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  1. 2020 AT4 20X9 Replica Satin Black Snowflake BFGoodrich KO2's 275/60/20
  2. A little far from you but you can ask if they will ship. I almost buy them, but got something else. https://delaware.craigslist.org/wto/d/wilmington-at4-sierra-wheels-with/7436159406.html
  3. SOLD sold SOLD
  4. Is it for 1 or 4 rims? What about shipping?
  5. I have a 2020 AT4 with 5100 front shocks at 1.1 raise, with the 18" wheels(see Pic) with the factory BF Goodrich tires. The tires have 27500 miles on them and they hum so bad its annoying. (yes I rotate them regularly). I have searched the T1 wheel forum several times, looking for ideas on rims and sizing. So many options and offsets. I have found several styles of rims I like but the offset is confusing for me. At this point I might just find some used 20" AT4 wheels and rims and go with that. I like the look of the 22" snowflake wheels, but don't like the rough ride and small sidewalls. Looking at 20x9 wheels. What offset, hell if I know. Do not want wheel spacers. Want wheels close to factory size so I don't have to worry about speed difference. Will call local stealership for recalibration on the wheels. Rant over, thank you for your time.
  6. Thank you for the info. Can a mod delete or lock this thread.
  7. Anyone know who makes these wheel well trims? I messaged the forum member and haven't heard a word. thanks for your help.
  8. I don’t know what they are worth, so if you are interested, make me an offer. I don’t know what shipping is either.
  9. I got the GMPE for my 2020 AT4 and installed it the other day and my wife says she likes the sound and the round exhaust tips at the rear bumper. She says it has just enough sound that its not annoying, but enough sound to be fun. I do have one problem, no matter how tight I make the clamp forward of the muffler, the pipes still slip apart a little bit from each other. Thinking about going to a muffler shop to put a couple of tack welds on that connection.
  10. I called one place at the will do the fronts and alignment for $400.00
  11. So I tried to replace the front shocks with 5100's today on my AT4 and I gave up. I removed the upper 3 nuts and removed the 2 lower shock mount bolts and could not get the assembly out. I tried multiple ways to safely compress the assembly to get it out. I figured since I was having a hard to removing the assembly that I would have the same problem going back in. It took me 45 minutes to get the bolts lined up on the bottom to get those back in. I guess I will have to pay a shop to do this work for me. I had rented spring compressor tools from auto zone once i got the assembly out to replace the shocks.
  12. So i'm looking at getting new exhaust for the truck and can not decide on which one to get, GMPE vs Borla Touring exhaust? 2020 AT4 5.3 I do like that the GMPE as 2 outlets at the muffler and less clamps. PN: 19419435 I do like the shape of the chrome Borla exhaust tips. PN: 140780 Thank you for your 2 cents
  13. I have a pair sitting in my basement I would sell, So problem is I might be a little for from you. My zip code is 19348. Came off a 2020 AT4
  14. Going to replace the front shock on my AT4, with 5100’s and saw this rental tool at Autozone. Has anyone used this tool before on the front springs? https://www.autozone.com/loan-a-tools/loaner-coil-spring-compressor/powerbuilt-strut-coil-compressor/537058_0_0
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