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  1. I picked up some scratchX and a microfiber. Took a few goes and some elbow grease but it came out.
  2. Long story short they have the worst quality control possible. Full story, I purchased the undercover ultraflex 4 weeks ago and it showed up the same day I picked up my new AT4. Got home, put the cover on, it looked beautiful I was very happy. Few days later, rained. The bottom of this cover is carpeted for whatever reason and the carpet was SOAKED. Like a sponge. Contacted Undercover customer service, they said it must be leaking at the seams between the panels. Sent them a few photos of how I installed it, they sent me a replacement with minimal discussion. I put that one on, rained a few days later SAME problem. Contacted them again. Same thing minimal fight on their end, They said ok we're going to send you an upgrade to the ArmorFlex version which is coated in Line-X rather than carpet. So I was pretty excited i got an upgrade after everything. ArmorFlex came today, I put it on, all was well until I went to close the tailgate. Rear panel has a 3/16" bow in it, tailgate hits it. Because its under tension of the bow when closed, automatic open doesnt work and when you press the membrane buttons you have to simultaneously pull on the bed with your other hand or it stays shut. I don't even know if this one leaks yet either... So, while their customer service was exceptional, they clearly produce garbage. I have to assume this happens constantly based on their willingness to just send replacements repeatedly with no argument. I emailed them just now and will report back with their reply but I can't see any way to ever recommend these to anyone.
  3. Have no idea how this even happened, ive never wiped it with more than a tissue lightly but theres a few light scratches that can be caught with a finger nail after only 3 weeks I'm guessing its gonna be one of those you have to live with it its gonna happen things... but figure it cant hurt to ask.
  4. Thats a shame. Im really enjoying how smooth the 6.2 is. Only thing I miss from my ram was the stock exhaust note was just right. The 6.2 is silent.
  5. I have a 2020 AT4 with the technology package. If it makes you feel better, the best camera on the entire truck is the one in the rear view mirror. The rest although "HD" have fairly poor quality. I paid $58,000 for not much better than you have... That said, I am still happy with it but I do not understand why my iphone has 4k video feed and my truck is barely able to display the tires 5 feet away with clear picture.
  6. That is surprising I would have expected higher as well. I am not really certain that the added cost of diesel and DEF is worth it at that MPG? Though If I recall the duramax has tremendous torque. I would still love to own a diesel for longevity of the vehicle sake. I have the 6.2L and my first 150 miles with the truck it was getting 9mpg... I guess it has to learn your driving habits etc now its averaging 16 mixed driving in NYC traffic. Our highways are basically city driving...
  7. So I went with the undercover ultraflex over the MX4 because I heard their customer service was better. Which I will say before going on, it was exceptional. That said, while the cover functions excellent and installs in 10 minutes, the carpeted underside after long periods of rain does absorb a great deal of moisture. I spoke with undercover, and they actually sent me a full replacement sadly the replacement doesnt need to line up properly on the rails and the tailgate doesn't close or open easily either. So I put the original one back for now. They don't want the original back. I took out a garden hose with no nozzle on it and hosed down the entire cover for a full 5 minutes all over. No leaks other than some in the bulkhead which I expected. It just runs right to the drains it doesn't effect anything. So I figured the cover is fine... It rained overnight nothing crazy, cover wet again. The bed itself is dry at the floor level and walls but the carpet on the underside of the cover is like a sponge. It is not the entire carpet, its mostly like 1 foot in on the left side. Originally it was the right side. So I assume it somehow has to do with how I am parked at the time. Just curious has anyone else experienced this? I really don't want to be the guy calling them a second time complaining for an hour for a replacement if they're just all gonna do this. I am still far better off than I was in my previous truck with no cover but I do regret not getting the MX4 from Bakflip with no carpet instead.
  8. I was between the Rebel and the AT4. The rebel offers grossly less features at a similar price point to the AT4 and ram would not come down from the sticker price... The AT4 fully loaded is essentially a lifted Denali meanwhile Ram does not even allow you to purchase the luxury features of the limited on the rebel trim. the overall issue in sales being lower for GMC is their trucks generally cost substantially more. The higher price you go the less purchasers that will be available to you. ford is the number 1 selling truck because they’re cheap and get all the low bid government contracts. Etc.
  9. To each their own but the cost of depreciation in selling a 2019 + the cost of a new vehicle with a diesel upgrade grossly outweighs the fuel economy savings.
  10. Mind you I have the GMC AT4 not the trail boss, and they do have a different tailgate I suppose but my undercover ultraflex cover works just fine. Tailgate goes down no problem.
  11. Hey guys. Trying to figure out why trying to press both multi pro tailgate buttons at the same time, only works like 1/4 of the time. Dealer told me I should be able to press both and have it fold into the step in one shot. And it does work, but not always. Most times just the main gate opens. The tailgates work perfectly fine independently. I do not see it referenced in the manual. Thanks.
  12. Yep! Love it. It’s a different world from my basic 2015 ram crew cab. the steps are really slick too. I didn’t even know i was getting them until i noticed it on the build sheet.
  13. Yep! Love it. It’s a different world from my basic 2015 ram crew cab. the steps are really slick too. I didn’t even know i was getting them until i noticed it on the build sheet.
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