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  1. When you turn the engine over does the check engine light stay on? It is possible a sensor could be damaged or has come loose. Or it may be a fuse. check your fuse box, Break fluid in the reservoir, make sure you don’t see wires hanging around the wheels near connectors. look under your driver side frame rail at this cluster *attached. (Electro-Hydrolic control unit) it controls virtually all breaking and stability functions. make sure Nothing is unplugged or damaged. start there or just call the tuner.
  2. I’m In New England. It’s the same here. I try to take it inside every night when I get home. I end up going to my local range no-weekly and take a field day once a month to keep them clean. even through difficult gun laws him my state, as long as it’s not in my lap I can keep a number of my SBR’s in my cab.
  3. Ah copy. I understand. I keep a few go bags too. Especially the KRIS VECTOR (.9mm) under my bench seat. Thank you for your service. I’m retired Navy (medically). You said “Military Medic” Army? you really can’t be too careful these days. Especially with mass shooting nearly every week!
  4. I ended up deleting my response. It’s not worth it feeding trolls. The guys black FRS had a turbo too, which is why I was amused. im also looking forward to the final tune. Getting it done next weekend. I really just going to be excited to WOT and see what it can really do.
  5. Beautiful truck!! Out of sheer ignorance, what are these extensive trauma bags for exactly? Are you a first responder or planning on a head on collision with the local track and field team?
  6. @Denali34 thank you! @kenny_r I hear that. I was hesitant to badge it. I was on the fence for two paths. De-badge or get something unique. The GMC Kodiak is a unique truck trim and not many people swap into a bigger engine. (That I’m aware of). I figured I’d go the unique badging way. I am considering getting all new badges so they’re uniform.
  7. Here are a couple of quick Videos. A warm start, some driving and a boost gauge video. Once I get the final tuning and tweaking done I will start some more comprehensive videos. Launching, racing etc. Warm Start: Boost Gauge and turbo spooling: Short Driving video:
  8. I stand by it every time. Wait till Black Friday. Go onto Whipple's website and purchase a Whipple kit w/programer ($5,500). Spend a weekend installing and BAM you have yourself a completely different animal.
  9. 100% Sending it to Alex in a couple weeks for final tweaking. Trying to find a shop to build the 6L80E for me. Needs to hold 900+
  10. You can purchase the muffler by itself. If you’re looking for bargain prices try the for sale forums. I see a lot of them in there.
  11. I purchased the Corsa Sport exhaust system. It was ridiculously loud for me. Before swapping to a 7.0 I had the 6.2L. Drone was not bad but the exhaust note made me feel like I was killing small animals as I rode around. I ended up keeping the Piping, cut out the muffler and used a Flowmaster pro series 3.5" in/out slip style. I was very happy with the purchase. Aggressive at WOT, rumble at idle and sounded great revving and zero drone. Here is the video of a cold start with the pro series. The temp is approximately 30 degrees F.
  12. Some folks are brand new to the Truck game. Or brand new to the Truck modding scene. Some are even new to online forums as a resource. Therefore knowing where to start can be tough. Sure, you can just go on google and search "Performance Truck Parts" or specifically your "year/make/model/engine + performance". The problem there is you don't know what you're going to get or how credible. We have a lot of Veteran members here whom have done it to their rides and carry a wealth of knowledge. It was actually a very smart tactic to come in and ask for opinions. I certainly have made 30,000 mistakes with my truck and will certainly voice my opinion for those who want to get more out of their "baby". If you're not aloud to ask questions what's the point of having a "FORUM". *(a place, meeting, or medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged)*
  13. Back to the original topic and ask. . . . I know I've said it in dozens of posts. It is much cheaper, safer and more reliable to just SC your truck. Coming from experience you'll easily save $24,000... Here are websites I've used for parts and information getting into the GM Gen V platform. https://www.onallcylinders.com. This is an awesome site to look at specific engines, their specs and some build suggestions. https://www.gmpartsdirect.co/auto-parts/2014/gmc/sierra-1500/denali-trim/6-2l-v8-gas-engine Great for stock parts or some budget friendly upgrades like Injectors, fuel pumps etc. https://www.carid.com/2014-gmc-sierra-denali-accessories/#spb_exterioraccessories Great resource for ALL types of parts for ALL types of vehicles. https://www.jegs.com. and/or https://www.summitracing.com Perfect for sourcing anything stock or aftermarket. I usually purchase my Oil and Meth (Boost Juice) from here. https://www.texas-speed.com pioneers in many GM LS based items. Top or bottom end solutions. https://gwatneyperformance.com Great for some really niche solutions such as true drop in piston/rod combos that will bulletproof your Gen V Block. https://www.briantooleyracing.com Classic resource for cams and fuel management delete kits. https://www.rockauto.com/?a=G rock bottom prices and a good source for replacement parts. Here are some popular power adder websites: http://performancefueled.com/trick-performance-turbo-kits/ trick turbo system https://whipplesuperchargers.com Whipple SC's https://treperformance.com This is the best site I've found for prochargers, upgraded components and price of kits. I'm sure I've missed things, this should be a great springboard for anyone wanting to look into upgrades.
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