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  1. With the DPF in place the sound won't change one little bit, it's just for looks.
  2. I had a corsa on my last ram, probably the best and more unique sounding exhausts out there. My only complaint is how quiet they are in the cab, I removed it because it sounded stock unless you were on the gas hard.
  3. I saw that as well, it looks like an exact copy cat of the Flowmaster American thunder series cat-back. I've got it on my truck, the quad tips look unreal! I ditched the super 40 for no muffler as well.
  4. Looks good! Do you plan on adding bigger tires? I was going to get that kit but they say the factory wheels won't work unless you add spacers to clear the new control arms.
  5. Generally the louder the exhaust set up the more noticeable it'll be. There's no way to eliminate the helicopter noise when the truck drops cylinders. But you wouldn't notice it with quieter muffler such as a magnaflow.
  6. I'm buying new wheels next month, my current set up is a 2" RC level on Toyo MT 285/70's. I'm in the process of finding out which wheels will clear the brake calipers without the use of spacers, I'm in contact with custom offsets, fuel and hostile. I'm curious what 18" wheels you guys are running, I don't have much room between my mud flaps and inner fenders as it is. But I don't mind doing a little trimming, the goal is to run 18x9 -12 offset wheels. The only truck I could find in the custom offset's gallery is a 295/70 with a 18x9 -12 that rubs with minor mud flap trimming according to the owner. Thanks as usual!
  7. That'll be a very tight fit but some guys get away with it. I might have 1/4" of room between my tires and mud flap with my 285/70's with a 2" level. At 125km/hr (75mph) I average 14mpg.
  8. That was my worry, not worth it then.
  9. Agreed, it’s still 7-10k CAD to delete the l5P around here. I can understand the cost for the new/unlocked PCM but I can’t understand why it’s another $500 for the credits. Not to mention the custom tuning. I got quoted $2700 before any tuning is done.
  10. I’m not shaming the 5.3, 8 speed combo. In stock form it’s pretty good. I feel like 35’s would be terrible with the 3.23 gears though. Any slight incline and I’m in 6-7th gear. I just drove 500km’s today and I averaged 14mpg, pure highway. I see guys have re-geared the last gen but I can’t even find gears for these new ones. Plus I have no idea what’s all needed for the swap. I’m really hoping tuning won’t be required.
  11. I looked everywhere for those tips. You might get lucky if you contact flowmaster but there’s a chance they won’t sell them without buying the full kit. I think Borla sells them but they’re only 3.5” dual outlets.
  12. I swapped out the super 40 for a super 10 yesterday. I’m not impressed at all, you can hardly notice a difference. For it only being a 6” muffler you’d think it would be really aggressive but it’s far from it. I’m going to do a muffler delete next.
  13. True, for an “off road” truck you’d think they’d come with 3.73’s. I got 18mpg pretty easy on the stock duratracs. I can hardly get 15-16 now with the 34’s at 60mph.
  14. I’m not sure either, it’s $2700 CAD up here just for the PCM and credits to tune. Add at least another $500 for the custom tuning. I figured you’d gain a lot more going to 4.10’s vs a custom tune. I’ll have to ask the dealer and see what’s involved. You’d think the 3.73’s would work but I wouldn’t pay 2+k for those gears.
  15. I can't stand these 3.23 gears, I recently installed a 2" level along with 34's and I can hardly use 8th gear anymore. I expected a power loss with the new tires but it's pretty bad. Here's a little example, 1300rpm @ 60mph and 2200rpm @ 100mph. The 8 speeds seem to lug all the time (For fuel economy I guess) My previous truck had 3.92's with the 8 speed and it was awesome, the first 2 gears are really long on these GM 8 speeds as well. I use to be at the top of 3rd by 60mph (Previous truck) and I can almost hit 60mph in 2nd now. Has anyone looked into re-gearing? I'd do 4.10's for sure, I hear it's very pricy though. Would $2-2500 CAD all said and done be reasonable for a 4x4? I recall guys custom tuning the last gen 5.3 and 6.2's to stop it from lugging everywhere but the tuning I priced out is $3-3500 including the new PCM, credits and dyno time. Any suggestions are appreciated!
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