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  1. I’m glad it all wrapped up! Looks super clean sir. I bet it slaps a huge smile on your face at WOT!!! We’ll have to grab lunch one day when mine gets done!
  2. It's a monster for sure! Can't wait to get it all put back together. I'm actually going to keep it around 650-700 HP until I get a new built Transmission. Not sure if I'm going to send mine in or just get a built one from somewhere. Needs to hold at least 1000hp.
  3. This is the new block. Came in Wednesday. Re-sleeved 6.2 over- bored to 7.0 (427 cid). All forged for boost application. TSP Super I-beam boost specific rods, Texas speed crank shaft and Wiseco boost pistons. Yeahhhhhh buddy.
  4. haha, no joke. Block got delivered today. IT"S A BEAST. Still no baby. We're due Saturday though. We'll see.
  5. super easy to install. It's a BEAST!! you'll love it. super smooth. Held up until my block broke lol.
  6. DUDE, what did you end up with? The block is shipped and will be here WEDNESDAY!! And the Wife is having contractions lol. ALL THE THINGS!
  7. The block can handle 1000 hp, the rotating assembly can NOT handle over 600 reliably. It is a ticking time bomb. I've seen them take 750 and I've seen them detonate at 550 (for trucks). It's really the Pistons & Rods.
  8. Short Block order is processed and in the queue. Waiting to see when it will be assembled and shipped. Just ordered a few badges for the truck. (2) 7.0L and a 427 high performance. I want it to be subtle yet recognizable.
  9. I think you can buy these trucks from Beachmont ford in OH. You can get a mustang, F150's etc. They have warranty supercharged vehicles. Pretty sweet. I can't wait to get this all done. It's been a rollercoaster for sure.
  10. Not my preferred option however, it will be the smartest route at this point. TY American dream (#Credit cards). I'll post pics of the block when I get it. Should be 2-3 weeks. Oh.....we should be in the 10's alllllll day.
  11. Thank you! IT happens. I fixed the issue. Got a new Texas Speed built small block. Ought to fix that $15.00 bearing........!
  12. No sir. It was my corner to cut and unfortunately I did. Just ordered a short block from Texas speed and performance. 427 CID. Handles over 1200 wheel HP. It’s on now!!
  13. I appreciate the insight. I will be digging in. I’ve spent a lot of money on this build and am not in the habit of throwing money I don’t have away. The build section that lists the parts just says “forged”. The LT1/LT4/L86 uses the same block casting, forged crank shaft and I-beams. The aftermarket, with the rotating assembly, are the diamond pistons. I have a 2014 GM block that was produced in 2013. It is likely to have experienced a “spun bearing” which is entirely possible. At any rate we won’t know until it is pulled. I believe I’m going to end up getting a new rotating assembly and a machine shop will assemble.
  14. What makes you say they botched the build? stock camshaft, connecting rods and bearings. What should they tolerate up too?
  15. Well, I can tell you that the Rod bearings are not good after 650 WHP. Just broke on the Dyno around 720+ish. Looks like we're pulling the engine again. Since they're going to pull my block I think I'll go for a MSD atomic intake with katech 103MM. If that's the case would you want to buy my L86 manifold and Lingenfelter tb? All one unit. plug and chug.
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