best offroad capability. 5- The best kit in general. I have been told the Bilstien 510 is a great choice but before i pull any triggers i'd like to know all my options as I won't be getting the kit within a month or two as the truck only has 900 miles. Thank you
  10. We are now tuning 2018 GM vehicles. For more information please email us [email protected]
  11. Coming home from a four-hour trip Sunday towing a small utility trailer, my truck dropped to idle while at speed on the interstate just a few miles from home. I was lucky and able to pull over to an exit ramp with zero power. While coasting the display popped up saying reduced power for a couple of seconds and the engine light came on. While still on the exit, all power restored, message went away, and I was able to make it home on back roads. While it was still running I pulled three codes: P0087, P129F and P228B. Cut it off, unloaded everything and then went to move the trailer. It turned over for a few seconds then busted off (longer than normal). As soon as I put it in gear it shut off. Got it to the dealership and awaiting the results. Truck only has 1,404 miles on it and was delivered from Flint a few weeks ago. All displays read fine, fuel filter, DEF fluid, etc. Engine light still on. Just FYI to add to the list of L5P problems
  12. I've a 2018 GMC Acadia. It is a FWD 3.6L/6T70. Recently, I've not been able to move the shift lever to Low ranges. It was intermittent at first & today I was not able to shift it into low range at all. Wondering: if anyone else has experienced this?, Fix?, Bulletin? This is a potential safety issue. Thanx Bob
  13. I have a 2018 center console armrest with wireless charging part number 84330208. My parts guy at the Caddy Dealership wasn't paying attention when ordering my console to note that some consoles come with the armrest and some don't. Well he ordered me the console with the armrest and the armrest separate. Since I special order purchased Chevy truck parts from a Caddy dealer I was unable to make a return with out a ridiculous restocking fee. It has never been installed, only removed from the box to take pictures. List price for it is $451.17, Im asking what I paid for it which is $260 plus $15 to ship in the lower 48.
  14. Two easy ways to turn off the engine auto start system in the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 since they do not give you an off switch here's the video link let me know if you have any questions
  15. 2018 GMC Denali 4x4

    From the album 2018 GMC Denali 4x4

  16. Curious what the average and best gas mileage you've gotten in your 2015-2018 silverado or sierrra 1500 crew cab is? Mine so far is pictured. It is a 2018 Sierra SLT Z71 4WD Crew with the the 5.2 liter V8 8-speed.
  17. Welcome to the all new forum section dedicated to General Motor's next generation C1XX Architecture as it applies to the Chevrolet Traverse, GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave, and Cadillac XT5. If you don't know what the these new midsize crossovers look like, here's more information. 2017 GMC Acadia Manufacturer Website: http://www.gmc.com/2017-acadia-mid-size-suv.html 2017 Cadillac XT5 Manufacturer Website: http://www.cadillac.com/crossovers-suvs/xt5-crossover.html 2018 Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave The refreshed Traverse and Enclave have not yet been announced but are expected potentially as 2018 models. They will be underpinned by a modified version of C1XX platform that the 2017 Acadia and XT5 use but will be longer in length. We will update this topic as more information becomes available. Let the discussion begin!
  18. Zane & Josh Merva GM-Trucks.com March 12th - 16th, 2018 As attention starts to shift from the current generation of K2XX based Silverado and Sierra to the all new 2019 T1XX based trucks, it's all too easy to forget just how far we've come and how much General Motors has "perfected" these tools over their last generation. Case in point, the 2018 GMC Sierra Denali. It's the company's most luxurious pickup ever. (Well, at least for a few more months). When the opportunity to take this generation Sierra for one last spin presented itself we jumped at the chance. A week behind the wheel of a 2018 right before the 2019 models started to hit the ground sounded like a perfect refresher. Each day this week we'll share our time, photos, and thoughts about this range topping model. Being that it's a Denali, it has... well.. everything. From the high-powered 6.2L V8 to the rail-like magnetic ride control and the plush heated/ventilated seats, this Denali has all the goodies to compete with pure luxury sedans from the likes of BMW, Lexus, and Audi. Stay tuned all this week as we add our thoughts and a slew of images to this thread. The Truck We're Reviewing 2018 GMC Sierra Denali 1500 Crew Cab Starting Price: $55,755 Total Options: $8,045 Destination: $1,250 Discount: -$750 Total Vehicle Price: $64,345 The Window Sticker First Photos Master Review Photo Gallery
  19. Howdy, Two weeks ago, I bought my first ever GM truck... a 2018 GMC Sierra SLT Z71 that was a dealer program vehicle with only 4800 miles. So far, I love it, and this forum is amazing with all the user and info. Michael
  20. Hi everyone! This is my first post, but I have been faithfully lurking for the past 6 months racking my brain over our current SUV's issues. I am a born and raised Chevy girl as my dad retired out of GM in metro Detroit. That is pretty much all I have ever driven. However, I am at a loss at the moment with our latest experience with our 2017 Chevy Suburban 5.3L V8. We have had 3 fuel injectors replaced due to misfires, the entire fuel system replaced for a gas fume leak issue that took 2 months to resolve, the SUV shifts like crap which they claim is normal - overall we have lost trust in it and are getting rid of it ASAP. Previous to this one we had a 2010 GMC Yukon XL Denali with the 6.2L V8. We never had one issue with that engine and I regret so much not holding onto the Denali longer. I loved that truck. As much as I am hesitant to pull the trigger on a 2018 GM product, I am not impressed with the competition. Every manufacturer has its issues. GM and the dealer we have been working with have helped us to resolve this to the best of everyone's ability so I do not want to discredit that. My question to all of you who are much more mechanically savvy than myself, would you chalk this up to a fluke with the 5.3L or is that engine just not capable of having good drivability? My gut is saying go back to the 6.2L, but they too according to the forum have potential issues too even though they are not as common as the 5.3L. I don't mind paying out for tuning to prevent the issues we have faced as it seems that has been a fixed for quite a few on here. Also if it matters we are going to a full size pick up truck this time (and yes I already know about the Chevy shake). I just want a vehicle that is dependable. Thank you for your insight!
  21. Hello all, This may be a stupid question but I’ve been on the phone and gone in person to parts counters at my local Chevrolet dealerships and cannot find anyone with an answer. I’m wondering if anyone might know if I can swap the tail lights from a 2018 Silverado into my 2017? I think the 18s look much better but have no clue if they would fit perfectly in. Any information or answers are much appreciated
  22. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 10-26-2017 GM-Trucks.com was invited to a quick-drive event including the all-new GMC Terrain SLT this past week. The new Terrain and the Chevy version, the Equinox, are two of GM’s most important vehicles. There is no larger automotive segment in the U.S. market than compact crossovers. Yes, individual truck models (The F-150 and Silverado) outsell the top compact crossover, but more crossovers are sold each month. GM was a little late to see the emerging formula, and the outgoing Equinox and Terrain grew long in the tooth. Nissan’s Rogue, Toyota’s RAV4, and Honda’s CR-V began to outsell the GM twins by huge margins. In response, GM has now closely adopted the size, and specifications of the top sellers. Sales are responding, and the Equinox was coming danger close to third place ahead of the CR-V – until the Equinox plant in Canada went on strike for a month. Our short drive took us over all forms of roads including a short stretch of highway. The drive answered a lot of questions for us, but the Monroney (window sticker) raised new ones. Here’s our take. 2018 GM Terrain AWD SLT – The Drive The new Terrain drives well. The new 2.0-liter turbocharged engine is responsive and plenty powerful to compete with the best engine in the class, Honda’s 1.5-liter turbo introduced 15 months ago. The 2.0-liter is one of two options GMC will sell alongside the volume engine the new 1.5-liter turbo. The other is the new 1.6-liter diesel engine. The optional 2.0-liter turbo adds $1,895 to the cost of the Terrain. In combination with the 9-speed auto, the Terrain felt good in all situations. Handling was tight and steering sharp. The Terrain is also relatively comfortable over bumps. 2018 GM Terrain AWD SLT – Interior and Comfort The interior quality is better than most of the Terrain’s competitors in our opinion. Materials and craftsmanship are above the mainstream class, and below the luxury class. The seat was high-up in the Terrain. By that we mean we felt it was higher up than other crossovers its type. This is a just a “seat of the pants” observation. 2018 GM Terrain AWD SLT – Pricing and Value The hard part for us was the difference in price between the Terrain SLT with the options our tester had and the CR-V AWD Touring, the top-spec Honda. The CR-V is a $35K vehicle with everything. The SLT Terrain we drove was priced at $42,045. $7K is a big delta in this segment and a 20% gap is hard to justify. However, GMC does have other trims that will be priced lower and so too does Chevy. The next item we noticed of concern was fuel costs. The Terrain AWD’s combined fuel economy is 23 MPG with the 2.0-liter engine, and 26 MPG with the 1.5-liter engine. Honda’s CR-V is 29 MPG. The Terrain we drove was rated with Premium, which we feel is crazy for any mainstream vehicle. We did a little more research and found that the diesel Terrain has the same annual fuel costs as the gasoline CR-V. We know from having asked GM that the deisel Terrain's 0-60 MPH time is about 10 seconds. Pretty slow for a modern compact crossover. GMC may well have found a sweet spot just above the level of the mainstream sales leaders in the compact crossover segment. We hope that is the case. 2018 GM Terrain AWD SLT – Safety Safety is a key consideration for compact crossover buyers. Our Terrain tester had added in $1,335 for active safety systems like forward collision prevention and lane keeping assist. The top sellers, RAV4 and Nissan Rogue, now include these systems on all trims at no added cost. Honda’s CR-V includes it on all trims but the base model. We suspect the new Terrain will score high on the IIHS testing. 2018 GM Terrain AWD SLT – Conclusions Without a full week of testing, we can’t say whether the new GMC Terrain AWD SLT is now the best mainstream compact crossover. Based on our short time with the new Terrain, we can say for sure that the look of the Terrain SLT AWD 2.0T is attractive and the perceived quality is competitive with the best. The drive may well be better than the CR-V, due in part to the optional engine. We hope we have the opportunity to do a full test and review soon. The Terrain is an exciting new vehicle in the largest segment and deserves a close look.
  23. Hey Y'all. I'm in need of some advice. I just recently bought a 2018 Chevrolet Silverado with a 5.3L V8 and its too quiet. I wanna give it that nice low rumble at idle but have it loud when you punch it. I don't wanna spend a whole lot of money so i'm hoping to stay away from a cat back system and lean more towards an exhaust. Was also planning on keeping the V4 mode as well so if it has drone issues let me know. I've heard of lots of people doing a Flow Master 40 with a resonator delete? Seems to be the most popular. Thanks in advance for the help!
  24. I've read enough about these valves to want to clamp it in the full open position until I can delete it entirely when I get a cat-back exhaust. But, how in the hell do you clamp off the round ones on the 2018 trucks? Here's what mine looks like, and a simple hose clamp managed to slip off after only two days.
  25. From the album LIVE REVIEW: 2018 GMC Sierra Denali

    GM-Trucks.com is driving the current generation 2018 GMC Sierra Denali...one last time. Join us this week as we take a look at what makes this K2XX truck special and why now might be a golden time to buy one.

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