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  1. Just a thought, maybe change the title of the thread to show sold.
  2. Agreed, aFe and S&B make intakes. I'm looking to get the S&B intake soon for my 3.0. Also looking into the fuel filter mod. Other than that, the EPA has really killed the diesel tuning industry. There are guys on here that have replaced some of the hoses and what not, but not much in the way of gains. Banks has their PedalMaster, looks promising, but it's just a piggyback tuner, people say their butt dyno says there's more power. I never trust the butt dyno as I feel it's more of a wallet dyno. As in, "I spent money expecting more power, so therefore I feel more power."
  3. Bakersfield, kind of Central, kind of Southern.
  4. I've seen a few fog light kits on different sites, but yeah, warranty would be best. I wonder if a sealed headlight going out would be covered under a bump-to-bumper since it's not a maintenance-able part....hmm. I wonder.
  5. Thanks everyone I was just curious. I used to do all my own oil changes, but as my kids have gotten older and my work schedule more demanding, my weekends are not "my" weekends any longer, so having the normal services done on the vehicle have fallen to either my trusted mechanic, or the stealership. I haven't had any issues with my local dealership in the past. We used to have a Cadillac SRX, that we took to the dealership (same as the Chevy), never had an issue with them. They always offered a loaner car (cause it was Caddy), but the Chevy side did the service. Not that I'll be g
  6. What tire size did your truck come with and what size did you go to? May may need a calibration if you went to a larger size tire. The larger size will not only mess up your MPH, but also you MPG and shift points. If you went up, I would recommend this. It may get you those MPG's back.
  7. I have not, but I'm looking at the 6112's for the front and 5100's in the rear. The front end of my RST CCSB is just a little too squishy for me. Feels more like jumping on a pillow over bumps...like an old Cadillac kind of bobbing.
  8. Coming from a 2010 Toyota Tundra with retrofit HIDs, these lights are considerably better. My drive home from the dealership included some two lane mountain roads, and I could see everything in front and to the side of me. If I wanted more, turned on the brites. no problems. I did have a few people flashing their lights at me as they thought I was driving with my high beams on. I let them think I was a jerk, because I didn't want to cause an accident by flashing my high beams at them and freaking them out. I am now a little concerned about how long the lights will last. Obviously,
  9. I just bought my 2021 1500 RST Z71 3.0L Duramax. At the dealership they didn't say anything about included maintenance in the warranty or anything like that. I didn't buy the extended warranty or any other F&I plans that were offered as I find them to be ridiculously over priced and pure profit for the dealer (I'm not against profit, just shady profit). I'm wondering, does the purchase of my truck include any services for free? Like when I purchased my CPO Acadia a few years back it came with 3 oil changes. Do they still do that with new purchases of vehicles or am I smoking th
  10. $100 is $100, that's at least a tank of gas and lunch on GM. Why not. Especially if I don't have to take time out of my day and they can do it at my leisure and location.....works for me. I'll be waiting on my letter. How many miles do you have on the truck?
  11. Credit where it's due, that's some craftsmanship. Someone poured a lot of money and time into that build. Not my style but there's talent there.
  12. Great job on the build. Really dig the new wheels. Is that 2" SST level kit specifically for the Trail Boss. I was trying to find it but it looks like maybe they don't make it anymore. I found a 2" spacer kit which I'm not interested in. Anyways, I like the build. Very clean.
  13. Do you happen to have the part numbers that you ordered at Summit Racing? edit: nvm I'm an idiot and didn't read your first post all the way through where you listed them. My bad. I was just on their site and none of the ones available say they are for my truck. 2021 1500 RST 3.0l 4wd. Any help would be appreciated. The front suspension on my truck is a little soft for my liking...my Tundra had 5100's and those were solid. Thanks in advance.
  14. When I called this weekend, the best deal I could get was $8/month. That's still ridiculous to me for the ability to use an app to remote start my car. Even in Central California where we're in a heat wave of 20+ days over 100 degrees, it's not worth it to me. I even told the rep, "your asking Hulu and Netflix prices to remote start and lock my car. I'd be willing to pay ESPN+ prices, but not Hulu/Netflix." Can you imagine though if OnStar changed their model to $5 per account, up to 5 vehicles. Let's say across all of GM cars they have 1 million people sign up, or 2 m
  15. Picked up my brand new 2021 Silverado RST 3.0L Pacific Blue Z71, convenience package, leather seats, and the MFT. One of the only ones I was able to find on an actual lot in California. Had to drive 2 hours to get to it. $55k, not too bad I don't think. The drive home I averaged 31 MPG at 75-80mph. It was nice. Way better than my Tundra.
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