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  1. Thanks, I have 285/70/18 Ridge Grapplers going on right now .
  2. Love it ! Glad I spent time thinking abut 20" tires , when I have 18" ones on it lol . For some reason I had the 20's in my head and kept asking about that size . Guessing its because every vehicle the last few years have been on 20's . Now I have to figure out which 18's to put on.
  3. Ok , so I purchased an AT4 and am picking it up today . Comes with stock 20's on . Now I have available a set of BFG ko2's in 285/65/20 with about 1k miles on them from my previous vehicle,thinking of putting these on . Any issues with this rub at this size ?
  4. Tire size, need help

    How do the TG's handle compared to the Duratracs ?
  5. Thank you for all the replies and I have another question . Would swapping the Duratracs for possibly a set of Ridge Grapplers in a 285/70/18 fit and also improve the ride ?
  6. Hello , I just took a test drive in a 19 AT4 . First off I really like this pickup , looks great , interior is nice , stereo blows the Ford Sony out of the water . Only thing I did not like at all was the ride at HWY speeds , the AT4 has 18" wheels and I think Duratracs ? Anyway the ride was really floaty and seemed rather unstable at 70mph . Is this due to the tires ? The Ford I am currently driving is a 16 Lariat with 20" BFG KO2's and Fox coilovers and its night and day .I get the coilovers improved the Ford but I still think the AT4 should be better ? Would the AT4 w/20's and different tires make it more stable ride ? I would have purchased on the spot but teh ride kept me from doing so . Sales rep said they getting another one with 20's in and will call me when available . One last thing , I had a 14 Denali and a 15 AT that both had tranny issues , the 10spd shifted like a dream .
  7. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    My 20 plus years of having all black vehicles , just stay away from brushes .
  8. On my 14 Denali one of them was not as bright as the other .
  9. New from North Dakota

    Welcome from Fargo .
  10. Well that is just rude [emoji2]
  11. Since you are always looking down other vehicles, how about ICT1TS ?
  12. Weathertech Floor Mats

    I originally had the Weathertech mats in my Sierra , 2 sets actually . First ones curled , returned them and the second set was redesigned to eliminate that . Well it really did not . Ordered the Husky Xacts and could not be happier . I did keep the WT for the rear though serves its purpose and has not curled or anything . As far as color I would go black to mix it up with the Cocoa Dune a bit .
  13. Just picked up my 15 AT with Z71 off road package . Noticed my control arms are not aluminum . Was my understanding the Z71 had these ?
  14. Chevy overviews 2016 Silverado updates- Photo

    I think it looks like a cross between the Chevy and the GMC , call it a Sierrarado .
  15. Maybe a new 6.2?

    Thanks for asking this , I am thinking about doing the same except I am going from a 5.3 Denali to the 6.2 All Terrain .

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