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  1. Mind you I have the GMC AT4 not the trail boss, and they do have a different tailgate I suppose but my undercover ultraflex cover works just fine. Tailgate goes down no problem.
  2. Hey guys. Trying to figure out why trying to press both multi pro tailgate buttons at the same time, only works like 1/4 of the time. Dealer told me I should be able to press both and have it fold into the step in one shot. And it does work, but not always. Most times just the main gate opens. The tailgates work perfectly fine independently. I do not see it referenced in the manual. Thanks.
  3. Yep! Love it. It’s a different world from my basic 2015 ram crew cab. the steps are really slick too. I didn’t even know i was getting them until i noticed it on the build sheet.
  4. Yep! Love it. It’s a different world from my basic 2015 ram crew cab. the steps are really slick too. I didn’t even know i was getting them until i noticed it on the build sheet.
  5. I’m no expert I don’t even have my truck yet, but for starters do you have the AT4? i believe the locking differential is only part of the AT4. if you have it, then it engages on its own as you stated as a reaction to loss of traction. I know one complaint from off-road enthusiasts was it does not have a specific on off button like the ram Rebel and Jeeps do.
  6. Honestly EVERY dealer i went to GMC/Ram none of the salesmen had a clue about trucks or options. I was educating them on every aspect of the vehicles i wanted them to sell me. And then they try to pretend they can outsmart me. It’s such a joke. Your product is $60,000. It would benefit you to know what it is. There’s like 10 cadd at any given time at a dealer how hard is it?
  7. Aside from the features/tech and overall truck of the AT4 being MUCH nicer than the Ram, they wouldnt even come down $1000 on the price of the rebel. And they offered $1000 less for my trade. The rebel with comparable features doesn't even exist and the top of the line rebel is the same price as the AT4 fully loaded like a Denali. It is also insane people pay for the Denali at the same price as the AT4 with none of the features, solely cause it says Denali.
  8. Pretty much everything but the performance package. 6.2L Driver assist II AT4 premium off road steps tech package
  9. Same! I haven’t seen it in person though I’d love to see what they even look like. are they same as the Chevy and just say Sierra?
  10. Im picking my 2020 AT4 up this week 65 sticker paying 58300 plus fees and they overvalued my trade in a bit (extra $1000). I didn't get the 10 year warranty though how did you swing that? A friend bought an AT4 a month ago out here and i am getting a better deal then he is, that was kind of my basis for if I was getting a decent price or not. Its crazy the deals people get in some areas of the country. You can never get a deal like that in New York. If you don't buy the truck, someone else will basically.
  11. Are these steps the same on the Sierra and Silverado? i purchased the AT4 getting it this week I haven’t seen it in person yet And it has “accessory off road assist step” i can’t find good pictures of them anywhere.
  12. Update, after a good month of searching finally got one. I ended up kinda going all out partly so I had no regrets and partly because I took what I could find closest to my desired truck even though it cost a bit more. White AT4 with: AT4 Premium Package Driver Assist II Off Road Steps Console Vault 6.2L V8 Sunroof I didn't really need the sunroof tech package or offroad steps but I learned last night the Tech package HUD can show the navigation which is pretty awesome. Anyway sticker was $65,250. Minus first responder program supplier price it and $3000 rebate which also went up this month from October final price to me is $58,386. I checked with dealers in two surrounding states and no one had anything better to offer than that my area of overpriced living. They're giving me $17,500 for my 2015 ram which is $1000 higher than anyone else would offer me as well. Tried to get them to throw in a hard bed cover but they wouldn't cave. Should be picking it up mid week. I did $3000 better than another fireman friend who just bought a less equipped AT4 so I think I did alright. Pretty excited this is twice what I have ever spent on a new vehicle and I haven't bought a new vehicle since my Wrangler back in probably 2010. (bought my ram cert pre owned). Ive never even had leather seats before Side note, do all of you actually put premium into the 6.2L every time you fill up? I commute a good 60 miles round trip to NYC that might add up but if I have to I will to protect it.
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