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  1. Update: Lifters did indeed collapse. after replacing lifters they said a bad gasket was used when putting the motor back together.
  2. About 2 weeks ago I purchased a 2020 Sierra 1500 AT4 and just recently upon coming up to 600 miles on the dash I quickly noticed loud ticking noise coming from the engine area. Brought it in for service. next day I received a call in the morning stating that multiple lifters Have collapsed. Was told they will swap them out on the entire side and was told they’ll get it taken care of. picked up my truck after hours and the noise was the same. Maybe even possibly worse. Needless to say I put the keys back in the box and went back home. I see people on the forums have ran into similar issues but I don’t see how it was rectified in the end. Should I be getting or requesting a new motor? Is my motor just a lemon? Or is there a simple fix? I’m waiting to hear back from the dealer now. https://youtu.be/sNbxbzToWPI https://youtu.be/IC5XqTUlEI4
  3. Just purchased at 2020 Sierra at4 looking to see who has installed off-road led bar behind grill like the rough country for the previous generation and or tir strobe lights behind grill?? Thank you pics would be appreciated.
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