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  1. So based on your thread I went ahead and ordered this jus tin case MultiPro™/Multi-Flex Protective Hitch Cap by CURT
  2. These guys tune Silverados https://vengeanceracing.net/
  3. New in box Bakflip F1 hard folding tonneau cover. Fits a 2014-2017 GM Sierra or Silverado 5'9" bed. https://bakindustries.com/bakflip-f1/2014/gmc/sierra-1500 $800 Located North of Atlanta in Cumming. It costs a lot to ship - weight 70lbs - shipping from 30040
  4. This one has some data from Ford but it was an interesting read that has some things that apply to other brands. https://jalopnik.com/how-a-car-company-decides-if-its-going-to-warranty-your-1821736111 I always wondered they could tell if you flashed the PCM. "The IDS (Integrated Diagnostic System) software that Ford technicians use for diagnostic has a few features built into to detect if the car’s software itself has been modified. One such feature is called the ignition counter, which records the number of engine starts since the engine computer was last reflashed. This number should be fairly high for any unmodified car, but it resets to zero when an aftermarket tune is flashed."
  5. I got just over 60K on my Nitto Terra Grapplers. I wanted something more aggressive and just had the Wrangler Duratracs put on 2 days ago. So far I am impressed they are cheaper and lighter than most other tires. I am running 275/60/20 on a leveled truck.
  6. Looks good. It is a hard color to find. Took me a while to find door handles and mirror caps. Looking forward to seeing your results.
  7. That seat vault is very cool. Wish the vault under the back seat was shorter. I may ask them for a custom one.
  8. They hit 8 trucks that night at this lot and others. They must have hit pretty fast because they rummaged in my console but not the glove box. They stole about $23. I am looking for the safe to be somewhere I can hide it if I need to leave something in the truck. Leaving a gun overnight or while on a trip is not ideal but sometimes you have to stop in a shadier part of Atlanta before the airport so having a gun is a good thing.
  9. My truck was broken into recently at an Airport park and ride. The a-holes busted out my rear passenger door window after they could not pry open the doors or the glass. They scratched the crap out of my paint and some interior pieces. I got the lots insurance to pay for everything at the tune of $2300 in body work but I am having to drive a Dodge Ram for the 6 days it is in the shop. I should get pain and suffering. The cops said the crooks were looking for guns and hit 8 trucks that night. Many had gun stickers on them though mine did not but had mud and a wildlife tag. I am looking for safe to put in my truck now. I don't like the console safes because they seem to take up the whole console. I can't do a full under the rear seat safe because I have the kicker sub under the passenger seat. I am looking at something like a Bulldog car safe but wanted to see if anyone had anything better.
  10. This is from a local shop in GA. I plan on taking my 2014 SLT in after it gets out of body shop. It got broken into at the airport while on a business trip. Price is good but trying to decide on TIres. Leaning towards the Toyo Open Country R/T. My Nitto All-terrains have been good but want something more aggressive and not so stiff. The Toyo's have an E rating for 35x12.5's
  11. I agree with Dale_K on cleaning the glass. I have not tried Bon Ami but I use Rain-X X-treme Glass cleaner a few times a year. I got it at Walmart and it does a great job getting off all the old grime and film.
  12. For anyone looking to get some Rigid Lights Academy has them on clearance. I never knew hey carried them but you can order them online. DOT fogs $199.98 D series $249 Dually - $149 All with Free shipping http://www.academy.com/shop/browse/boating--marine/boating-essentials/boat-lights/navigation-lights?searchType=2&searchTerm=&facet=mfName_ntk_cs%253A%2522Rigid+Industries%2522&beginIndex=0&orderBy=&pageView=grid&minPrice=&maxPrice=&pageSize=&
  13. Links to the ones you bought?
  14. What lift did you use? What about the rear? all new block or add to the existing one?
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