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  1. Have dealership activate the onstar on the truck and then you can have onstar track it’s location for you. Haha
  2. I put paint protection film on my door sills to prevent from scratches. Just in case my dog scratches that area getting in and out.
  3. I gave my wife limited info about the OP post and she was like WTF.........
  4. Trying to decide if a tailgate seal is worth it or just a gimmick. To it looks like it works but also looks like it can trap dirt and debris at the 2 area it attaches at. I know people have them and have opinions on this, let me here it on this topic. Thank you
  5. I removed the upper plastic thing to get to the front of the radiator, which you can get to the back of the grill. I used a small wooden handle to apply pressure from the back side of the emblem, then I pushed from the front of the emblem to get it to click in. Since the plastic clip area for the emblem flexes a little bit, just need something to support the flexing. I did this trick all around the back side of the emblem area to make sure all the clips were in.
  6. i follow what the door jam sticker says.
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