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  1. That’s the right question to ask because I’ve been thinking about it. I’m only mildly concerned... meaning that I plan on keeping an eye on when we get to mud season and the snow turns to slush. Mainly for splashes, it’s tucked up above the frame so deep snow doesn’t worry me at all. I think worst case would be affixing a splash shield below it if I ever find it’s getting mucked up. And yes, price is on point. 700 dollars of that is going to be the dyno tune. Well worth it imo. You’ll have the fastest truck you know.
  2. Thank you for serving the nation. Ok let me edit and rephrase my smart ass reply - I think you’re out of your depth and in a poor position to set an incorrect narritive about a local business owner when other people who have worked with him directly are telling you that you are off base. If you don’t want to work with them, I assure you they have all the business they can handle anyway. Any time I go in there they’ve got at least a million dollars of msrp getting work done. They had a trackhawk in, getting BETTER not long ago. He has a camaro ZL1 in for an engine swap by a guy who thinks GSD can do it better and is basically firesaling a 650 hp engine. They don’t need your support, but what you’re doing is libelous when you state incorrect/incomplete information in a factual way.
  3. Exhaust manifold and y pipe are stock, I'm sure you can keep it quiet-ish if that's what you're going for. But the turbo itself is loud, you'll hear all the whistle.
  4. Easiest is to check out my build page - It's short, and the turbo build starts the middle of page 1. Still need to update with my new wheels/tires. I'm thrilled with the results. I'm have a 5.3 and had some minor bolt-ons and a a remote tune... dyno-ed at 318whp before the turbo. 450Whp and 490wt after. It's a monster. The only downside is turbo lag in comparison to a supercharger, but you can turn the power up higher with a turbo.
  5. Please tell me you're basing it on more than this.
  6. I'm curious as to your expertise on this matter. In your opinion, how many years of lurking on truck forums equals one year of professional wrenching?
  7. Based on my understanding of this build, that's not the issue. If I'm correct, DenaliX14 sourced this big ass engine and most of the trimmings himself after the 6.2 blew up. On the gasket, all that happened was he spaced having to order a new one. Like the man said, this is very much an owner driven build. It started with a stock engine, about 5 years into its life if my math serves me, and along the way our friend decides he wants to be doing wheelies in the truck on 495, so up up up goes the power. He was trying for 800 wheel, which means 1000 at the crank. Nobody KNOWS what's going to happen at that power level. Anybody can second guess after something went wrong, but the shop wasn't the only one driving the build, and forum information is no substitute for actual performance work experience, which I assure you this shop has in spades. Ask questions by all means, but anybody who would take a shot at this shop's experience, knowledge and professionalism is off base. I've had nothing but good experiences with them.
  8. If you want to pay $90k for a trackhawk and that represents value to you, go ahead. I paid $30k for the exact truck I wanted, and where it sits now, I'm less than 40k in truck that will blow the doors off any OEM truck ever produced. And I can have 2 of them for less than the price of a Shelby F150. To each his own.
  9. Oh one more thing about black trucks. Nobody but us owners see the inevitable eventual imperfections. The color is that good that your friends and family will just see the shine.
  10. If you have a means of cleaning it regularly. And by that I mean at least weekly, and don’t rely on plans to wash it yourself. It is a process and a half that matters most on this color. You won’t have time for it. What I would ideally do would be a weekly handwash at a place that does high end cars. What I do in practice, because I live in the sticks, is a montly limitless machine wash card, using it 20 plus times a month, at the place between my house and the office. I wax with collinite 4 times a year. I factor in a paint correction once every two years. I LOVE my black truck. Imo, it’s worth the effort.
  11. 295/50/20 General Grabber UHPs on cheapish 20x9 Chinese rims that were just the look I was going for.
  12. I'll add one thing - So you know how you're flooded with gifts of baby clothes right now? Take everything that's not fastened with either velcro, or a zipper, and SET IT ASIDE. At 3AM, speed is your friend, and buttons are the devil.
  13. Last pic. Only thing I think I want to do (and I hate that I want to do anything because it's definitely not lacking anything for what I wanted) in the future, is a regear. I was wanting that anyway. Now it just seems even more right. She especially likes to dance at the top end. If I lived in Texas or something, the 3.42 gearing and going 140 would be awesome. But in NH, I'll die, so I'd rather move that power curve to the left some.
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