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  1. What modification did you do to the bracket, and what size light bar are you using ?
  2. Well ended up installing an undercover swing case in the truck today
  3. Picked up an undercover swing case for Xmas. Now looking through I noticed it’s only held on by 6 self tapping screws. ive read some people use those self rappers with great success. But I’ve also read some places people have used regular nuts and bolts by going through the tail light and wheel well or use Rivnuts. what’s the best way of attaching this to the truck? pic for attention
  4. Ok can you clarify T1? Kind of new to the Chev/my world
  5. Thanks for posting the pics. Specially the ones from inside of the truck. Thinking about using pods that have side shooting amber led strobe lights. I am still trying to figure out where I am putting the switches though
  6. Interested in this as well. Following
  7. That’s cool. Can I ask you to take a couple more pictures. From inside of the truck. Hey would like to see how much these pods create a blind spot. I am guessing it’s not too much.
  8. Thanks for the info and the link for the YouTube video. did you need to mod your passenger side bracket to clear the cowling like in the video or has SDHQ fixed their design. Looks like in the video he was contacting one of the antenna stud mounting bolts that was creating his issue
  9. Canadian army i wish I could keep more of a truck gun packed away in that cab bag. But the towns and cities use too much salt in the winter here and the laws don’t really allow you to use it for anything other then hunting or plinking around at a range.
  10. The tan one is the trauma bag. The black one is general storage I am a military medic i tend to also have a bit of a black cloud that follows me around and tend to be around when ish hits the fan and like to be somewhat prepared
  11. Adding pictures of the Cab Bag and trauma bag
  12. Year: 2017 Make: chevrolet Model: Silverado LT 1500 z71 True North Edition Vehicle name: TBD Milage when bought 73 000 km(45 000 miles) so far not too many mods that I’ve done. Mostly doing research. exterior: -Fender flares unsure of what brand (Installed by precious owner) -tri fold cover(Installed by precious owner) -17” Procomp rims ( still looking for model and backspacing) -265/70/17 BFG KO2 Suspension/ Mechanical: -Some sort of levelling kit ( appears to have Rancho shocks on the rear axle. will look into this more in the spring) interior: -Installed 2 car seats and a high back booster -WeatherTech floor liners front and rear -Cab Bag Unser seat storage - trauma kit under other half of rear seat electrical: Ordered: To do: - Fab light bar mounts for inside the grill (something that will work around the adaptive shutter system) - Fab winch hidden winch mount - Rear bumper with recovery points and lights - Install ditch lights - Install wireless light control module - Swing box -and more to come. Just need to think of them
  13. Did you need to any modification to the cowling or the the bracket on the passenger side ?
  14. i seen a similar year Silverado with A pillar/ ditch lights mounted driving by the other day. I kind of liked the idea. since I absolutely hate the idea of people having a 50 " light bar on the top of the windshield. now brings my search for the brackets. and with the old google foo found hood hinge brackets that were $212 CAD and then there was some modifications that needed to be done. https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B01AT5J150/?coliid=I1RTJ64IO5AABL&colid=2W4VDCUHN82W9&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it found a set for $120 CAD plus shipping from Rago Fabrication https://www.ragofabrication.com/collections/chevy?page=2 and then the generic ones that you tighten set screws to clap onto the actual hood ( can you say destroy paint and invite rust) anybody else have any recommendations? or other options?
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