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  1. I seen a video and the GM rep said that’s it’s because the AT4 has more weight then a Silverado mabe the Silverado is more aerodynamic also?. That’s just ratings too your gonna see -/+ depending on the driver.
  2. Why people hating on the frontend I think in rst/color match the truck looks great but chromed it leaves to many angles. Of course they are gonna redo the inside after 2 model runs they got rushed to get it out. The real secret is get a 19/20 and trade it in on a 22/23 once they really change a few things. I think trading in the truck befor 30k miles is better then Keeping it and selling later, your gonna lose less money in the end cause it’s newer and the inside will be updated with other things. But the outside will probably stay the same till 2025ishhhh
  3. 2019 was a good year to compare sales. Ram and Chevy had new trucks. Chevy couldn’t even get enough products with the 6.2 or diesel i6. So now that both engines are offered into more trims the truck will sell more. How many people wait for those engines from Chevy to buy a truck? How many Ram sales were the same owners befor va new owners from a different brand. When Ford changes their body style the sales jumped too. Chevy fans are just smarter and decided to wait for the good stuff haha
  4. 7500 miles for the oil change 10L of oil I think. The oil pump wet belt is 150k service. The timing chains don’t need to be swapped out or serviced. Air filter every 25-50k? Miles mabe. No spark plugs so that’s a plus there is a three with the 3.0 engine specs lots of good info in the video
  5. I’ve found a few other videos and yes they i6 is very smooth and the power is instant. Once guy took off from a stop and looked moving.
  6. He said that the chains don’t need to be touched and the belt is serviced by backing the trans off a little and removing a plate not very hard. At 150k the min you could run the belt longer her said but 150 is recommended.
  7. Trade it for a 2020 10 speeed with engine of choice and gtfo out of that 8
  8. The 5.3 will do for you since your not towing. But the 10 speed is a better transmission with all that traffic where you live you might like that better. The 8 speed has had questionable behavior on the other hand as you said discounts on the 20’s will be far off like the 19’s at 10k off sticker blah blah blah. I would hold out for the 20 and 6.2 if it was my call since if you want to resell the truck with a 6.2 will have a better resell I’m sure. The fun factor is there as well and mpg is t very different. If money isn’t a big issue and it’s just time grab a 19. Test drive a 6.2 with a 10 speed 1st in a Ltz or something and that will tell if you want to wait for a 6.2 trail boss
  9. You can paint anything’s these days! But dealer options are nice haha Mabe the 2020 models will have bent seats ect. or 2021 there is only so much machinery to build/install parts that’s why you couldn’t get a 6.2 in a RST in 2019 I think. In 3 or 4 years there is gonna be so many options it’s gonna boggle the mind. I want the i6 diesel purely for being different and test out a brand new engine. The 6.2 is badass proven so if the trucks are dramatically different engine/power/tech in 5 years you can always trade In if you want tech goodies!!
  10. I don’t mind that the RST doesnt have everything you can get keeps the price down. They don’t want people straying to far from the GMC brand I rather save some money and not have some fancy tech in the truck. I think the RST is the best buy for somebody that doesn’t like chrome like myself and doesn’t mind have all the tech. I also rather rock the bow tie 20 years ago the trucks didn’t look different now they do and it just so happens I’m still gonna rock the bow tie
  11. Start stop is dumb and should be a $1 option if you want that waste of fuel and time and parts. Unless you drive 90% freeway or always get caught in large traffic stops whatever go for it but it’s so annoying. Like in a busy off ramp slowing moving right it’s gonna start and stop 15 times that’s just not necessary haha
  12. Get the Nitto’s they will last a long time it’s one of the best in the rain and off road it will actually work. It’s not crazy loud on the road and they come In more sizes the most other brands. It’s down to Nitto and the big brother named Toyo for truck tires that work On and off road.
  13. Get the nitto. They will last longer and have a better wet capability’s
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