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  1. ShortyMatt's Reg Cab Sierra 1500

    Oh, and we have a pet goose who thinks her best friend lives in my chrome bumper.
  2. Greetings. New guy here, so please freely call me out an any forum missteps. I started out with a base model 2018 GMC Sierra 4wd, regular cab, standard bed. It has a snow plow package and 3.42 gears. Onyx Black. No frills. I'll try and remember the order in which I did everything. All work do date has been done in my driveway, which I'm reasonably proud of because I work a job where I mostly send emails and sit in meetings. -- Debadging happened the first day of ownership... just my thing, costs nothing. -- Blacked out my front badge with with plasti dip -- Removed the air dam -- Cover King carpeted dash mat added, in the color of 'wine'. -- Cover King saddle blanket seat covers added in wine/whiteish.... returned after about a month because they were coming apart at the seams in a quite literal sense. Back to my grey cloth seats. -- Added a Rough Country 2 inch level (those cheap spacer things that are shaped like 'C' -- Brow tint on the windshield and multiple layers of Collinite way done by Motoring Images in Lee NH (ok, this wasn't in my driveway) -- Airaid modular intake and filter added. Sounds great, I'm a fan. -- Borla ATAK cat back system with polished tips. Sounds wonderful. -- Diablo Intune3 handheld tuner, custom (non dyno, remote) tuned further for 91+ and some extra oomph by Lew. -- Mudflaps installed and ultimately removed because they were the no drill kind and drilling would have helped from losing one in a carwash or who knows where, so those are gone.
  3. Oh 100%. I don’t have one yet. I’ll get some pics together and get that done. I just love these trucks. I’m so happy I went with a reg cab.
  4. I settled on 295 50s on chrome 20x9s with a +18 offset. General summer performance tires. I also booked 3 weeks of work in July and put in a parts deposit on something special. But I’ll keep that under wraps ‘till my dyno day........... which is the day before my 40th birthday. 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😀😀
  5. Marv88 2016 Silverado LS Regular Cab 5.3L

    Marv, I can't adequately express how similar our tastes are. I didn't look at all 29 pages of this yet... I smiled as you blacked out your front badge... nearly spit out my drink when I saw you got a bed rug. By the end of the summer, I'll be adding a bed rug too. I'm next to positive someone must have asked you this already but being that I'm amazed you not only got a tire that wide to fit, but did so on a dropped truck... how does it NOT rub something? With as good as it looks I wouldn't even care about rub... I want to eventually take out my 2 inch front level and drop the back. Thanks man, Matt --------EDIT------- FOUND MY ANSWER ON YOUR WHEELS.... can't hardly believe it, but I love it!
  6. Thanks guys! Great info. Marv, you got me on the standard bed part! Haha, one of those things I always forget. Hey your setup looks killer! The only reason I was thinking 19's was a worry that the bigger I go on the wheel size the stiffer the ride gets and up goes the frequency of my back end hopping around. In practice I'm sure I'm overthinking it... trucks with the stock suspension are gonna hop no matter what probably. I'm going to go over and check out your build thread right now. The big wheels look really good. Matt
  7. Hey guys. I’m Matt. I’m in New Hampshire. I have a single cab short bed sierra wt that I’ve been adding goodies to as I go. Love the truck. Fast, loud, debadged the way I like it. My end game is a GMC version of the Ford Lightening. But I’ve got wt wheels on it now, a/t tires at that. All the big wheel and tire packages seem geared to mud, etc. I dont know beans about wheels and offset and all that... but can I get a wheel that’ll support something like a 300+ wide summer tire on 19’s? And I want to keep my 32(31?) inch tires. I just want fast lockup, burnouts are cool and all, but speed is better. Thanks a lot for letting me in the group. Matt

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