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  1. Have you done anything to the block? Rods, journals, bearings, or pistons? I wouldn’t be pushing it much past 550 WHP. My first L86 spun 3 rod bearings at the high 500’s. Diamond or Gwatney performance makes a great drop in kit to bulletproof your block to 1000 crank. that being said, if you want to push the HP you need to upgrade your low, high side pumps, get a 30% fuel lobe camshaft and drop in the LT4 injectors.
  2. You run out of fuel with stock injectors around 550-600 hp without a supplemental fuel source like meth or E85.
  3. It replaces your intake pump (low side). If you want even more flow you can replace your high side pump to a high flow one. You can get these from GM parts direct or any equivalent site. Search a 2018 Corvette fuel pump. Select any trim that has a supercharger. a company called wildhammer.com sells a kit for injectors, pump and fuel line. goturbo.net has the fuel pump for your tank
  4. Was caught in a nor’easter. 8” of snow on top of ice was not helpful, even in 4 wheel. Truck slid sideways down a hill and I couldn’t get it to turn the corner. Slid right into trees. I was only going approximately 40 mph. trying to buy it back. Waiting on title.
  5. Yes i did. Under vacuum it would pull more HP. Since I’m forced via a Turbo it really doesn’t matter for me.
  6. This is a GM GEN 5 LT block out of a 2014 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali. It was replaced by a Texas Speed re-sleeved 427. Truck had around 64,000 miles when It came out. Perfect canvas for your next project. I'm in Central MA and can meet most anywhere in New England. PM for more info. Asking $950 obo.
  7. Diamond/BTR Piston Set - Gen 5 LT1/LT4. 4.065" Bore For STOCK CRANK and RODS. 10:7:1 SCR. PN 801BTR. 3D milling on piston crowns for ready to install finish • Piston crowns designed to work with OEM direct injection • Inboard forging design for maximum strength • Valve pockets designed to work with most aftermarket cylinder heads • Offset pins for quiet operation • Moly skirt coating for friction loss and skirt wear protection • Top ring down dimension: .300” • Ratios figured for .053” head gasket • Premium 1.2mm/1.2mm/3.0mm ring package included • Premium 8620 .180W wrist pins chamfered for roundwire locks included • Valve pocket depth: 0.200” intake and .200” exhaust • 2618 material for high horsepower, nitrous, and forced induction applications PM for more photos. Rods are stock 6.125 GM LT1's. Rod Bolts are ARPs. Selling for $600.00 obo. Will ship to you (you pay the shipping). I'm in Central MA and can meet most anywhere in New England.
  8. The dealer is full of crap. Don't trust the garbage they tell you. The repair should only take you 1 hour. https://www.gmpartsdirect.co/oem-parts/gm-converter-and-pipe-22948166/?c=Zz1leGhhdXN0LXN5c3RlbSZzPWV4aGF1c3QtY29tcG9uZW50cyZpPUdDMTUyNjU1JnI9MSZhPWdtYyZvPXNpZXJyYS0xNTAwJnk9MjAxNCZ0PWRlbmFsaSZlPTYtMmwtdjgtZ2Fz Click the link and it's your Y-Pipe. Loosen and remove the flange bolts, loosen the flex pipe clamp and remove the assembly and replace with new one. It's SUPER easy.
  9. Yeah, I've seen these too. They are pretty nice and work well. Goat Garage did a nice work up on them.
  10. I didn’t say Gwatney ports the TB. I just stated I had one too. It does wonders for my set up. I thought about the high ram from Holley. It just does t make sense for me. I don’t race my truck. Just an enthusiast with a hankering for power.
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