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  1. Thanks! Yeah it's been a long winter of squirreling away parts, haha. I've got a 2 inch level on the front right now. I go back and forth on whether I want to drop it 2 inches.
  2. Updates- Swapped Borg turbo for a Comp Turbo 7275 oil-less. Stage 3 Snow Performance Methanol Injection kit Headers Circle D Pro 3000 stall converter Trans cooler 12 lb wastegate Yukon Duragrip Posi and G2 diff cover Much bigger front mount intercooler Hurst line lock Electronics assist kill switch Boost gauge Cal Tracs traction bars Driveshaft loop Fabricated air box/splash guard Cal Tracs traction bars Driveshaft loop Dyno-ed at 600whp
  3. There are 12 bolts on the cover of my 2018 sierra 1500 5.3's rear. Does that by default mean I have a 9.5 differential? I hate asking the internet but I've spent hours googling and I'm getting so much conflicting info. Normally I can cross check enough sources and figure out what fits. Some vehicle specific sites are pointing me at the 8.5 which doesn't seem correct. I'm doing a posi by the way. Should be pretty sweet. Thanks for your time.
  4. Calvert racing, ordered them direct. The Cal Trac bars seem to get nothing but unconditional love online. The idea makes a lot of sense to me, plus it's all of 3 bolts to get each side so no big deal. If you haven't noticed it already because you're still in break in, things might get a little funky in certain situations at full throttle. My uneducated guess is that the housing and leafs are going from twisted to suddenly rebounding hard during the shift, and when it's back in gear I'm not only slamming the axle with peak boost and power, I'm at best having to wasting energy to re-wrapping
  5. I love this. So much for the "sleeper" idea with that hockey jersey sized 7-0 ?????? . But damn right people better know what they're dealing for what you put in to this! I'd do the exact same. Let's run em this Summer. In NH... because, well, your State Troopers are dicks about this sorta thing. Or we've got the Epping drag strip.
  6. Let us know when you try with your badass (non) build, CombsL83.... ??
  7. Gonna be insane. Can't wait to see the numbers. Sounds great.
  8. Love your build dude. It really came together. Yeah the traction in 2wd forget it this time of year. No f-ing way. The wide summer tires I had on for all of 2 weeks before it started snowing helped tremendously but I'm back on the stock a/ts. What are you doing for axle wrap? The bottom plate is gonna be pointed at your oil pan with all that hp... hahah. But seriously it's been a noticeable issue even with my current power level so I hope the caltrac bars I just got but haven't installed yet fix it.
  9. Hey bud! She's doing great. Got the cam in, making a hair under 500 wheel. I got meth installed at the same time, but the boost controller died somewhere between James and Alex, so that needs to be replaced and then we'll turn up the boost and retune. I'm waiting till the new year to get it done because it's a far haul from me to James, but we'll get that hammered out soon. I saw you have updates on your page, heading there now.
  10. That’s the right question to ask because I’ve been thinking about it. I’m only mildly concerned... meaning that I plan on keeping an eye on when we get to mud season and the snow turns to slush. Mainly for splashes, it’s tucked up above the frame so deep snow doesn’t worry me at all. I think worst case would be affixing a splash shield below it if I ever find it’s getting mucked up. And yes, price is on point. 700 dollars of that is going to be the dyno tune. Well worth it imo. You’ll have the fastest truck you know.
  11. Thank you for serving the nation. Ok let me edit and rephrase my smart ass reply - I think you’re out of your depth and in a poor position to set an incorrect narritive about a local business owner when other people who have worked with him directly are telling you that you are off base. If you don’t want to work with them, I assure you they have all the business they can handle anyway. Any time I go in there they’ve got at least a million dollars of msrp getting work done. They had a trackhawk in, getting BETTER not long ago. He has a camaro ZL1 in for an engine swap by a guy who
  12. Exhaust manifold and y pipe are stock, I'm sure you can keep it quiet-ish if that's what you're going for. But the turbo itself is loud, you'll hear all the whistle.
  13. Easiest is to check out my build page - It's short, and the turbo build starts the middle of page 1. Still need to update with my new wheels/tires. I'm thrilled with the results. I'm have a 5.3 and had some minor bolt-ons and a a remote tune... dyno-ed at 318whp before the turbo. 450Whp and 490wt after. It's a monster. The only downside is turbo lag in comparison to a supercharger, but you can turn the power up higher with a turbo.
  14. Please tell me you're basing it on more than this.
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