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  1. I think it’s normal. Bumper needs to be level but the truck has rake. Mine is similar. Doesn’t show as much since it’s a dark color and hides the gap better.
  2. How can this possibly be the trucks fault? You crashed it. Stuff happens. Call your insurance company and get things going to repair or replace the truck. from what you described I can’t imagine what truck would have survived that hit that slammed the underside and bent the cab.
  3. I agree. Seems just complaints. Some are ridiculous like the rear camera one. It’s a shame because people might get the wrong idea about these trucks. My 2020 AT4 6.2 is a beast. Totally love it. Best daily driver I ever had. Thanks for starting this thread. Hope more people reply.
  4. Congratulations. I just got the same truck. You will love it. Here is a picture of mine.
  5. That’s bull. They know about it and there is no fix other than changing the setting on the IPhone that locks out the side buttons for ringer volume. It’s a well known issue that all dealers are aware of.
  6. My brother and I bought 2020 AT4s at the same time about a month ago. Great trucks. He had the exact same thing happen to him on Monday. The problem was that Both his kid left there laptops on and charging in his car for two days. They sucked down the battery enough that when under the load of the starter the voltage dropped low enough to screw up the startup procedure of many systems in the truck. He got a ton of low voltage codes and a check engine light and the trans was all screwed up and wouldn’t shift out of his garage. Put it in a charger overnight and everything was back to normal the next day. These new trucks are rolling computers. Any voltage issues will screw them up big time.
  7. This is perfect. Ordered mine just now. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. This is a great thread and super informative. Does anyone have some thoughts on why some small number of these leak but the vast majority do not? I am trying to see what the characteristics of a leaker are so I can proactively inspect my rear window for the fault that may cause a future leak and maybe be proactive with a fix to prevent a water disaster inside the truck?
  9. I test drove the 5.3 vs the 6.2 since I wanted to see if the difference was worth the upgrade cost. No brainer. I don’t know the details of the trans or the gearing but it was a night and day difference between how the 2020 trucks accelerated. Total no brainer. I gladly paid the difference and got the 6.2 in my Sierra. In every way it felt stronger. It was the most apparent on the roll on but even from a dead start the 6.2 felt MUCH faster that the 5.3. I don’t care about the MPG difference. These are huge fat trucks after all.
  10. It’s something with your particular phone or setup. Mine works seemlessly. It’s actually a very nice system with very good voice recognition if you set the setting to more voice analysis.
  11. Same here. It was painfully slow for me but my phone which is also ATT is twice as fast.
  12. Wow. That is super loud for a lifter collapse. I can’t imagine they gave that back to you “fixed”. Almost sounds like something is about to let loose in the engine. I would definitely ask for a new motor.
  13. Beautiful truck. Enjoy it in good health.
  14. Do you really want to take these high, loose un aerodynamic vehicles with truck tires with a significant forward weight bias at speeds higher than 100?
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