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  1. GM 2014 6.2L Parts for Sale

    Hey all, SOLD: Diablo sport tuner AFE CAI TSP Headers Available (Has interest) Cylinder heads Cam Radiator Available (negotiable "obo") Kooks Headers Pistons
  2. Turbo 6.2 almost done!!

    That’s where I’m at. I can’t wait for the first time a squad of 4-bangers come rolling up and I drop into 15lbs boost and 750+ whp. Or the first super car on the Pike comes screaming up and break loose at 85mph. Let’s goo!
  3. Turbo 6.2 almost done!!

    I'm super excited. We really have ZERO idea what it will do on the Dyno. Going to start a Pool on TQ and HP. Will start taking bets. $5 a square.
  4. Turbo 6.2 almost done!!

    Intercooled and BOV is done. The two catch cans are done. Turbo is all snug in its blanket. Just have the 4” exhaust, Armageddon fuel pump and a few snugging up to do and it’s on to tuning. So so excited for this to come alive. Granite State Dyno and Tune in NH are just killing it.
  5. Turbo 6.2 almost done!!

    Meth kit in.
  6. Nice try...

    Please don't try to hack me. I keep all my personal financial secrets, profiles and passwords on this particular forum. . .
  7. Here is a 2014+ GM 1500 HOW TO: Remove Fuel Injectors If you haven't already look at the HOW TO: Remove the Air box and the Intake Manifold topics Disconnect Battery terminal remove air box assembly remove intake manifold release any built up pressure by unscrewing the fuel filler cap. Remove the foam insulator pad Disconnect the Fuel injector connectors Remove mounting bolts on fuel rail. Remove fuel rail with injectors Using snap ring pliers remove the ring around the injector remove injector replace with unnecessarily high flowing injectors Have fun!! If these are helpful let me know what guides you'd like me to post.
  8. Hey guys here is another HOW TO. I've seen a lot of questions for these but not actual HOW TO's. Hope these help Disconnect Battery Terminal Remove Air BOX assembly. Unplug MAP sensor Unplug EVAP solenoid (Picture is 5.3 L, the 6.2 {L86} is on the throttle body) Pull the wire-harness off the Plastic intake cover. Remove Throttle Body (4 bolts) Or disconnect Throttle Body wire. Remove the intake manifold bolts 1/4 turn at a time until you can loosen and remove by hand. (see diagram for pattern). A little trick for the number 7 Bolt, get a deep well socket and place on bolt, then put the ratchet on the socket and loosen. When re-installing the manifold follow the pattern in two torque specs. Step 1 44 in-lbs Step 2 89 in-lbs
  9. Always Start with disconnecting Battery Terminal. REMOVE AIR BOX ASSEMBLY. Disconnect Vacuum push connections A's. Unscrew Air Box from Throttle body. Pull away from Manifold. 4. Unscrew MAF using Torques bit. 5. Pull up on red tab on MAF. Press and pull up to remove. 6. Unscrew C-clamp on filter box and remove assembly.
  10. GM 2014 6.2L Parts for Sale

    This 4.88 mb restriction is awful.
  11. Worst day ever

    Oh just grab a few buddies and follow someone with the same rims. When they leave the vehicle .......NASCAR that sh!t. Done and done.

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