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  1. Does anyone have the torque specs for all the factory hardware for the front and rear shocks, after replacing with 5100’s? thank you
  2. Came with my 2020 AT4 and I finally pulled them off, I do not like them so for sale the go. $45 shipped (Will be priority mail)
  3. Does anyone have any connections for getting instructions for installing accessories? Want to install an accessory on my wife’s vehicle and need some help getting the instructions. (they do not come with the accessory)
  4. Anyone able to provide the service manual procedures to remove the front fascia on a 2020 blazer? Wife wants color match front trim, not chrome, and black bow tie.
  5. My 2 cents, Build the vehicle on the GMC website that you want and us their locator feature and select the highest mileage distance out and see what other dealers have. Is it worth a road trip to save more money? See if the dealer will through in window tint and mud flaps? Something little to ease the cost? Laura's Buick and GMC?
  6. I want to do the bolstering also but am waiting for the first round of people to get them and see pics and reviews first.
  7. No grill does not need to come off. There is a thread on here already on how to do this without grill removal. if you plan to throw away the front emblems, pry off the red part of the letters with a little screw driver. You will break the little plastic mounting post for them. Next you will see little slots of where the tabs that hold the silver part to the grill, stick a screw driver in there to release the tab. to install - open hood and remove the wide plastic trim piece above the area of the radiator, one with vent slots. Push new emblem into place until it snaps. For areas you can not snap into place, I used the wooden end of a small hammer to provide pressure from the back side to help get them to click in.
  8. Have dealership activate the onstar on the truck and then you can have onstar track it’s location for you. Haha
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