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  1. Last pic. Only thing I think I want to do (and I hate that I want to do anything because it's definitely not lacking anything for what I wanted) in the future, is a regear. I was wanting that anyway. Now it just seems even more right. She especially likes to dance at the top end. If I lived in Texas or something, the 3.42 gearing and going 140 would be awesome. But in NH, I'll die, so I'd rather move that power curve to the left some. Maybe 5.13s.
  2. Thanks Marv! Real fun...
  3. Oh yeah, 4wd gets used only when the plow doesn't come... haha. No worries about the clearance.
  4. So I went to Granite State Dyno about a Whipple supercharger. James over there asked me a bunch of good questions, and said he had this idea. In a nutshell, it's a rear (mid?) mounted borg warner turbo... beautifully piped to a front mounted intercooler. Great great work by these guys. That trick little catch can is one of my favorite parts...haha. Down to brass tax... she makes 451whp/494wtq. Sounds incredible. Saved me a bunch of money vs the Whipple. Keeps my engine bay open so getting in there to work stays easy. Now that it's in and the car is tuned for it, I'd even say it's driveway serviceable (to a novice like me) more the most part, which is great.
  5. Well, things have been happening. First off, Tire Rack didn't have the wheels I ordered, and I never got around to getting a new set, as I got distracted by this other thing. So... the other thing -
  6. I’m passing with my time with Natty Daddy bender because she’s still not ready. It’s not cooperating at the top of the gears.... likely a spark gap issue. I think about how annoyed my wife has been... but she’s a SAHM, and not pregnant... Man, good luck and WATCH OUt! Hahaha
  7. Oh yea, and waiting by the phone today like a chick waiting for a second date. It’s Dyno Day in Hudson!
  8. I may just have to look into said 427 for my 13 Tahoe with close to 200k on the clock
  9. I hadn't thought about it until you mentioned it... Maybe that'll be my next move!
  10. Congrats on your "other" new addition (and not the one for the truck! haha)! Hey if ever there was a day you could talk your way out of a speeding ticket in the upgraded truck, that's the day! I'm shooting for 500 if the stock fuel delivery system can send enough gas. And if it can't I guess I'm replacing some more parts until it does. I was at 316 on their dyno last week from just my driveway mods.
  11. Hahaha that's great, I'm the same way with my own work, I understand totally! He's been great about sending me pics along the way. Thanks for trying! I'm turning 40 and I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas to come. Oh no, I'm not falling for it... I'm not gonna be the first one to comment on your shaft!
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