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  1. Yeah, I have read that these motors are fine supercharged for awhile. I know the piston and rings were not meant for the boost. I have the AFM Disabled. The truck put down 500 hp to the wheels. I am going to run 5W-30 and no more 0w-20, too thin!
  2. yeah I found a guy on youtube that had did a k&N filter for the oil fill cap and as well as for the other valve cover. I am going to install those. But I am still not sure why the catch can has so much oil in it.
  3. Yes, I installed it. I'm almost 100 percent positive to hooked all the PCV lines up properly, I checked and checked many of times. I guess what I can do Is take it to a local shop that installs these kits and have them look over the PCV system to make sure it was all done correctly. I did a Compression check and all cylinders were 190-200. So It is definetly not low on compression.
  4. The passenger valve cover breather tube is routed into the intake tube, Then the driver side tube off of the valve cover is routed into the catch can, and then the other hose from the catch can goes into the side of the charger. I will get pictures. I am running 0-20, I want to run 5W-30.
  5. My rear main seal keeps blowing out on my 2017 GMC 6.2. The truck has a 56,000 miles on it. The charger has been on it for 4,000 miles. Why does it keep blowing the rear main seal? I put a catch can on it and it still blew the seal. The catch can grabs about 5 ounces of oil for about 100 miles. That seems like alot. I have to constantly keep an eye on the motor oil. I am going to do a compression check on the motor to make sure the rings are not shot. Could it be a problem with the PCV system? PCV Valve not opening? Any input helps a bunch. Thanks.
  6. I have not talked with them about it. I will give them a call and see what they say.
  7. I have a 2017 GMC Sierra 6.2 with a whipple charger and a mighty mouse catch can. I noticed that within 100 miles i had about 3 ounces of oil already. Is that a lot of oil or is that normal? That seemed like a lot to me. Truck has 55k on it and the charger has only been on a few thousand miles. Could the piston rings already be shot and oil is escaping past the rings? Thanks
  8. I have a mighty mouse catch can. I haven’t installed it yet though.
  9. How do I know whats going on with the PCV system? Or what causes the PCV System to not work properly?
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