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  1. I found out GM's L86 stock rod bearings don't like 850+ crank power. I'm not worried about it at this point. The new block is rated for 1,200 wheel. It's nearly finished. Need to finish a few more bolt-ons then back into the truck it goes.
  2. Correct. It was to portray the sound of a ****ed lifter. If his doesn't sound like that it's probably the injectors.
  3. I’m planning on ordering; The level 4 rebuild kit from PATC and add the billet planet drums. Their is a racing shop Jannetty Racing in CT that can rebuild it and tune it. It should hold 1200HP at this point. I don’t plan on racing it. It I do plan on surprising the hell out of a bunch of super cars, motorcycles and other various folks at car shows and events. also, it’s pretty bad ass to say “Oh this truck..yeah um It has like..... 1000wheel horse power”,
  4. Mine had 2w 4w 4H & 4L. Not sure if it matters since it’s usually set to 2wd unless it’s raining/snowing.
  5. I wish I had the 8L. I wouldn't have to worry too much. But, such is life.
  6. After 2015 the retired the 6L80E/6L90 and went to the 8L90
  7. Got 16 QTS of Driven LS30 race oil delivered and transported to the shop. Getting closer.
  8. Heads and exhaust manifolds are back on. Should have a running truck by next week.
  9. Here is a video look at (.30) time it's exactly what the tick sounds like.
  10. Depends on how loud the *Tick* is, if it's all over or just one side. If you stood in front of your open engine bay blindfolded with the engine running could you point in one direction where the sound is coming from or does it sound like it's just radiating all over. The lifter/pushrod sound, when a lifter fails, sounds a lot like if you took a plastic pen and tapped it very hard on a counter top. FYI you can always remove your valve cover and press on the rocker arm to test if you have a lose one. see below.
  11. give the brotha or sista a break. he likes to read n'search n'stuff.
  12. Good to know. I was worrying about it. I’m actually relieved to hear someone has put down the same range of power and it still stands let alone over 36k miles. Thank you!!
  13. I don't blame you. I felt the same way. I ended up thinking well, I don't have a payment so I could finance another truck and eventually go through the same sh$t or... Spend a little less and get the truck/performance vehicle I've always wanted. It's all leather, heated/cooled seats, all the options for a Denali and I can always upgrade the electronics to current standards (which I still need to do). I'm not saying it's for everyone. Sometimes it's the best "out"!
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