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  1. How are those step rails mounted. To the body or the frame of the truck? what company are they?
  2. I have a Bubba rope as well as a yellow snatch strap in my truck. As well as a couple soft shackles i avoid chains cause when they break they tend to go flying around. I’ve seen pieces of chain fly through windshields and tailgates.
  3. Once spring hits and it gets warmer I will most likely tear into this again and figure out a way to enable the clutch lever. But for right now it still works. Also goi g to be finding a new battery for the remote ( just in case)
  4. Your right. The one I have does come with a wireless remote. But some winches do not. As for the clutch lever I need to take a better look and see if I can fabricate something up
  5. The only down side to this is that I. Ant access the spool clutch to be able to free spool the line out unless I have the grill removed. And I would also recommend having a wireless controler set up as well
  6. I picked this winch specifically due to the synthetic line. The pros of synthetic is that it’s lighter and a bit safer if it snaps. In Canada the Costco sells this specific winch. So picked it up for $600 but it does come with steel cable
  7. Here is the link to the Rough Country website for the winch plate https://www.roughcountry.com/gm-hidden-winch-mounting-plate-11004.html?find=2017-chevy-silverado-1500-4wd-739399 and here are the other pics I took during the installation : as you can see below. You need to cut the tab off of the frame Ron then you attach the brackets i chose to attach the winch to the plate before mounting it to the truck
  8. Finally finished installing the Rough Country winch plate as well as the Runva 11000lb winch today
  9. Installed a Runva 11000 lb winch on a Rough Country winch plate
  10. Added a Uniden Bearcat CMX 760 in the arm rest of my 2017 1500 True North Edition. For the moment I am running a magnet mount on the roof of the truck, waiting for the rest of the pieces I need to attach a 2’ fire stick to my Magnum headache rack. Also shopping around for a small VHF/UHF radio that can fit right next to it i did manage to run the wires and Coax without needing to cut a hole at the bottom of the center console( found a panel that you can lift up to run your wiring as needed
  11. Started preparing to install a Rough Country hidden winch plate on my 2017 Silverado. first thing I test fit the inch on the attachment plate ( good thing. Cause ,y Runva 11000 lb winch didn’t fit. Had to trim 1/4” on each side of the plate to allow the winch to sit properly on the plate Both sides had similar contact points so a couple minutes of work with a disk grinder and everything is sitting properly and the winch is boldted in no more time to work on this for now. Will probably drill the holes in the frame for the attachment brackets tomorrow weather permitting
  12. It’s hard to keep any vehicle clean here in the winter. They throw down so much salt it’s ridiculous
  13. Y’a that’s around 30.2F the plan was to go to the local car wash and use the pressure washer to clean off some of the salt. Will resume hand washing the truck in the spring.
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