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  1. I bought a Wild Mighty Mouse Catch Can for my 2017 GMC Sierra 6.2, I am not sure if I need to cap off any of the hoses on the supercharger? I know one hose goes to the valley port. and the other hose goes to the valve cover. But I have seen in pictures that one of the hoses is removed and a plug is installed on the charger. Thanks
  2. Yeah its a Gen 4 whipple 2.9 water to air intercooler. And I figured it would be more useful with a higher boost application. Thanks
  3. No block has been untouched. I am probably pushing it with where I am at now. Good to know. Ill check them out for future when things break haha. I do need to get Transmission tuning on it. Also trying to figure out of I need the mighty mouse mild or wild catch can.
  4. Yeah i have a snows performance meth kit on it. But on the dyno my fuel pressure would drop off at the higher rpms. It helped alot with the AFRs though. They were high like 14 and the meth dropped it down to 12.5. But performance wise the meth did not do much unfortunately. 550-600 at crank or rear wheel? I know my fuel system is maxed. Desired fuel pressure was 2500 and it was at 1700 at peak rpm so it drops off. I wonder if i should put a bigger water meth nozzle in? I have a number 4 nozzle in which is 225 ML/Min. I could put a number 6 in it that i have which is 625ML which is quite a jump. So maybe a 5 nozzle at 375ML/Min
  5. I got a 2017 GMC Sierra with a 6.2 and a whipple blower. I was thinking about buying a unlocked TCM from HP tuners to tune the trans. Is it worth tuning the trans? To me it seems like it shifts fast as it is, but I know there is always room for improvement. I know on HP tuners I can buy the TCM unlocked and pre tuned from them.
  6. I Ended up putting the meth kit on. I had it dynoed today, and the meth did not really do anything. I put the correct size nozzle in and set it to come on at 2 psi and fully at 9 psi. Does meth not really work with a lower boost application? I was hoping it was going to help out at least a little. Maybe the truck was starting to heat soak.
  7. Did they have to do fuel upgrades for the 4'' pulley? I got a 17 6.2 with the whipple but it came with a 4.125'' pulley and want to go slightly smaller. Thanks
  8. Yeah you have a good point there as well. Definitely not designed for the boost to begin with.
  9. Yeah I would Definitely have to do Fuel upgrades for E85. I'm curious because some whipple kits I've seen on this forum have a 4'' pulley with their 6.2 and they say it came with the kit. So i wonder why mine has come with a 4.125? Could it be since its a CA Truck? Maybe the fueling is different or something?
  10. I got a 2017 GMC Sierra 6.2 with a whipple 2.9L. I want to do E85. I installed the sensor in the fuel line. Do I need to do any other fuel upgrades or does it only need the sensor? I know on the 5.3 it requires upgrades, Im not sure if the 6.2 has a better fuel system than 5.3 or is the same.
  11. yeah you make a good point. I have a dyno tune this saturday. Maybe I could slap it on there and see what the afr shows with the smaller pulley. I don't want to have to do fuel changes as of right now. Maybe down the road if i get bored. Ill ask whipple if i can run a 4'' without fuel upgrades.
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