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  1. Wrong section to post for sale in. Mods please delete or move
  2. GM cover repairing a scratch

    good time to invest in a vehicle polisher and polishing chemicals. For example: Rupes 15mm mark II, Rupes mini, Cyclo,
  3. Vibration 88M

    This type of issue has been discussed numerous times on the forums.
  4. Wrong section of the forums. Mod. Please move
  5. Suspension Maxx Leveling Kit

    I have the suspension maxx leveling kit(not the 2.5 inch kit) and the relocatIon bracket is easy to install. I didn’t go to the dealership for them to install or adjust anything and I have gotten any codes.
  6. Anyone have a quick jack vehicle lift system? What are your thoughts on it? https://www.quickjack.com/car-lift-systems.html
  7. I would help but I’m in PA, sorry.
  8. Has anybody done the paint protection film themselves? How do it go installing it? Where did you get the film from. My only issues is a I don’t have a garage to do it in. i have tinted my vehicle windows in the past, from what I see the process is about the same.
  9. Denali instrument cluster

    Sold please lock thread
  10. Take them off and get AMP research folder in running boards
  11. Denali instrument cluster

    Bump bump
  12. Wrong section to list things for sale or free.
  13. BB tune Event Experience?

    I want a BB tune on my truck but I only have 7,000 miles on it. Not sure I want to void the warranty yet. I contemplate doing a tune several times a week.
  14. Get to the stealership before 12,000 miles. Let them see it and they ”should” take care of it. I forgot what chemical they will treat it with but the rail dust will go away. Rail dust is common with light colored vehicles(its easier to be seen) I have a 2018 Sierra with the white trifecta color, when I go to get my free oil change soon, I will point out the rail dust and see what they want to do.
  15. Denali instrument cluster

    Did you get my email I sent yesterday?

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