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  1. Duration of Auto Stop

    Start stop is dumb and should be a $1 option if you want that waste of fuel and time and parts. Unless you drive 90% freeway or always get caught in large traffic stops whatever go for it but it’s so annoying. Like in a busy off ramp slowing moving right it’s gonna start and stop 15 times that’s just not necessary haha
  2. Tires

    Get the Nitto’s they will last a long time it’s one of the best in the rain and off road it will actually work. It’s not crazy loud on the road and they come In more sizes the most other brands. It’s down to Nitto and the big brother named Toyo for truck tires that work On and off road.
  3. Ridge Grapplers or Duratrac?

    Get the nitto. They will last longer and have a better wet capability’s
  4. I’m saying 20’s are in 18’s are out to small. The trail boss rides rougher cause of the 2in. You can get the 2in lift for the RST and it will ride the Same
  5. ZR2 Silverado

    Mabe but It be cheaper to make your own. Aftermarket bumper shocks tires suspension tune the engine And your there. If your the type of guy that’s into trim names and not modding vehicle good luck, myself I’m not waiting for a zr2 🤘 I’m already had it long enough waiting for the I6😂
  6. I didn’t get why people like this you know the truck must just bang the brakes in some situations that just not necessary like somebody cut close to you and the truck thinks it needs to hit the brakes. Might even get you in a wreck. Im glad the rRST doesn’t get it too. Less $ even tho I don’t really care for the blind spot alerts ether I drive a lot never smacked anybody yet lol
  7. A little I6 info “Video”

    From 0-60 460tq and a turbo boosting 43psi in a 5000lb truck it’s gonna take off lol It has sport mod for a reason🤘😛 but really it’s gonna pull fine too 80mph now 60-120 probably isn’t super fast but it’s not really suppose to do that haha Anthis is just me thinking but the turbo must be a decent size to get 90% power at under 1500rpm then keep that power all the way to 3.75k rpm
  8. RST 2 Tone

    If the cross bar was black and the hood was black it might look better. But ether way two tone has never really look good to me lol Its like “hmmm I can’t pick a color let’s put both on half the truck”😂
  9. Leveling kit vs. Lift kit

    You might get away with a 2in level differnt blocks for front and back. Anything over that and your going to want to get a “lift” kit. You will get different control arms and struts spacers all that stuff. A lift kit will ride better then a level it’s more $ but worth it. Even if it is only a 2in lift which doesn’t cost a lot in a lift kit sense. GM’s TB lift is like 1500 And for another 500-1000 you can get way better aftermarket lift’s.
  10. Yeah rubber is important but that’s the thing there are soooo many kinds of tires some might be okay and others might ride like a brick. But somebody with a different tire set on of the same size might need to do the real stuff the pets that . Saying thicker rubber makes a better ride just isn’t true. The moving parts do the real work. Throwing fatter tires to increase ride is just preference
  11. A little I6 info “Video”

    Here is some more “engine” info. 43.5 psi she got a strong block that’s for sure. Idk 100% but that’s the highest stock psi I have heard of😂 https://www.google.com/amp/gmauthority.com/blog/2019/06/gm-provides-more-detail-on-the-2020-chevrolet-silverado-3-0l-duramax/amp/
  12. We all know “rating” But what have you hauled behind/in it so far. If the 2020 is 13k have you tried to pull something like that or more? How did the truck feel obviously you don’t want to throw too heavy and drive cross country. But down the road a little ways is a different story lol
  13. A little I6 info “Video”

    Yes me too mabe 2022 depending how the 6s runs I guess over time. 10 speed is definitely going to happen it will be both gen’s go to trans think how much Time that saves. which is why I think that might be the gasser to get. Mabe they even put the 6.6 gasser in the 1500 haha But that’s a real long shot, be cool tho.
  14. A little I6 info “Video”

    Yes with more gears everything is better for towing having a 6.2 with a 6 speed would probably drive me crazy like our Ford work trucks when I have to tow with those once in awhile. I’m wondering how the 6.6 gasser 10speed in the HD trucks will do I haven’t seen toe ratings
  15. I disagree if you go taller and not wider sure it’s for looks. If you change how wide the rim is and tire size it changes everything. My little car has 18’s drives fine and hauls ass and new bmw’s or any high price 100,000+ car has 20 or 22 wheel because they ride better with bigger tiers. The height isn’t the only factor in how the vehicles ride is and you have to change other components to fix it. 18’s simply look too small and they is way to much fender gap unless you throw 35’s or 37’s on. Oh wait you have to lift the truck for that so you gotta mod it anyway.

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