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Found 19 results

  1. Zane Merva Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com 10/30/18 Day one of SEMA 2018 is almost already in the books and we've barely made it through the South Hall (which houses the Truck/Off-Road section) trying to get our eyes on every customized 2019 being shown inside exibitor's booths. There's no way we'll see everything but what we have seen already is impressive. Accessories for the all new Sierra and Silverado are coming out in force, even if the trucks are still trickling into dealerships. Although the new fullsize pickups are GM's hot new thing, the automaker has not made it a focus of this year's show. That means, while we're seeing a ton of 2019 Silverado and Sierra, there are 2x as many 2019 Dodge Ram and 5x as many Jeep Wranglers. Here's what we've seen so far. We'll add more photos to this thread as we take them.
  2. Zane Merva Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com 11/1/2016 You might have heard that Chevy and Carhartt have recently teamed up to develop a Concept Silverado HD. If you're at this year's 2016 SEMA show, you'll be able to see this fine piece of work yourself. If you're not one of the lucky enthusiasts that made it to Las Vegas this year, don't sweat it. We've got you covered. This morning I traveled to the Chevrolet Performance booth and took a look at the concept in person. To be perfectly honest, I didn't understand what the big deal with this Concept Silverado was until I gazed at it with my own eyes. The press photos that have been floating around didn't point out the small touches that the brand applied to this concept. In short, the Silverado HD Carhartt is classic, smooth, and a damn fine Chevy. If you get a chance to see the Carhartt Silverado in person in the future, you won't be disappointed. Until then, enjoy these photos from the 2016 SEMA Show. And if you want more info on this Concept Truck, check out the full details right here.
  3. Come visit the Chevy booth! There's lots of room to walk around! Zane Merva Executive Editor / Publisher , GM-Trucks.com 11/02/18 The Answer We're killing Betteridge's law of headlines. Yes. The Setup Arrive at SEMA and the first thing you see and hear is the sound of Ford Mustangs and F-150 Raptors in the front parking lot giving hot laps and jumps to convention goers. All in front of a HUGE crowd. In the back parking lot, Kia was also offering hot, tire squealing rides in the new Stinger. Both events had long lines and awestruck crowds. From the outside, SEMA could have been seen as a Ford and Jeep Show. Ford product was everywhere. Wranglers were in every booth. PPG's booth changes every single year and dazzles with detail and color The Competition Inside, Ford's display included dozens of cars, concepts, tricked out race Mustangs, and super lifted F-150s. Toyota had a lineup that attracted attention and whispers SEMA wide, a lineup of every generation Supra, including the new one. Mopar's booth (Chrysler, RAM, Dodge) was vibrant, alive, and interactive. And packed. Rich, interesting, vibrant. The booth pulls you in. MOPAR always kills it. The Home Team Then, there was Chevrolet. No interactive experiences, same booth from the last 10 years, no true concept vehicles, and the predictable COPO Camaro. Sure, there was a few 2019 Silverado and Colorado with Chevy Performance Accessories, but you'd be hard pressed to know that unless you looked at the detail card in front of each vehicle. The redesigned Camaro was showcased next to the COPO Drag Camaro and eCOPO electric Drag Camaro. But everyone was confused. Was this the actual production look? Or would Chevy change the design again? The all new Blazer made an appearance but in pre-production trim only and looking way too good to come off an assembly line. Chevrolet canceled it's 10+ year streak of Pre-SEMA kickoff parties this year, leaving media and enthusiasts in the dark about what the company was truly proud about. I personally attempted to get a rundown of the vehicles that would be on display weeks ahead of the show. My request was only replied to after three follow ups. Even then, the company representative only told me there wasn't a kickoff event and nothing about what the brand was showing off. Okay then. Before we even touched down in Vegas it was apparent Chevy didn't care too much about the show this year. The crowd trying to photograph the line of Supra was intense The Show Vibe Aside from manufacturer's efforts to wow and dazzle SEMA-goers, the amount and types of vehicles on display in the independent booths also set the vibe for the show. In years past, Chevy killed it in this regard. During the launch of the 5th-gen Camaro, the new model was in almost every booth. Same with the 2014 Silverado. Independent accessory manufacturers wanted and needed to have those new models in their booth to attract customers. This was the coolest thing in the entire Chevy booth. A 1978 "Silverado Concept" This year, despite the biggest truck launch of Chevrolet's existence, the 2019 Silverado was a rare beast to find in the halls of SEMA 2018. Only twenty 2019 T1XX pickups were to be found in the Truck/Off Road section. Now, compare that to hundreds of 2019 RAMs and Jeep Wranglers. (The 2019 Wrangler killed it this year and was EVERYWHERE). Large companies like Truck Hero and Lund had one or two 2019 Silverado but three or four 2019 RAM and maybe ten Wranglers. Yay, we found one! What Should Have Happened Chevrolet missed a giant opportunity this year at SEMA 2018. At minimum, the brand should have: Taken Toyota's cue and had an "every generation" lineup of pickups. The photo opportunities would have been amazing and the foot traffic would have been through the roof. Never canceled the customary kick-off welcome event for enthusiasts. Just omitting that one opportunity to pump up the brand gave no room for excitement to take off before the show. Expanded or embellished the booth. Chevy's footprint was underwhelming and pedestrian compared to even smaller industry players. Continued to offer their Camaro/Corvette hot lap experience to get show goers excited. Pushed 2019 Silverados out to independent companies for display like candy is given to kids on Halloween. "It's a wide non-descript wall of parts with super high prices" could have been Chevy's theme this year. Did Chevy botch this year's SEMA Show? Yes, I think so. But.... Only the brand can tell you if they got what they were looking for. As an enthusiast, I left wanting more. Much, much more.
  4. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 11-2-2018 Here is a quick rundown of some accessory products for GM trucks we found exciting at this year’s SEMA show and hope to try out ourselves on our long-term tester Silverado. Lund Aeroskin Bug Deflector Josh eyed the Aeroskin bug deflector at the Lund booth. New Hampshire has its fair share of bugs and our new 2019 Silverado would look great with a form-fitting bug deflector. We also have a lot of salt and sand on our roads and highways. This product looks like it will keep the leading edge of the Silverado’s hood from being pitted and scored. Lock’er Down Extreme Console Safes If you follow GM-Trucks.com you know we have a bit of a thing for under seat storage lockers and other types of security products. The Lock’er Down extreme console safe looks great. It has optional gun magnets for just twenty bucks if that’s your thing. These are just two of the many great new products for Silverado, Sierra, Canyon, and Colorado. For a full list of the product category winners check out the SEMA list here.
  5. Zane Merva Executive Editor, GM-Trucks.com 10/25/18 GM-Trucks.com will be making our annual trek to Las Vegas next week for the 2018 SEMA Show. We're excited to be going back to Sin City after our trip last year was sidelined by a freak windstorm. What is the SEMA Show? It's the largest business to business automotive trade show in the world. Over 150k industry buyers, media, and representatives are slated to attend the three day show next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The public isn't invited, so getting into the place isn't as easy as most would like. Inside, the SEMA Show is an verified automotive candy store. Custom cars, parts, aftermarket accessories, paints, wheels, and anything automotive is on display for your viewing pleasure. Experts are on hand to answer any questions you have about anything. For many automotive industry giants SEMA holds the key to another year of sales contacts and business success. It's the only time of the year where all of their suppliers, distributors, and customers are in one place. The SEMA Show is LIFE to many automotive companies. Which is exactly why we attend every year we can. To sample the industry vibe, see the new products, and say hi to old friends. Join us next Tuesday and Wednesday as myself, @Josh and @Chris walk the show floor and share with you the best of the automotive world. While you're excited, head on over to our YouTube channel and subscribe! We'll be going LIVE from the show and bringing you along for the ride. The GM-Trucks.com YouTube Channel Here's some photos from SEMA over the past few years. Research SEMA and the SEMA Show on Wikipedia
  6. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 9-27-2018 Chevrolet will offer “Exponentially more ways for customers to build their ideal truck.” This according to Chevy Silverado Marketing Manager, Hugh Milne. Emphasizing GM’s full involvement in the accessories it offers, Milne pointed out that the components and systems Chevy offers as options “Are designed, engineered and validated to the same engineering standards as the Silverado itself, and backed by Chevrolet.” GM’s plan is to produced four custom trucks in advance of the annual SEMA show I Las Vegas, which begins late October and runs into the first week of November. The first truck completed and shown this week was the High Country trim. Chevy also plans to offer the LTZ Concept, RST Off-Road, and RST Street. Each of the four concept trucks has unique badging, style elements and its own look. There are, however, four main performance component systems that GM offers across the line on appropriate trims. Those include: - 2” Suspension Lift Including All Necessary Steering and Suspension Tuning - Performance Front and Rear Bake Upgrades - Cold Air Intakes for both the 5.3L and 6.2L V8 engines. - 5.3L Cat-Back Single Side Exit Exhaust, and 5,3L & 6.2L Dual Cat-Back systems Here are the four individual Chevy Silverado 1500 trims Chevy will complete and display this fall: High Country Envisioned as a premium outdoor truck, the accessorized High Country model on display at the State Fair of Texas through Oct. 21 blends high style, functionality and enhanced performance, including the all-new segment-exclusive Power Up-Down tailgate. Chevrolet’s concept vision starts with a two-inch suspension lift and concept bronze exterior accents, including the grille and 22-inch wheels. The following available accessories and performance parts enable customers to replicate the look and functionality of the show vehicle. They include: Chevrolet Performance Two-Inch Suspension Lift (see description below). Six-Piston Brembo® Front Brake Upgrade System with Color-Matched Rear Calipers. 6.2L Cat-Back Dual Exit Exhaust Upgrade System. 6.2L Cold-Air Intake Upgrade System. Chevrolet Accessories Illuminated Gold Bowtie Grille Emblem. Chrome tailgate handle. Chevrolet Performance cold-air intake. Underseat organizer. Center console lockable storage box. Front-row premium all-weather floor liners with Chevrolet script. Rear-seat infotainment system with DVD player. Associated Accessories Embark Power Max Retractable Tonneau Cover by Advantage LTZ Concept This concept highlights the trailering technologies available on the 2019 Silverado 1500 designed to enhance trailering confidence, as well as performance parts for the 5.3L V-8. The Z71-equipped show vehicle also features the following dealer-available accessories and Performance Parts: Chevrolet Performance 5.3L Cold-Air Intake Upgrade System. 5.3L Cat-Back Single Exit Exhaust Upgrade System with Chevrolet Bowtie Logo Tip. Six-Piston Brembo® Front Brake Upgrade System with Color-Matched Rear Calipers. Chevrolet Accessories Trailering Camera Package: a removable accessory camera which when mounted to a trailer can be viewed through the vehicle’s center stack display. 22-inch chrome multi-spoke aluminum wheels. Illuminated Black Bowtie Grille Emblem. Chrome wheel-to-wheel six-inch rectangular assist steps. All-weather floor liners with Z71 badge insert. Underseat organizer. Center console lockable storage box. Rear-seat entertainment system. Associated Accessories Embark Manual Retractable Tonneau Cover by Advantage RST Off-Road The sporty, monochromatic styling of the new Silverado RST trim heads off the highway with this extreme trail-inspired concept in Cajun Red that incorporates a two-inch suspension lift from the factory and a new Off Road Appearance Package offered through dealers. The package features a sport bar, off-road assist steps and a soft, roll-up tonneau cover. The concept also features auxiliary lighting from Baja Designs. The roster of dealer-available accessories and performance parts includes: Chevrolet Performance Two-inch Suspension Lift. 5.3L Cold-Air Intake System. Chevrolet Accessories Soft roll-up tonneau cover with the Chevrolet bowtie logo. Sport Bar Package with the Silverado logo. Sport assist steps. 18-inch off-road wheels in Carbon Flash and off-road tires. Illuminated Black Bowtie Grille Emblem. Silverado Custom emblems in black. Black tailgate lettering. Side-mounted bed storage box. Center console lockage storage box. All-weather floor liners with Z71 badge insert. Associated Accessories 40-inch LED light bar by Baja Designs. Off-road Squadron sport lamps by Baja Designs. Rear underseat lockbox with combination lock by Tuffy Security Products. RST Street With a decidedly aggressive appearance, the RST Street concept exudes attitude. Based on the new RST trim for the 2019 Silverado 1500, the concept’s striking stance is achieved with a concept lowered suspension system and concept body-side graphics, backed up with Chevrolet accessories and performance parts that lend a more authoritative look and sound to the available 5.3L V-8 engine. This concept also shows concept carbon fiber-look parts, including a grille bar, mirror caps, door handles and interior trim. The Chevrolet Accessories and Performance parts available on chevy.com/accessories and at the dealer include: Chevrolet Performance 5.3L Cold-Air Intake System. Six-Piston Brembo® Front Brake Upgrade System with Color-Matched Rear Calipers. Chevrolet Accessories Black Silverado nameplate. 22-inch wheels in high-gloss black. Front and rear molded splash guards. Front-row premium all-weather floor liners with Chevrolet script. Associated Accessories Exhaust tips (two-piece) in carbon fiber by Borla. Cat-back exhaust, 5.3L dual-split rear by Borla. One-piece hard tonneau cover by UnderCover. 200-watt powered subwoofer and 200-watt DSP Amp kit by KICKER.
  7. John Goreham Contributing Writer, GM-Trucks.com 11-1-2017 Chevy has shown two hot Colorado ZR2 concepts at this year's SEMA show in Las Vegas. The first is the AEV Concept shown at the top of page. The AEV starts off with a new suspension setup including high-angle ball joints and increased stiffness high-angle tie rods. The truck also adds front and rear jounce shocks and a long-travel rear leaf-spring suspension. The differential gets a cover as part of the full underbody protection kit. The ZR2 AEV also gets custom wheels and tires, a winch kit, recovery hooks, and rocks a snorkel. In back, Chevy added a refrigerator cooler and there is an air pump and more substantial jack and tire kit. Check out the video for a walk-around on this off-roader.
  8. The body-colored and black grill receives a special light bar treatment. Ejector Orange is used to offset the drab main color and continues the military theme. Inside the seats and floor are waterproof and Razzle Dazzle is used in the trim. Chevy pulled a brake package, air intake and custom exhaust from its parts bin and also added the following list of goodies: Black bowtie emblems Underbody shield Sport bar LED off-road lights Wheel flares 20-inch aluminum wheels with off-road tires Custom rocker guards GearOn™ tiered storage system GearOn™ utility rack package GearOn™ cargo tie-down rings Floor liners Spray-in bedliner (production option) Embroidered headrests with the Special Ops logo.
  9. Above: Kid Rock Silverado 3500, Silverado Special Ops, Colorado Z71 Trail Boss 3.0 Above 1970 Camaro RS with LT4 650 hp crate engine. 1967 Chevy Nova with 272 hp Chevy "LTG" 2.0-liter turbo. Also, see our stories on the Red Line Silverado and Red Line Camaro stories.
  10. The Ford F-150 MRT with its breathed-on 3.5-liter EcoBoost had too many add-ons to list, but some of the most notable drivetrain parts include: •MRT stainless steel exhaust, Max-Flow h-pipe and back half exhaust system •MRT custom induction •MRT custom shifter •MRT custom rear spoiler fabricated by Team Z Motorsports •JMS Pedal MAX accelerator pedal signal controller •JMS Boost MAX boost signal controller •SCT custom tune for performance and extreme duty thermal management •Tremec Magnum 6-speed manual transmission (conversion) •QuickTime bell housing •EXEDY performance clutch and flywheel •Turbosmart blow-off valve Toyota brought a Tundra made into a limo which we refuse to dignify with an image. However, Yoda redeemed itself with this awesome looking 4Runner Tonka off-road vehicle.
  11. Our thanks to reader RyanbabZ71 for the heads up and the great image.
  12. The Z71 Trail Boss package already has all this great content: Cargo bed-mounted sport bar with LED trail lighting Black fender flares Black bowtie emblems, front and rear 17-inch black-painted aluminum wheels matched with Goodyear DuraTrac 265/65R17 all-terrain tires G80 automatic locking rear differential 4WD transfer case shield Front recovery hooks Black, three-inch round rocker steps Spray-in bedliner Projector beam headlamps Front fog lamps All-weather floor mats with the Z71 logo. Sandor Piszar, director of Chevrolet Truck Marketing, said of the concept“At its core, the Trail Boss offers owners the gear-carrying ability and versatility they need to venture off-road, with segment-leading efficiency and capability. The Trail Boss 3.0 concept builds on that to show the choices from Chevrolet to help customers personalize their truck.” Chevy's SEMA concept 3.0 version adds a graphics package, custom exhaust, air intake and some interior bits. .
  13. Kid Rock's Dually Silverado features custom wheels and a "Born Free" graphics package. Kid Rock visited the Flint, Michigan plant while the truck was being built. Kid Rock spoke of the plant and truck, saying, “The Flint plant – and everyone on the line – is the backbone of America. I wanted the design for the truck to be bold, but with features and elements that wouldn’t be out of reach for working-class guys.”
  14. New products, hot cars, and enough stuff to oogle over for days. Expect lots of photos and cool stuff to look at as three site staff members roam the show looking for fun. Oh and did we mention we're driving across the country in a 2016 Camaro to help get there? Here's some photos from last year to get you excited for SEMA:
  15. The Red Accent starts with a Switchblade Silver Metallic convertible Camaro with a Adrenaline Red leather interior. The unique look features red “hash mark” graphics and the now popular black bowtie emblem. The red theme continues under the hood with a red engine cover. 20-inch 5-Spoke Gloss Black wheels with Red Outline Stripe complete the look. Chevy also lowered the car, added a Chevy Parts air intake and Brembo front brakes with six-piston calipers. Inside, Chevy added red knee-area padding, door inserts, mats and a center console cover. The Black Accent Camaro starts out with a red Camaro SS with black rally stripes, a black bowtie and blacked out lighting. The black 20-inch 5 Split Spoke Low Gloss Black Wheels and red Brembo brake calipers compliment the look perfectly. Inside the jet-black materials are offset with red trim. Which would be your choice?
  16. The Silverado's Red Line treatment includes exterior styling changes all based around a Silver Metallic exterior color. The biggest modification is that the roof gets a Charcoal black treatment. The Silverado also has a great Satin Graphite front hood color. The rims have gloss red patches, and red is used sparingly throughout the trim to offset the satin elements. We love the look, but wonder how much heat a matte finish charcoal roof would add to the interior of a vehicle. What's your take?
  17. The unique Silverado, shown at this year's SEMA show in Las Vegas, is paired with an all new Polaris ACE, and single passenger UTV. The two have matching graphics packages and are ready for the trail with Chevrolet off-road accessories. The Silverado is equipped with 22-inch Pirelli off-road tires concept fender flares, an off-road Z71 package, and a 6.2L 420-horsepower V8 engine. It also has front nudge bar and custom LED lighting. A custom intake and exhaust system is paired with 16-inch Brembo brakes for a kick up in performance. View attachment: 2014-11-04 11.31.23.jpgView attachment: 2014-11-04 11.31.34.jpg “The Silverado is designed to work hard for its owner, on or off the clock,” said Sandor Piszar, director of Chevrolet truck marketing. “Pairing it with the new Polaris ACE perfectly illustrates how the Silverado easily changes its support role when it’s time to leave the job site for the trail head.” View attachment: 2014-11-04 11.32.14.jpg Here's the press release from Polaris Silverado Polaris ACE+ Concept Ready for the Trail Outdoor recreation-themed concept paired with innovative off-road vehicle LAS VEGAS – The Chevrolet Silverado Polaris ACE+ concept shows that while Chevy’s full-size truck was designed for work, it also works hard to enable recreational interests. The outdoors-themed concept debuts at the SEMA Show this week and is paired with the new Polaris® ACE™ – a revolutionary single-seat, sit-in off-road vehicle launched earlier this year. The concept truck is based on the production 2015 Silverado 1500 crew cab with a 6-foot-6-inch cargo bed and the Z71 Off-Road package. “The Silverado is designed to work hard for its owner, on or off the clock,” said Sandor Piszar, director of Chevrolet truck marketing. “Pairing it with the new Polaris ACE perfectly illustrates how the Silverado easily changes its support role when it’s time to leave the job site for the trail head.” Blending production accessories available through Chevrolet dealers and concept components under evaluation for future production, the Silverado Polaris ACE+ concept conveys the ruggedness of today’s outdoorsmen. Its ready-for-anything stance is driven by large, 33-inch–by-12.5-inch off-road tires mounted on Chevrolet Accessories 22-inch aluminum wheels, while concept fender flares enhance the truck’s broad-shouldered appearance. Additional exterior features include a concept bed-mounted sports bar with custom LED lighting and a concept front nudge bar. The cargo bed also features the available, spray-on bedliner – with the Chevy bowtie logo – that’s offered on all Silverado models for 2015. A black exterior, with blacked-out trim, is accented with graphics coordinated with the Polaris ACE. Inside, the concept truck features leather-trimmed seating and the latest connectivity features offered across the Silverado lineup, including MyLink enhancements with Text Messaging Alerts, Siri Eyes Free and new, available OnStar with 4G LTE and standard built-in Wi-Fi hotspot. It provides a mobile hub for drivers and passengers to stay connected (includes a three-month/three-gigabyte data trial) – a particularly helpful feature out on the trail. Under the hood, the Silverado Polaris ACE+ concept sports the EcoTec3 5.3L V-8, which features direct injection, continuously variable valve timing and Active Fuel Management (cylinder deactivation) to help generate 355 horsepower and 383 lb.-ft. of torque. The engine’s advanced technologies also enable an EPA-estimated 23 mpg on the highway (2WD models), giving Silverado the best V-8 highway efficiency in the segment. Engine performance is enhanced with concept air-induction and exhaust systems, while braking performance is enhanced with a concept Brembo brake package featuring large, 16-inch slotted front rotors matched with six-piston calipers and high-performance brake pads. The concept and performance components don’t alter the capability of the Silverado, which includes a maximum payload capacity of 2,100 pounds for crew cab/6-foot-by-6-inch box configurations with the 5.3L engine and 4WD – and a trailering capacity of 10,800 pounds. When equipped with the available 6.2L engine and Max Trailering Package, the maximum trailering capability for the 2015 Silverado 1500 increases to 12,000 pounds.
  18. The GearOn system is featured throughout the Colorado Sport. The concept is essentially made from accessories available at a local dealer. Chevy has engineered the new 2015 Colorado to be very accessory friendly. This concept highlights and includes; Assist steps Cargo rings Splash guards Tiered storage Bike rack Cargo divider Wheel lip moldings I just shared my first drive thoughts on the 2015 Colorado and Canyon after driving them this week. We'll also be posting live from SEMA in November and will report on everything GM is up to. Look for Chevy and GMC to announce more of these special SEMA Concepts in the next few weeks. “It’s not just mountain bikes, but just about any passion you can name, from kayaking, fishing, dirt bikes and more,” said Tony Johnson, Colorado marketing manager. “It’s a truck for those who need the versatility of a pickup to support their work and lifestyle interests, but don’t need a full-size truck to do it.”
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